Best Laminate Countertops-Complete Guide and Reviews 

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Thoughts are when you like something to be durable, you have to invest so much money. Conversely, if you want something affordable, you have to settle for cheap quality. Maybe, but in the case of countertops, you are completely wrong! 

When it comes to countertops of your bathroom, kitchen or your laundry room, if you do not have a high budget, you can still fulfill your dreams. But how can you do that? 

And the answer to your question is the laminate countertops that look luxurious and affords you a long-lasting service too! However, you cannot expect the same outcome from all the laminate countertops of the market. 

And so, with a hardcore workout, we have come up with the best laminate countertops of the market. If you want to feel good in your bathroom or to love your kitchen when you work, you must try these countertops! 

Top 6 Laminate Countertops Review

Instant Granite Luna Pearl Countertop

Major Features 

  • Constructed with PVC vinyl 
  • Designed for kitchen, bathroom and laundry room 
  • Genuine pieces of marble and granite
  • Comes with required tools 
  • Dry-installation 
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to install 
  • Removable 

If you are here to get something really affordable, you can get your hands on this. We always say that everything affordable is not cheap in terms of quality and so is not this countertop. There is expensive granite or marble countertops out there. Also, luxury quarts are great. But if you are planning on something really reasonably priced yet looks exactly the same as the expensive ones, try this one! 

This best instant granite countertop is specially designed to be used in the kitchen. However, you are free to use them in the bathroom or in the laundry room. Also, a workshop or wet-bar can be the right place to use these. It has superior quality and instant granite of the countertop helps you to use this on the tables and also in the closets. The best part is this is fade-resistant. On the other hand, you can clean these easily no matter where you use these. Also, these are easily removable if ever you feel like changing these! 

As these are made of genuine pieces of granite, a high-level of quality is maintained. According to the manufacturer, this product will last more than 4 years. If you are tired of the “wet” installation then you must try out this one. The adhesive of this product includes a honeycomb grid pattern. With this, there will be no air bubbles and it will release easily while installing! 

It is constructed with PVC vinyl and so, you will require using non-abrasive cleaners for cleaning the countertop. Tools like instructors and hand-held squeegee are included with the kit. These are so thin that you will never be able to differ it. On the other hand, there are too firm to stick to the countertop properly! 

Formica Laminate: White Ice Granite Sheet

Major Features 

  • Constructed with white granite 
  • Long-lasting 
  • High-grade material
  • Designed for kitchen and bathroom 
  • Available for vertical and horizontal installation 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Scratch-free and impact-free 
  • Resistant to stains 
  • Low chemical emission 

When it comes to laminate countertops, people always expect something that is mediocre. If you are here with the MEDIOCRE thought then the brand is going to dishearten you a little! It is because their countertops are way beyond that. These are not cheap laminate countertops rather these will surely melt your heart with the high-grade material and the top-notch quality! 

The laminate countertops made by this manufacturer are the modern designs. Along with this, the countertops are very much long-lasting. Once you install them, sit on your chair and have fun because they will serve you for years! The versatile surfacing ability lets you use the countertops in your kitchen or your bathroom. You are free to use them in other places too! 

On the other hand, these countertops are easy to maintain. As you are going to use these in your kitchen, if these are not easy to maintain, they will get damaged soon. But the maintenance of the countertops does not annoy your much. It is because these are scratch-free. So, use them as you want. Also, you must know that these are stain-resistant and impact-resistant. 

No matter you are here up for the vertical installation or the vertical installation, these Formica laminate countertops are able to be placed in every way you need! If you are eyeing for an easy-to-clean countertop for your kitchen or laundry, you should install these. Because, with these, you will have no worries regarding cleaning. Al you need to do is settle for damp and non-abrasive cotton cloth and a bowl of soapy water! And that’s it! The most fantastic part is, this laminate countertop has low chemical emission and it is certified by GREENGUARD! 

Instant Granite Venetian Laminate Countertop 

Major Features 

  • Constructed with calendered PVC vinyl 
  • Designed for kitchen, bathroom, workshop, wet-bar, etc 
  • Modern finish with durability 
  • Easy installation 
  • Easy removal 
  • Cleaning with a household cleaner 
  • Installation tools included 
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Removal doesn’t keep residue 

If protecting your kitchen or bathroom countertop is all you want, you can highly rely on the Instant Granite Venetian laminate countertop. This is an amazing laminate countertop at a very reasonable price. It fantastically protects your countertop and gives you a modern finish. No matter if you are using this in the bathroom or kitchen or you are trying this out in your workshop or wet-bar, this will afford the same quality. This will be durable wherever you put these! 

