How To Install a Moen Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet

How To Install A Moen Wall-Mount Bathroom FaucetInstalling bathroom faucets are tough. And when it comes to the Moen wall-mount bathroom faucet, you might find it tougher because wall-mounted bathroom faucets are a little difficult to install!

Here, we will discuss how to install a Moen wall-mount bathroom faucet without the help of a Professional Plumber.

Before you go through the process, we must tell you that the process is a little tricky. So, be well prepared for it!

Required Gears and Accessories

Before you know how to install a Moen Wall-mount bathroom faucet, you have to stop and get the gears that are required for the faucet. As we have already told you, the process is a little complicated. So, before getting it, get out and get the accessories.

  • Bathroom Faucet
  • Faucet handles
  • Drill machine
  • Taps- both hot and cool
  • Allen wrench
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Process of Installing Moen Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet

Step 1: Checking Water Connections

No matter how much you want to do the whole process y yourself, you cannot be a plumber. Accepting the fact you have to hire a plumber for water. In the wall mount faucet installation, the water supply is a very important fact.

And so, you will not be able to install the faucet and have continuous water connections without making the water supply process ready for it.

So, first of all, hire a plumber. He will be able to work with the water supply and the connections so that you get a worry-free supply of water in your bathroom.

If you have a conventional sink-mounted faucet in your bathroom and you are preparing to replace it with a wall-mounted faucet, you have to be extra cautious about the water supply.

There are internal lines for water supply which you will not understand. So, you have to get a plumber for relocating them in these cases.

Step 2: Measuring Faucet Height

After you are done with the water connections and supply process, you have to move your attention to the height of the wall-mounted faucet.

So, after the plumbing, try to measure the height of your faucet. It depends on you that what height will be perfect for the bathroom faucet you are going to install.

Measure the height according to your family members. It must be installed at a height where everyone is capable of getting the benefit.

After deciding the right height, get a pencil and mark the area you have decided on. In terms of measurements, you have to be very careful so that you make it right.

Also, do not forget about the 1-inch rule when it comes to the wall-mount faucet installation. You have to get the mark in a way that there is a one-inch gap between the top of your sink and the bottom of the wall-mounted faucet.

Here, you have to keep in mind that the 1-inch gap is for keeping the water supply normal. If the gap is more than one inch, you will see water splashing out of the sink which will be annoying. So, maintain the gap carefully!

Step 3: Drilling Holes

So, now that you have marked where you want to install your Moen wall-mounted bathroom faucet, you have to start the work. Here, you will need a drill machine so that you can drill holes in the marked places of the wall. This is required for fastening the bolts.

With the drill machine, make holes so that you can install the gear. However, before that, you have to certify that there are no pipes behind the location. Also, there can be wires. So, make sure you check and recheck the fact.

Step 5: Attaching Spout

Now that you are done drilling the holes, get your hands on the manufacturer instructions written on the papers. Here, you will need to get the washers along with all the other hardware.

The process will be written as shown in the instruction guideline. First of all, you have to position them so that you can attach the spout.

After adding the spout to the wall plate along with positioning the washers, take the wrench to the work. Now, all you have to do is get the bolts to tighten with the help of the Allen wrench.

Step 5: Fasten it

Now you are almost done with the installation process. After adding the spout to the wall plate, you have to position them on the wall first.

Make sure you are choosing the right place for positioning. This will go through the drilled holes. After this, fasten the bolts you have into the wall!

Step 6: Add Required Hardware

You have done all the positioning and fastening job. Then, you have to take the hot and cold taps for the faucet along with the faucet handles. Add the handles and tighten them with your hand.

Go for a clockwise motion. Go for the hot and cold taps too. Secure them before you use them and recheck it the water supply is perfect or not. You are done!

FAQs on Wall Mounted Faucet Installation

Where should wall mount faucets be placed?

When it comes to the wall mount faucet, you have to extend it seven inches or so from the back of your bathroom sink. This will help you by switching on the faucets without banging them.

If you have a countertop that is located 22 inches, you have to keep the spout more or less 9 inches from the wall.

Are wall-mounted faucets more expensive to install?

Wall-mounted faucets are amazing to look but when it comes to the expense, you have to pay more for these faucets. For the installation process, you might need to pay more than the regular faucets of the market.

The problems with wall-mounted faucets are they usually have piping and sink drain added in the right spot. They might require movement if you don’t get the perfect spot!

How to remove a wall mount bathroom faucet?

First of all, you have to turn the water off and then remove the faucet screw. Now, remove the handles and the trim plate. After that, you have to remove the faucet valve and pay attention to taking off the faucet!

How to Install a Moen Wallmount Bathroom Faucet

Wrap Up

So now, you can easily reduce the amount you are going to pay to the professional for installing a wall-mount bathroom faucet. All you need to do is go through the process and install your favorite Moen Wall mount bathroom faucet!