Best Mop for Textured Tile Floors

Last Updated on April 22, 2021

Cleaning your house is necessary to keep away the dirt, dust, and grime. But when you have textured tiled floor, the cleaning process will be tougher than you thought! And before you start cleaning, you have to get the best mop textured tile floors!

Not all the mops are great for tiled floors. On the contrary, textured tiled floors require a little extra attention! These products will do the work for you!

Top 5 Mops for Textured Tile Floors

Yes, today, I will discuss the best mop for textured tile floors that worked best for almost all the users! Let us get in!

Nellie’s Wow Mop- Cordless, Light-Weight -Best Rechargeable steam Mop

Major Features

  • Cordless mop
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Two pads at the bottom
  • Height adjustment feature
  • Comes with a measuring cup and cord

Nellie's Wow Mop- Cordless, Light-Weight -Best Rechargeable steam MopAs the name says, the mop does something WOW to your floor! If you have a textured floor, you might be confused about what to do with the textured tiles; you might end up loving this Nellie’s best mop for textured floors.

The design of the mop is done in a manner where it is capable of maneuvering into the tough-to-reach places that the regular mops cannot reach.

As a result, the small spaces and textures of the tile get cleaned properly. It takes out the dirt from the very tiny areas making them grime-free. If you are tired of straining, you will be relieved by this mop cleaner for the textured floor. Hard bending is no more the option! For you, it will be easy to clean the whole house without making too much effort because of the adjustable height of the mop.

With the height adjusting feature, you can easily make the height long for working in a standing position. Also, if you need to clean under the upholstery, you can bend down a little and go for the short height and clean under the furniture. This provides you the ultimate comfortable handling while doing the cleaning work of your house. Apart from this, if your kids help you in the cleaning process, you might love to adjust the height according to their ease and they will be able to help you effortlessly!

It includes two pads that are added at the bottom part. Two is better than one, isn’t it? So, you will get the ultimate cleaning and never miss the spot! Along with the cleaning pads, there is an added measuring cup for the measurement of the cleaner.

The charging cord is included. All you need to do is get it out, charge it and clean the house for 50 long minutes with one charge! Moreover, if you have a two-storied building, it is easier to work with it because it is not only portable but also lightweight! The user manual is easy to understand too!

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop-Best Hard Wood Floor Cleaner

Major Features

  • Steaming mop service
  • Removable water tank
  • Corded cleaner with a long cord
  • Soft pad and scrubby pad included
  • Comes with fragrance discs

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop-Best Hard Wood Floor Cleaner

If you are tired of the regular mop that cannot go in between the textures of the tiles, you can settle for the steam mops. Steam mops can clean the joints of the tiles carefully without scrubbing them too much and ruining your tiles. On the other hand, for the greasy tiles, this can be an amazing option because you are using the heat to take out the dirt!

With this Bissell Power Fresh mop, you don’t need harsh chemicals for cleaning the floor anymore. As the steam is hot, you can easily kill the germs of the floor with the mop! It is capable of removing germs and bacteria without any extra chemicals. This steam mop includes a swivel steering and a cord that is 23 feet. The cord is long and you can easily clean the whole house with it.

All you need is 30 seconds to get it ready for cleaning. There is a scrubber included in the set for removing the sticky and tough messes. As a result, you can easily go through the textures of the floor and clean the joints of the tiles.

It comes with the microfiber soft pas and the scrubby pad I just mentioned. For cleaning the carpet properly, a carpet glider is included too. You might want your house to smell beautiful, and so, there are added spring breeze fragrance discs!

To check the grout and crevices, the easy scrubber is a gem. No matter your floor has light dirt or heavy grease on it, with the SmartSet Steam Control, you are all set to go for it. The water tank can easily be removed; adding new water is easier here! For the corners of the floor, there is a low-profile mop head added.

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with 1 Extra Refill-Best Microfiber Steam Mop

Major Features

  • Steam cleaning mop
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Comes with double microfiber pads
  • Lightweight and corded
  • Added carpet glider

This microfiber mop can also afford you amazing results if you are tired of dealing with textured tiled floors. The problem with the textures on tiled floors is the joints and designs where the dirt gets in. In most cases, regular mops are unable to clean it off because they cannot get inside the gaps of the tiles. In this case, steam mops can be beneficial.

This steam mop by O-Cedar will heat the gaps of the tiles and will help in making the dirt loose so that you can clean them easily. It comes with a microfiber pad. I must tell you, microfiber is good at cleaning the stubborn dirt and it also keeps the tile safe and scratch-free. It is capable of absorbing dirt and dust easily and make your floor clean. On the other hand, this pad is machine washable.

All you need to do is use it to clean the floor and then clean it in the machine! You can wash it more or less 25 times! In the kit, you will get two microfiber pads and with them, a carpet glider is added too.

