BELLA 7.4 Quart Food Steamer-Best Dual Basket Review

An amazing taste with ease of cooking is what every cook ever desires. Therefore, I am introducing one of the most popular food steamers here. It’s none but the very popular Bella Pressure Cooker with Quartz Dual Basket. From slow cook to sauté, this machine can prepare in every format you want. However, if you want to cook fast and well then no other device is going to be more helpful than this food steamer. To get the proper taste of the wonderful foods, you might cook it with just the right and reliable pressure cooker which will do the job well. We used to provide our readers with the best guide available to help them in search of the right pressure cooker for their daily family needs.

So, if the quality is your highest concern and you’re looking for the best product information, reviews, and buying guidelines then you’ve just come to the right place. Now, check out our reviews and buying guidelines below to find out the perfect pressure cooker for your needs.

Whom is this Product for?

BELLA 7.4 Quart Healthy quality Food Steamer cooks perfectly with all devices. It has been the most sold product in the market since it was launched. It is the best food steamer for any food-loving people.

  • Bella Pressure Cooker could add a great value for anyone who wants to eat healthy food with a delicious taste,
  • This steamer retains all the nutrients and vitamins in products at normal frying and cooking. So, it’s a great product for the housewives and cooks.
  • If anyone wants a food steamer that would serve a consistent performance and don’t want to meet the experience of changing them frequently then BELLA Pressure Cooker definitely could be an excellent addition.
Product Specifications
• Product Dimension: 11.6 x 8.9 x 11.7 inches.
• Item Weight: 4.8 pounds.
• Capacity: 7 liters.
• Item Model Number: BLA13872.
• Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5.
• Color: Black.
• Material Type: Steel.
• Price: Affordable.

Features & Benefits of this Quality Food Steamer

Best Multifunction Food Steamer for a Healthy and Fast Cooking

The Bella Pressure Cooker with Quartz Dual Basket is a perfect and healthy way to cook your favorite food item. Its health-focused cooking method helps you live a cleaner and healthier dietary lifestyle. Since this is a multi-function food steamer, it can cook your favorite veggies, grains, and meats with a twist of a knob. Besides, this product can cook faster. So, you needn’t worry about waiting to get the food ready for longer. All you need to do is just to pour in the water, set the timer, and put it in the kitchen basket. Therefore, if you want a fine and faster cook it’s a must buy.

Easy Refilling with Level Indicator and External Water Filter

Another important feature of this BELLA 7 item is the easy refilling with level indicator and external water filter. If you look forward to the best food steamer that helps you in many ways, then no other product is going to be better than this one. The external water filter along with the level indicator helps you refill quickly.

Utmost Safety with Automatic Shut-off

For maximum safety, this unit features an auto shut off feature. This shut-off feature along with dry boil protection keeps your food as natural as possible. This prevents vegetables from turning mushy as well as allowing them to retain the actual taste, color, freshness, and juices. That’s why it will automatically shut off when the cook is done. Therefore, it ensures that your food is well even if you aren’t around when it is finished.

60 minutes Timer Lends Convenience best food steamer

This is one of the most important features of this product that it comes up with an hour timer that lends your convenience. Therefore, you can enjoy your juicy, delicious, and flavor-packed diet in under 60 minutes. So, if you like to bring convenience in your life with a single food steamer then look no further. Because this item provides you more than you can expect.

Includes 5 Cup Rice Bowl for Extra Capacity

BELLA 7 provides 5 cup rice bowl that offers you extra capacity. Besides this offers 2 basket cooking system that allows you to cook more than one item at a time. That is if you get this item then you can prepare different dishes simultaneously whenever you need special dietary.

  • Allows multiple foods to cook simultaneously.
  • It’s easy to use and clean.
  • It helps you achieve the ideal cooking time.
  • The capacity of the bowls is perfect.
  • You can easily empty the water reservoir.
  • It provides the best way to cook food within a minute.
  • It includes two steam baskets.
  • This product keeps your foods fresh and delicious for a long time.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Some customers said that it would be great if the cord were a bit longer.
  • A few users found the clicking noise annoying.
  • Many customers said that the numbers on the timer are subtle to read.
Final Words of Best Food Steamer

After going through all the previous lines, I hope that this BELLA 7 has become your most favorite product now. If quality is your biggest concern, I believe that this product will blow your mind. Moreover, it worth every penny of your valuable money. Finally, this is an acceptable item if you need the best one available on the market that will take your cooking experience to a higher level. Focusing on the quality and services of the backpack we have to choose this item for you. After all, it satisfies every single necessity of yours that you expect from a food steamer. So, look no further and have a check on it.

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