If you are a person who often changes the laminate countertops and love to install the newer ones, you can settle for this one. This one is great because this is effortless to install. So, even if you are a newbie in working with laminate countertops, you can work easily with this one. The interesting fact is, if you are purchasing this laminate countertop, you will not require buying the tools for installing separately! Yes, with the whole kit, you will get all the tools that are needed for the installation process. Along with this, the installation guide is also added. All you have to do is follow them and work with it! 

On the other hand, this best countertop contact paper is removable and very easy to remove. As we have said, if you love changing the countertops then you are going to have fun. After removing, these laminate countertops keep no residue at all! The base material that is used in the construction is first-class. Calendered PVC vinyl is used for the construction. Also, this is fade-resistant and so, no matter how many years you keep it, your countertop will shine bright like a diamond! You can use the household cleaners for cleaning it easily. All you need to do is use a cotton cloth and take some cleaner and clean it! The process is easy and anyone can do it! 

Instant Granite Luna Pearl Paper Faux Countertop 

Major Features 

  • Constructed with calendered PVC vinyl
  • Durable and strong craftsmanship 
  • Breeze installation 
  • Effortless removal 
  • No residue 
  • Damage-free countertop 
  • Comes with fixing tools 
  • Installation instructions added 

Just like the other Instant Granite countertops, this also always stays in the list of best laminate countertops because of the quality. If you are up for a DIY upgrade, this instant granite Luna Pearl countertop is going to give you everything you have ever wanted from a countertop. This is basically designed for the kitchen. But from the bathroom to the workshop, you can try and use this laminate countertop everywhere. If you want to use this in your laundry room or in your wet-bar, you can easily use it because you will never be in any trouble removing it! 

The installation process of some laminate countertop is so tough that people sometimes avoid using the laminate countertop. However, this is not going to break your heart because the installation process is great. Even for the beginners of this sector, this will be easy as pie! As the installation instructions come with the kit, even if you don’t know the process, it will never be tough for you. calendered PVC vinyl is the base material of the construction of this granite countertop. And the craftsmanship is enough strong and durable to be on your kitchen countertop for so many years!

On the other hand, when it comes to the removal of the laminate countertop, people think that it is tough in some sectors. But breathe in and out because you are never going to face that with this countertop. This is one of the easiest to remove countertop in the market. If you are thinking about the residues then let us tell you, there will be NO RESIDUE at all! Also, it will in no way damage your countertop. You will get your countertop back just like the new one after you remove the laminate countertop! 

Instant Granite Black Paper Faux Peel Granite Countertop

Major Features 

  • Crafted with PVC vinyl 
  • Looks like luxurious granite and marble 
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Designed for bathroom, kitchen, laundry, workshop, and wet-bar 
  • Fast installation 
  • Easy removal 
  • Installation tools included 
  • Instruction booklet included 

If you love black and you want to get some touch of black in your kitchen or bathroom, get your hands on this Paper Faux Peel Granite Countertop by Instant Granite in black color. There are people who like lighter colors when it comes to laminate countertops. However, you will also find people that are fond of dark and nothing can beat the darkness of BLACK! So, here you go with the black laminate countertop by Instant Granite! 

As always, the installation of this laminate countertop will go on like a breeze. You will never stop even after being new in this sector. As this countertop comes with the complete instruction booklet, you do not need to go online for knowing the process. However, if you ever feel that you cannot install it properly, you can rely on online instruction and videos. You will get a lot of videos on YouTube to install this countertop easily! And on the other hand, the removal is also easy as pie just like the instruction. If you do not understand that with the help of the instruction book, you can rely on the online videos again! 

Now, with this black granite countertop, you have to be a little careful with the removal. According to the manufacturer, there are no residues left after the removal process. But we have seen that if you are not careful about the removal, you might end up keeping a little residue on the main countertop after removing the laminate countertop. So, before you work on this, be a little careful! As this one is black, it might keep dark marks or adhesive, so be cautious. 

On the other hand, cleaning is just as easier as the other Instant Granite countertops. You will be able to clean this with the help of any regular household cleaner. Any cotton cloth and a bowl of water can help you out. With the water, you have to take a little household cleaner and with the cloth, you have to clean the countertop! And this is just it! 

If you are a person who is not able to afford costly granite or marbles, this can be an affordable option for you to go for. You can rely on these because these will never give you the cheap outlook rather these will look as luxurious as the granite or marble countertop ones! 

