How To Install kitchen Sink Strainer in Ease Ways

Kitchen sink strainers are very small in size. And it plays a vital role in maintaining a clean environment in your cooking secures the plumbing system from getting down clogged with water for different sized particles.

When it comes to having its replacement, you might want to get others’ help. If you know how to install a kitchen sink strainer, you can do it by yourself.

In this article, I am going to describe the full process step by step to assist you. In my opinion, your simple concentration can make you learn it easily.



Some Ease Steps to follow for Installing Kitchen Sink Strainer

After a long time, the sink strainer may get damaged. Then it requires installing a new one in replace of the previous one. Following functional steps will make you learn how to do that.

Make a disconnection to the lines of the water supply

A metal connector is used to link the ultimate water lines. You can use a wrench to loosen the connection fastened together. To set free the joining point, move your hand in anti-clockwise.

Make sure the whole parts are safe and keep them together in a particular space. Better if you use a bucket to keep them securely.

Remove the pipe from the sink

It requires detaching the drainpipe from I’s fitting. You must twist this ring-looked material anti-clockwise. Use pliers to make this task easier for you.

Make sure it never cause any unwanted damage to the pipe while doing it. If it is plastic made, then use your hand to do so. Pliers have chances to make damage with it.

Loosen the garbage disposal

If any garbage disposal creates excessive water clogging then loosen it carefully. It has a great link with the nearest sink. Use pliers to do it fast.

Loosen the metal clamp clips

Underneath the sink, there is a little clamp made of metal. It depends on the pattern of the clips to choose what to use to loosen it. In general, a screwdriver or a wrench is the most reliable tool for the job.

Hence the clamps should have a good rotation done by you. Keep the clips safely.

Cut off the caulk carefully

This material is located amidst the rim and the top of the sink. Use a knife in a flat position and do it properly without any confusion. Make sure you are cutting the way around it smoothly.

Wash off the countertop

Pushing up is necessary to lift the sink easily. By doing so, you will be able to grasp it nicely. Make sure again that the caulks are removed away.

Next, you need to make a good cleaning of the sink. Check the faucet or drains if they are clean or not. When it comes to installing a new sink strainer, this widely helps you in delivering a great installation.

Fit the new sink strainer properly in the sink

Proper adjustment is necessary for the kitchen strainer. If it doesn’t sit in the right place, it becomes useless. Measure the right-sized length and width of the previous strainer to avoid this situation. Now place it in the right position.

Join the clips and caulk

To protect the sink, attach the loose clips and caulks again. Take them from the place where you kept them. Twist the screwdriver or use a wrench to fix them properly.

Rejoin the water supply and the drainpipe

Once it is set up correctly, the water supply line should get back its connection. Use an adjustable wrench to fix it. The metal connected should be placed properly in its position.

Again, you must reinstall the drainpipe of the sink. Make sure it fits properly and fastens the screws in their respective position. It should function well. Twist them properly using pliers and link the pipes together.

Check the water supply

In this portion of the article, you must switch the water supply on. Find out if there is any leak or not, Flow water through the strainer. Tighten the seals and make them good enough for adjustable fitness.

Small or large food particles or other debris should not pass through it. Check the water should go down smoothly.

Watch Short Video on How to Replace  Kitchen Sink Strainer

Some additional tips to unclog the sink

Each time it is not possible to install new strainers from month to month. So it’s a wise decision to unclog the water through the sink using some tricks. Below are the noted ideas to follow.

  • A plunger is a useful tool to soften the clog and make a solid suction.
  • Pouring hot water through it is another better idea. Keep continuing it for a few minutes till it responds for backup.
  • You can use a small brush to pick up any debris or solid jammed material.
  • Baking soda and vinegar mixture is a superb powerful solution for dissolving the clog without any hassle. This acts as a wonderful cleaning agent. Cover the whole drain with it by pouring the mixture. Then keep it for a couple of minutes and wash it with clean water.
  • Sometimes, it is highly needed to stop the water supply when you discover the water clogging into the sink drain. Wait for some time to go down the regular flow. Then turn on the water supply again.
  • Following the manual instructions properly to know more ideas will be better.


Water blockage is the most common issue that happened to the sink. Before you are going to search for a plumber, this article about how to install a kitchen sink strainer is a must to need.

It enables you to learn the full process. In which steps what to do is mentioned here. Again I put further information to prevent unnecessary clogging using some tips and tricks.

I truly hope this article will be the right and suitable assistant for fulfilling the total installation process. for any kind of cooking appliance details including cooker are available on