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Are you tired of your worn-out laminate countertops? Are you overworked of checking out the usual spots as well as war marks? Performs the different colors advise you of a lousy youth dream? Want to know how to paint Formica countertops?

Giving your kitchen space a much-needed upgrade doesn’t need removing closets or setting up expensive flooring. Rather than going down a great deal of cash on those things, there are numerous inexpensive updates you can do by yourself. One of the most convenient upgrades to perform in the kitchen space is to offer your countertops a brand new coat of paint. This necessary upgrade can easily incorporate a present-day, contemporary seek to your kitchen space.

How to step forward towards painting it

You may mend your cracked and growing older laminate kitchen counters using basic methods and, in some cases, popular home products you perhaps possess around your home.

You may transform all of them for a lot less than $300 if you’re looking to provide your countertops an entire brand new look while enjoying your spending plan. Redecorating kits and hard peel-and-stick vinyl treatments are custom-made for the DIYer, and the outcomes are dead ringers natural granite slabs.

Wish to assign even much less? Coat laminate bests to produce them appear like stone, utilizing your innovative chops to create beautiful, severe results you’ll be proud to flaunt. As a perk: You’ll be recycling your kitchen counters while they reside in the spot, keeping your old counters away from landfills and supporting sustainability.

Small Fixes

Tiny scrapes, cuts, and potato chips can easily be fixed along with laminate fixing paste or a color-matched repair service marker, which is available at the majority of hardware outlets and property remodeling. Decide on the color that many very closely match your countertop different colors—$ 8.

As soon as hardened, you will not possess the option to sand any extra without harming the surrounding laminate, so fill up each spot carefully, and don’t overfill. The item is to disguise the problem.

Spots may be eliminated using an insert brought in coming from cooking soft drinks as well as water. Put the insert on the tarnish as well as let it work with several hrs– do not rub. Gently rub out along with a newspaper towel.

For additional stubborn stains, make an effort a little nail polish eliminator on a clean dustcloth (usage white-colored rags so you will not get material color on the kitchen counter). Other solvents to attempt feature coating thinner, denatured alcoholic drinks, and acetone. Conserve.

Precisely How to Repaint Formica Countertops

Laminate counters can damage easily, therefore don’t utilize all of them as reducing boards. Additionally, avoid putting hot items directly onto the kitchen counter to stop damage. Tidy the area with light soap.

Measure 1– Pick a Coating

When go for repainting your Formica countertops, extensively research studies the selections of coating colors accessible as per your requirement, for much better aesthetic effects, you might intend to simulate a rock appeal or have a lovely charcoal effect. So you need to choose your colors based on that. After you have selected the kind and intensity of paint, you intend to make use. You should evaluate the surface area covered by your Formica countertops and approach a coating retail store or even a residence improvement facility with the dimensions to purchase enough coating to finish the task. It would be best if you had an adequate volume of guides and components like coating rollers, brushes, and other traits needed to complete your project.

Measure 2– Ready the Kitchen counter

After buying the preferred coating you wish to repaint your Formica kitchen countertops with, you must prep the countertop for paint. For this, you need to have to roughen up the entire area of the kitchen counter utilizing fine-grit sandpaper so that the primer, as well as paint, adheres to the surface. Take care to rub the whole surface so that the coating will stick to the counter nicely.

Measure 3– Clean the Kitchen countertop

Clean the countertop along with a fluid cleanser. Take extreme safety measures to turn off any gasoline pilot lights when utilizing liquid detergents. Along with making use of a synthetic cleaning agent cleaner, clean the whole area of the kitchen counter to take out all dust and also debris before beginning to paint. For perfect impacts, you should utilize either a glaze thinner or even acetone as the cleaner. Each of these evaporates quickly and also gets much less opportunity.

Utilize vacuum cleaner or even a clean rag to remove all signs of sanding dust so that you can inspect for problems. Repair any small holes, scratches, or even cracks in the Formica surface along with epoxy putty, spreading out the putty as correctly as possible along with a cement blade.

Measure 4– Administer the Guide

Coat the kitchen countertop along with the guide bottom making use of coating rollers and apply an even layer all over the entire surface area of the countertop. After the first coat dries up, use another coat and permit the primer to dry entirely before applying paint on the countertop thoroughly.

Measure 5– Apply the Epoxy Coating

Make use of a coating with an epoxy foundation to repaint your Formica kitchen counters. It runs out to provide a more challenging cost and is extra long-lasting and also will last longer than any other regular paints. Another convenience of using epoxy coatings is that they are offered in many colors and styles. You must administer a minimum of 2 coats of paint to receive the most excellent intended results.

MEASURE 6 — Peeling away the strip before you deplete

Once the paint is shabby, however certainly not very dry out, clear away any preventive painter’s tape. It maintains sides well-maintained and also prevents the strip from tearing or sticking.

MEASURE 7 — Leading with a sealer to protect your coating task

Seal your coated counter or even cabinets along with a crystal clear semi- or high-gloss protective finish. Utilize oil-based polyurethane over oil-based coating or even crystal clear acrylic sealer over acrylic covering. Apply pair of coats of sealer, allowing time to dry totally between the two passes. You’ll achieve the best outcomes with a natural-bristle paintbrush for oil-based polyurethane or a synthetic-bristle paintbrush for acrylic sealer.

How To Paint Formica Countertops


Understanding exactly how to paint Formica countertops is an extremely effective method of giving your cooking area an entire makeover at minimal expenses. In this particular article, we have described just how to coat Formica countertops in the best and also very most convenient means. Repainting your Formica kitchen counters can offer your kitchen area a stroll. You may effortlessly do it without taking a huge part out of your purse. By using these recommendations, you can quickly help guarantee the counters stay excellent and in good condition for several years to find.

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