Buyers Guide for the Ideal Laminate Countertops 

Before you settle for the laminate countertop for your kitchen or your bathroom, you have to get back and think. When you are settling for the laminate countertops, you have to think about your budget. As you are investing your hard-earned bucks, you have to make a list of which laminate countertop you should go for. 

Here, we will help you out by telling you what features and specifications you should settle for when you are shopping for the best laminate countertop

Countertop Design 

When you have already got ready for buying a laminate countertop, you have to consider the designs now. There are several types of designs available when it comes to laminate countertop. And in this case, you have to go through all of them and then select one! 

In the laminate countertop, you will find granite laminate countertops. Yes, this might seem self-contradictory to you but actually, this is not. In these days, the laminate countertops are granite printed. And the best part is that they actually look like granite! 

On the other hand, the metal finish you get with some branded laminate countertop is amazing. You must settle for them because they will not only look like the marbles or granite but they will also feel like them! No matter whether they are real or fake, if you have a tight budget, you must settle for a granite laminate countertop. 


Affordable products will not afford durability! Who told you that? Trust us, when it comes to the best laminate countertops we have mentioned, the fact is not the same at all, rather these are durable. When it comes to durability, no all of the laminate countertops afford you long-lasting service. But if you want to go for laminate countertops, you should always go for the one that is durable and at least serves you for about 4 years or longer. 


Installation is a factor when you are using a laminate countertop on the main countertop. As you are paying less, you have to be very sure about the installation process. There are some cheap laminate countertops in the market that are very tough to install. If you go for them, you will face a hard time dealing with the process. 

In this case, before purchasing, you have to go through the installation process twice. Make sure that the installation is easy even for the newbie. Also, ensure that the instruction booklet is added with the countertop kit. This will make the whole work a lot easier. Also, search for the online installation process. 

Removal and Residue 

The people that use laminate countertop don’t really like to keep it for years. They love to change it. As these are affordable, it is easy to change them and install the newer ones for a change in the kitchen or the bathroom. If you are one of them, you have to settle for a laminate countertop that is easy to remove. 

If you find it tough to remove the countertop, the adhesive of the countertop will leave residue on the main countertop. If this happens, there will be a mark on the main countertop and your main countertop will get damaged. Nobody wants that and so, you have to make sure that you pick up the laminate countertop that is effortless to remove and does not leave any sort of residue. 


As you are not settling for the authentic granite or marble and you are just getting the outlook of these luxurious countertops, you have to be careful about the stains. You have to buy the laminate countertop that is stain-resistant. Also, if you want to keep the laminate countertop for years, certify that it is fade-resistant. It must be impact-resistant too!

Cleaning Process 

As you are using these countertops in your bathroom and kitchen, these must be easy-to-clean. You cannot go through a lot of maintenance for the kitchen or bathroom countertops. And to make your daily work easier, go for the countertop that is easy to clean with any household cleaner and cotton cloth! 

FAQ About The Best Laminate Countertops 

Is laminate countertop durable? 

People often ask a question regarding the durability of the laminate countertop. We must tell you before you expect too much from this affordable countertop that these are easily damaged. On the other hand, you cannot repair these. 

However, if you settle for a good quality countertop then these laminate countertops will last you at least 4 years to 10 years. Also, you must go for the scratch-free and stain-free countertops from topnotch brands. There are durable but not for so many years. You might need to change them after 2.5 to 3 years.

How long does laminate countertop last? 

The lasting of the laminate countertop completely depends on your use and your maintenance. If you take care of the countertop properly, clean it perfectly and keep it away from scratches and stain then it might last more than 10 to 15 years. 

However, if you are not careful enough, you will need to change them within 2 years. So, while using them or cleaning them, be careful and follow the instruction properly. 

Can you put a hot pan on the laminate countertop?

Lamina countertops are basically made of layers of plastic. However, these are made strong with the use of high-grade and well-built material. And so, some brands can afford you stain-resistant and scratch-resistant laminate countertops. 

But this doesn’t mean that these are heat-resistant. So, you cannot put a hot pan on the laminate countertop as it can burn your countertop. Also, it can damage the main countertop for excessive heat. So before you do it, go through the instruction guidelines, again and again, to know what you can   

Parcel Up

Now that you know all the methods of buying the best laminate countertop for you, why are you worrying? All you need to do is go through the list of laminate countertops and find the best one for you. 

In this case, you have to always remember that the durability and outlook that you get from genuine granite or marble will not be possible with laminate. If you have enough money to spend on those luxurious countertops, you can invest in them. But if you have a tight budget or you want to see a change in your kitchen and bathroom every year, settle for the laminate countertops! 

Also, let us know which one you are using in your kitchen now? Share your thoughts by commenting below! 


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