Tips To Use Stove Top Pressure Cooker-Most Ease Ways

The productivity level of modern life is worth noticeable and it is backed by a certain level of modern technological inputs and therefore we look forward to checking the tips to use a stovetop pressure cooker to see how various technological deliveries have been put to use.

There are thousands of useful tools that are in the market which have received a whole lot of fame for their special functional attributes to add to the daily dose of survival. There are several items delivered to serve different types of works.

Their work types vary from one to the other. Some works are required to be executed with various items of use and for that, the topic of discussion over here can be a helpful one for it is a product that has been in use for the human race for ages.

The pressure cooker is something that everyone has heard of and has been serving the kitchens to prepare some of the best dishes. If anyone is interested in cooking then this item might have not failed to delight with its special art of preparing things.

Pressure cooking has been one of the easy ways to cook food healthy and nutritious. The pressure cookers in that aspect have proven to be highly beneficial to the ones that like to cook simple and healthy.

How to Use Stove Top Pressure Cooker Properly

The modern-day cookers have been decorated with some special features of use that serve to the cooking out of special dishes. Modern-day cookers are being made sophisticated in terms of their functionality in a way that they can serve the maximum number of dishes at a single time.

More are the features, the more complicated it becomes to operate. But the modern populace is too quite knowledgeable with the complicated technical things of use and therefore always find ways to make proper use of the modern complicated items.

The features of the pressure cookers have never failed to fascinate the tech-savvy multitude for the features have always been the ones to help them in executing the cooking deliveries.

It is not only the special features of use but also the special technologically drafted design of the cooker itself that contributes to the popularity of the cookers as special kitchen items.

The product

The stovetop pressure cooker is a special variety of pressure cooker that comes with the immense intensity of cooking out the dishes with the excellence of its class.

The stovetop pressure cooker is not like the usual digitalized cookers that mostly use the power source of electricity. It is to be placed on a stovetop burner to make a run.

Many often complain of the fact that it requires a stove despite having its own digitalized functional buttons and clicks. But this feature can prove to be a convenient one for the ones who would love to function in the old school way with the burner being the source of heat on which the cooking depends.

Using a stovetop pressure cooker indeed involves some efforts that would ultimately help in the result of some finely cooked rice as well as a whole lot of other things.

Let us check out some of the tips to use a stovetop pressure cooker to help the users in making the right use of the product with excellence.

The importance of the liquid content

The liquid content matters to a great extent when it comes to the fine cooking of the rice especially. Since rice is one such product that is frequently cooked in a cooker the user must check the amount of liquid necessary to be used while cooking it. Some steps that can be employed are

  1. Measure the amount of rice in a proper measuring cup
  2. Then place the rice in the cooking pot
  3. Check the level of the rice being put inside
  4. Then add the water keeping in proportion to the level of rice
  5. Follow basic measurement: try to keep the water level just 2 inches above the upper crust of the rice

Check the base

The base of a stovetop pressure cooker is expected to be a flat one. This is considered to be a strict requirement because the base is the cooker matters a lot in terms of heat induction in the cooker to cook the food.

The stoves often have a flat surface which requires that the base of the instrument be placed to be a flat one. So while using a stovetop pressure cooker needs to be completely free from any residue.

It is required because any residue may obstruct the effective induction of heat into the cooker or may sometimes lead to the damage of either the stove surface or the cooker base.

Know the lid

The lid of the pressure cooker is a very important feature that has its importance. The lid of the pressure cooker is the one that helps in heat retention with absolute effect. The lid size, shape, and digital switch may vary from one design to the other but its use remains the same.

The gasket is an important element that is required to be fixed to the lid and this is a common component in any stovetop pressure cooker.

  1. The lid has its locks that the users need to be aware of.
  2. Place the food ingredients inside the cooking pot
  3. Fix the gasket to the outer lining of the lid
  4. Check the lid lock settings
  5. Set the lock settings on the lid mostly to the second mark for maximum PSI
  6. Align both the handles, one on the lid and the other attached to the main pot
  7. Set on the locking device for absolute locking
  8. Fix it tight and recheck to prevent any leakage

It is important to keep the lid always clean. Any residue left over can affect the tight and perfect airtight closing of the lid which may lead to result in water spills from inside the cooking pot. It can also affect the pressure retention necessary for pressure cooking.

Check the capacity

To consider this aspect one has to be aware of his/her requirement for the pressure cooker cannot be overloaded with foodstuff to be a cook. Therefore take some time to check on your requirements. An example can be cited as follows

  1. if one requires a cooker that can serve more than 5 to 6 people then he needs to pick a pressure cooker minimum of 10 quarts for overloading of foodstuff may lead to the damage of the lid or even the stove burner with all the overloaded spills falling on it
  2. Otherwise if one requires to cook food for only 2 to 4 people then he is required to pick a cooker measuring 4 quarts for anything bigger than this would cause food damage such as overcooking or sometimes may mislead even the liquid content.
Know the digital board

The Digital board is the feature that is most often attached sometimes on the lid and sometimes on the external surface of the cooking pot. This one has all the keys to the functioning of the numerous programs designed for cooking out several dishes.

The user can choose according to his requirement of the dish to be cooked. For example, if the user wishes to do slow cooking, he is required to press the program button that is specifically implanted for slow cooking.

Likewise, if the user requires preparing soup then he is required to press the functional mode designed especially for soup making.

Keep checking the pressure indicator

The pressure indicator is also one of the things that require a good deal of attention while cooking using a pressure cooker. Once you put the stove on, pressure starts to build up.

The user can keep checking the pressure indicator that has been specially designed to indicate the pressure. After five minutes of being on the stove, the indicator will start rising to the mark of the maximum point.

The indicator will also let the user know if there is any leakage for the pressure indicator mark will be at the same neutral point since there will be too minimal pressure built up if there is any leakage.

Releasing the pressure

The pressure release time varies from one pressure cooker to the other. The basic two ways involved are

  1. Wait for the pressure to release naturally. It may take from 10 to 15 minutes
  2. Use the pressure valve and set it to extreme release position which will at once release the pressure within 30-50 seconds
Wrap Up

This has been the discussion on tips to use a stovetop pressure cooker that would help the users to handle a stovetop pressure cooker better and prepare food at ease.