The Snap-On glider will help you in cleaning the carpets with steam technology! So, you get an all-in-one mop!  The head is designed in a triangle shape so that you can clean the corners comfortably.

The steam settings are adjustable and you can fix it for different floor types. You have to plug it in and wait for 20 seconds to get the steam. The design is made lightweight so that you can carry it easily. It weighs only 5 lbs. and so, this is easy to carry. However, keep in mind that it is corded and so, you have to keep the cord plugged in to get the power.

iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Mop-Top Robot Mop

Major Features

  • Damp mode and dry mode available
  • Added turbo charge cradle and wall charger
  • Keeps track of the cleaning
  • Works with most cleaning cloths
  • Triple pass cleaning technology

iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Mop-Top Robot MopThis is named robot mop for a reason! When it comes to clean the textured floor with super efficiency, this cleaning tool can be highly beneficial. This keeps the floor clean because it has triple-pass cleaning technology to ensure perfection.

For multiple rooms and large spaces, this can be an easier option than the other available mops for you. This goes with tile, hardwood, and stones. All you need to do is add the cleaning pad and press the button of Mop or Sweep.

It will clean the space by itself just like a robot! It comes with a turbocharge cradle and a wall charger. The cords are included in the kit. You will also get the cleaning pad, mopping cloth, reservoir pad, and everything you need for cleaning the house.

You will need 2 C batteries that come with the set. On the other hand, it also works with several cleaning cloths. Along with this, it works with disposable cleaning cloths too! It is capable of keeping track of where it was. It will go back there and do it by itself! I

t has an expandable cleaning range and added cubes too! It has two different modes for cleaning in straight lines and also for deeper dirt too! For textured floors, the damp mode is more preferred than the dry mode.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

Major Features

  • Dry-cleaning machine
  • Cleaning path of 13-inch
  • 50-feet power cord
  • Flexible brush head
  • Works with brushes, pads, and cleaning solutions

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor MachineNo matter you are cleaning wood, tile, or vinyl; you can always go back to this Oreck machine for cleaning the floor every day. For textured tiled floors, this machine is a gem. This is designed for dry cleaning. It is also capable of cleaning the dirt from your carpeted floor.

The cleaning path of the machine is about 13 inches which is large enough to clean the whole house alone. The cord that comes with the kit is 50 feet so that you can plug it in and use the machine however you want. Along with this, you can use this machine with pads and brushes.

Bonnets are also preferable here. If you like other cleaning solutions or shampoos, you can add them while cleaning. This is a multi-floor cleaner. On the other hand, the product is completely maintenance-free.

The brush head of the cleaner is easy to move and can glide over the floor effortlessly. It will also prevent all the brush marks and swirls while cleaning. It will scrub the gaps of the textured tiles and keep them free from dirt and grease.

Buying Guide for Textures Tiles Floor Mops

Mop Type

When you plan to buy a mop for the textured floors, I always recommend you go for the scrub mops. These are great for getting inside the gaps of the tiles and clean the whole surface carefully. If you don’t like the scrub mops for your textured floors because it might ruin the floor, you can go for other mops too.

Apart from scrub mops, you will get steam mops, spin mops, traditional mops, sponge variant mops, etc. For the textured floor, I recommend you using the steam mops. These mops will help you use steam technology to provide hot steam on the floor. It will not only take out the hidden dirt but also will kill the germs. It will take 20-30 seconds to convert the water into steam and then can easily clean the floor.


The very first things you have to go through are the cleaning features of the mop. Make sure that the mop has good-grade pads for cleaning the tiled floor.

Also, if there is a scrubber, this can help you a lot in the process. Make sure the brush you have is flexible. If there is a tank of the mop should be according to the cleaning work you require.

If the height is adjustable, things will be easy. Also, the adjusting feature of the steam setting ensures where you need what amount of steam to clean it.

Corded or Cordless

If you have a two-storied home, you might love the cordless one because it is portable. Also, such models are highly lightweight. If you have a large house and require a lot of cleaning, a corded one might help you better. All you need is a socket nearby.

Efficiency and Durability

Some cleaners work fine but don’t last long. For this, you have to go through the construction material of the cleaner and then pick up one.

It must work on the tile floor proficiently. When you want the ultimate effectiveness, you might require giving up on some up-to-date features. But not all features are important for you! Keep the necessary ones!

How to Clean Textured Floor Tiles

Wrap Up

You have checked the best mop for textures tile floors already. Have you selected any of them for cleaning the textured time of the house? Go through the features and detailed review so that you can pick up one without any confusion!

Also, comment below if you have already used any of these. Don’t forget to mention the positive and negative aspects of the product you have used.


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