How To Clean Gas Stove Top- Incredibly Easy Methods

Having a good machine is not everything. Every appliance has a certain limit to perform, after that, your machine starts giving up. If you ask the reason, I can give two things that are responsible for that, one is durability that often starts reducing after some days of use. The other thing is maintenance; proper maintenance can give your appliance a longer life.

Gas stovetops always require regular cleaning as it tends to become dirty after cooking due to spills of food that happens regularly.  If you can manage to wipe out the spills then your stove will sparkle every time. But it is not possible always to take care of it for having other priorities. As a result, you may face the problems of clogged burners, burned-on foods, and grease build-up. Some of the dirt turns to tough and cannot be removed by just wiping. In such cases, you need to take a serious look of this issue. I mean to say you need a deep cleaning of your gas stove to look it new again.

gas stovetop cleaning tips


Here again my friends Elitecooker presenting some awesome tips to keep your gas stove super clean. so learn  how to Clean a Gas Stove Top

Learn How To Clean The Gas Stovetop

Cleaning your gas stovetop usually requires a mild soap, some hot water, kitchen towels, paper towels, paper clip, toothbrush, and a scrubber or wiper that you need to remove the hardened grease or dirt. Using all these you have to follow the steps one after another.

Starting Point

Turn off the gas stove and wait for it to cool. Because you cannot dare to work on it as long as it is hot.

Remove Grates and Burner Caps

Fill your sink with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap into it. Now remove the burner caps and grates from the gas stove and then soak all the parts into the sink water. This will make loosen the stuck-on food particles.

Wipe the Stove Top with Dry Cloth

At the same time, you have to take care of the stovetop which is full of dirt and filthy. To clean this you have to take a paper towel or a dry dishtowel and start wiping out the loose bits of dried food particles on the stovetop. You do not need to scrub the top, as it simply requires clearing the dirt, food particles, and spilled oil from the top of the gas stove.

Apply Soap Water on the Top

Next, you have to apply soap water gently on the top of the gas stove using the soft side of the sponge. But be careful that the soapy water does not get into any openings of the stove as it may disturb the performance of it. Let the whole thing as it is for 5-10 minutes.

Remove the Stubborn Grease

Sometimes you may face the burned on grease on the top which does not remove with the soapy water. At this situation, you may use some baking soda with the soap water as the whole mixture helps the stuck-on grease slippery. Even the toughest cooked-on grease also can be removed but you have to put some extra effort into this.

Clear the Fuel Ports to Remove the Blockages

Fuel ports are the most vital parts of a gas stove as they provide the much-needed fuel to the stove for producing fire. Therefore, they must be cleaned to avoid any kind of blockage and burning hazards. To clear the blockage you need to use a paperclip to pick the burnt food particles out of the port. But if you find a lot of food particles stick to the port then all you need to use a toothbrush and brush gently to remove all the particles from the port.

Scrubbing the Stovetop

Take a wet sponge and a few drop of dish soap to scrub the stovetop. Work properly in a circular motion to remove the stubborn spills from the surface. But while working wring and rewet the sponge regularly to prevent the fuel top from getting wet. Because once the fuel ports get too wet, you’ll face trouble igniting until it dries out again.

Dry Out the Stovetop

Once your cleaning job is over, rinse the surface with fresh water properly to remove the dirt as well as the soap from the stovetop. After that, take a dry dishtowel and rinse the top to make it dry.

Buff Up the Surface

For this purpose, you may buff the stovetop with a dry microfiber cloth so that your top will look shiny once again.

Scrubbing the Other Parts

Now it is time to take care of the grates and the burner caps which are previously soaked into the soapy water in the sink. Scrub them with the sponge one after another to remove the food bits easily. Then rinse with freshwater and dry with clean dishtowel only to make them ready for use again.

To Clean the Gas Burners

When you go to clean the stovetop at the same time you cannot ignore the gas burners as they also need to be cleaned. To do this soak your burners and burner tops in soapy water and then scrub them to remove the stains and grease.

Reassemble the Things All Again

When all the cleaning and wiping and drying works are completed just put all the loose parts including burners and all the grates in place to make the gas stove ready to use again.

Some Other Ways

Sometimes manual way doesn’t give you the best result and some strains and tough grease left patchy marks on the top. If that happens, then you may use a power tool with buffing attachment to remove the marks easily. You can use baking soda paste to thin out the grease and to make it easy to wipe away. Besides, a sharp knife and a razor blade also do a better job to remove the thick strains and greasy layer with ease.

Daily Stovetop Cleaning

A frequent wiping and cleaning of your gas stovetop can take care of the spills so that you do not need to go for deep cleaning early. All you need to take a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe out the food spills and particles after every use and let your gas stove looks fresh and shiny always.

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Final words

Good Cleaning always can ensure better durability for any kind of kitchen appliances weather it is  a gas stove, gas ranges, sink or any others martial’s. If you can make sure these items are clean, can enjoy health foods and recipes as well.  So start applying the above tricks and keep your gas stove clean and durable.


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