Learn How To Grind Meat For Burger Like A Professional

Suppose you’re enjoying some free time at home. It’s a very rare occasion when you’ve nothing much to do except a much needed relaxing. At this point of time if suddenly you get a phone call of your kin and pals that they’re coming to your place and they want you to prepare some delicious, yummy homemade hamburgers.

Jeez! Now you have to pull your socks again, arrange all the ingredients, make your kitchen ready for making burgers. But hey! Are you considering buying the ground meat from a grocery? Certainly not. You cannot compromise with the reputation of making some great dishes. Therefore, now you need the best meat to grind for burgers and start preparing the burgers for what you’ve earned the fame. Now the question is how you grind the meat properly and quickly. There are some ways to manage this job. So, keep reading this to learn the ways of grinding meat at home.

Before you start following the procedure at first you need to know what the benefits of grinding meat at home are.

Quality of Burgers

The quality of burgers mostly depends on the ground meat that you’re going to use. A freshly ground meat is considered the better option for the best quality of burgers. Because when you grind the meat you can select the cut as per your desired flavor and fat content, such as short ribs beef for rich flavor, cheeks beef for very rich and fatty burgers. But if you use pre-ground meat the texture of the burgers will be dense and chewy and without having a rich flavor.

Safety of Food

You may find harmful bacteria only on the exterior of the meat. But once it is ground, all the germs are mixed with every bit of meats and contaminating them all. When you buy pre-ground meat from a grocery there will be a certain chance of bacterial contamination as the meat comes only from several different cuts. But if you go for home-ground meat, the even cuts reduce the chances of bacterial infection of meat.

Save Money

Grinding meat at your kitchen by yourself means you’re going to save a reasonable amount of money. The ground beef that you want to buy from a grocery often finds overpriced. So, it will be a better idea to grind the meat at home.

Now you need to know what kind of appliance you need to grind the meat. Here they are.

Meat Grinder

This is probably the best way to grind any type of meat as it provides finely cut and ground meat without compromising its content. Besides, this tool helps to extract enough juice so that the flavor of the meat remains the same when you use it in your recipe.

Food Processor

This is another option for grinding the meat if you don’t have a grinder. The sharp blade of this tool cuts the meat cleanly so that you get the perfect ground meat for your dish. Make sure, do not make the bowl of your processor loaded with meat but work in small chunks. Besides, you need to pulse the meat until you get the desired texture.

Chopping by Hand

This is one more way to grind your meat if you have enough time in your hand. Here you need a sharp cutting knife and chop the meat into small bits. Surely you’ll find a cleanly cut meat piece which fit to prepare burgers.

Now it is time to know the method of grinding meat for preparing burgers. Let’s follow them one after another.

Use a Cold Grinder

While working on, the grinders heat up and the heat makes the meat warm too. As a result, the fat and the muscle of the meat get mushy and stingy. To get rid of this problem you need to place the grinder along with all accessories into a freezer for at least 1 hour before using it. The cold tool doesn’t allow a bit of meat to be stick on the interior wall of the tool and you’ll get fine ground meat with ease.

Choose the Meat

It is proven that the cheap and fatty cuts are the best meat to use for grinding as the tough bits can be easily mixed when they’re ground. In this way, no matter if it is beef, lamb or pork you’re going to get the best ground meat for your burgers.

Take Cold Meat

Cut the meat into rough 1” cubes and remove errant bits but keep the fat intact to get the best flavor. Freeze the cubed meats into a freezer for at least 20 minutes. This made the meat pieces firm but not frozen and now it is easy to grind them and the bits of meat will never stick on the inner wall of the tool.


When the meat is into the freezer, during this time you may mince the garlic, shallot, and some other necessary ingredients as per the taste and flavor you want to add in your burger.

Let the Grinding Begin

Now it is time to turn the machine on allow your chilled meat to run through the feeding tube and use a stomper to push the meat down towards the blade. At the beginning, don’t try to run the machine on a higher speed as it may make everything quick hotter.

Place a Bowl Underneath

At the same time, place a stainless steel bowl underneath the grinder to receive the ground meat that comes out. But to keep the meat cold and non-stingy, you need to set the bowl inside a large bowl filled with ice cubes if the quantity of meat is more than 2 pounds.

Run the Meat Twice

To get the finer texture you have to grind the meat. First, use the larger holes of the attachment for a coarse grind. And then, refreeze the initial ground meat for 5-10 minutes, after that pour the meat again into the tool only to pass them through the smaller holes for a finer texture.

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Wrap Up

Once I was asked what is the difference between a homemade and a commercial product. I replied instantly that a commercial product needs a lot of efforts and money, but for a homemade product, you put all your love and care into it that cannot be found in the later one. Same can be said here also. Therefore, without thinking too much, just go to your kitchen and take the best meat grinder that already you have and start working to be a winner again.



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