Advantages of a Pressure Cooker-High Performing Machine

In present world’s busy lifestyle, Pressure Cooker is a blessing. With a pressure cooker, you can prepare healthy and nutritious food in a fraction of the time. Pressure cooking is more efficient than any other conventional cooking method. The advantages of pressure cooker are innumerable. By saving time and energy, preserving nutrients and vitamins and eliminating harmful micro-organism from foods, it works like magic.

Earlier people were reluctant to use a pressure cooker as old models were a bit dangerous and prone to explode. They didn’t have all the built in safety mechanisms. But with the changing time, specifically from the last century Pressure cooking has become more and more popular, as modern pressure cookers have taken the risk out of pressure cooking. These latest technology pressure cookers include high safety features and countless privileges.

Advantages of a Pressure Cooker

Reduces cooking time

A pressure cooker reduces cooking time up to 70% than other conventional cooking methods. In today’s busy world everyone is in a hurry. No one has time to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare meals. Pressure Cooker is, therefore, a must have kitchen appliance to make life easier. You can cook food instantly in a pressure cooker.

Saves energy

As in Pressure cooking a significant portion of less water is used, it saves up to 70% or about two-thirds of energy comparing with boiling, steaming or slow cooking. Studies show that Electric Pressure Cookers are second most energy efficient cooking appliance after microwaves. And consequently, it reduces your utility bill up to a convincing amount.

Pressure Cooker is versatile

A Pressure Cooker serves an excellent variety of functions. This multifunctional cookware can be used as a saucepan, baking pan, steamer or even slow cooker. This versatility is a prominent feature that attracts users.

Preserves nutrients and cooks tasty foods

Foods cooked in a Pressure Cooker are more healthy and delicious because, in this cooking method, heat is evenly and quickly distributed. The longer the foods are cooked, the more the nutrition and vitamins get destroyed. Since in pressure cooking, the food is cooked within a shorter time, less amount of water is required, and vitamins and minerals are not likely to dissolve and washed away by water like other traditional cooking methods. In this faster cooking way, because of using fewer water vegetables remain crispy and the meat stays juicy and moist.

Overall, pressure cooker preserves taste and nutrition of food, and you can enjoy healthy yet yummy dishes.

Keeps flavor and colour intact

In this cooking technique, steam surrounds the food, that’s why foods are not oxidized by air exposure at the heat. As a result, vegetables don’t lose their natural color and flavor.

Eliminates harmful germs

While cooking in a pressure cooker, the food is cooked at high temperature and thus destroys all harmful living micro-organism such as viruses and bacterias.Heating food to the water boiling temperature doesn’t kill these germs. But, in pressure cooking temperature rises to 250 degrees and as a result, all kinds of disease causing agents are reduced to a safe level. Foods like rice, corn, wheat, and beans are more likely to carry toxins and fungal poisons that can only be destroyed by cooking at a high temperature.

The kitchen remains cooler

In stovetop cooking way, heat rises through the pan and travels upwards. Moreover, heat also builds in the kitchen while cooking on stove top. But unlike this method, pressure cooking retains heat and steam, that’s why the kitchen doesn’t get hot rather remains cool.

Needs Less cleaning

In conventional cooking, there continues cooking debris on a stovetop and also on walls and counters. While cooking in open cookware, oils and steam release and settle on these surface areas. As a result, regular cleaning after cooking food is necessary. In contrast, a Pressure Cooker has a safety lid that doesn’t allow steam and oils to escape away from the cooking pan. It also prevents boil over’s which need further cleaning. Again, in traditional cooking, many pots and pans are used to prepare meals, that adds extra mess and cleaning becomes laborious and time-consuming. But, in pressure cooking, after preparing the meal, there is only one pot to wash.

Pressure Cooker can also be used to store food

Pressure cookers can also be used as scanners. As larger model are the best for canning, they are also termed as canners. You can use your pressure cooker to can vegetables, fish, meat or sea food for future use. By following the manufacturer instruction, you can securely store foods.

Pressure cookers are safe

Modern pressure cookers include up to six valves and vent safety system to avoid accidents. If there is any excess pressure, the pressure release and gasket mechanism will help to exit. These security features prevent extra pressure build up. That’s why today’s heavy bottom stainless steel pressure cookers are safe and require less maintenance. On the top of that, they last for a long time; they last for at least 20 years or more. So, they are worthy enough to be invested on!!!

Final Verdict

After a hectic day, the pressure cooker will reduce your workload to a great extent and your kitchen time will be more enjoyable. They are safe and offer a great variety of advantages at the same time. To cope with the 21st century, there is no alternative of a Pressure Cooker in a modern kitchen. For versatility, faster cooking, healthy foods and many more advantages of a pressure cooker, it would be your perfect cooking partner.


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  1. Wow…this is something we will need to look into. A slow cooker, pressure cooker and rice cooker…..all in one, along with other uses? As we have limited space on counters in our kitchen and we have MANY separate appliances….I do believe it is time to do some spring cleaning, and get this all-in-one. I checked out the reviews, and I’m sure we’ll love it. Thanks for sharing this!


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