Food Preservation Techniques: Why Get A Food Dehydrator?

As humans, we are considered as the best problem solvers of the world. With our superior intellect (and opposable thumbs), we have created a different world than it was a millennia ago. We learned to thrive and survive even if we are at a physical disadvantage against other animals. We do not have fangs, thick fur, gills or even wings to conquer the natural world. However, we are now the dominant species on the surface of the earth. We are now considered as the apex predator, and our problem solving skills are proven to be critical in the survival of the fittest. One of the ways that we survived in this planet is how we handle food.

We, as humans, need food to survive. It can come from any source as long as it will not harm us. There are a lot of ways that we prepare different kinds of food depending on the region and availability of resources. We have made a lot of techniques on how to handle these edible items. There are even animals that are supposed to be poisonous and yet we have found a way to eat them. We have also learned how to cook vegetables and meat in so many different ways and styles. Creating meals that were filling yet still tasty and delicious is still the main goal of any home or professional cook. One of the most common methods of preparing dishes is preservation.

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Food Preservation Methods

There is a long history in preparing food for preservation and safekeeping. There are a lot of ways that we have discovered on how to preserve fruits, vegetables and even meat. Salt and sugar has been used since time immemorial as a food saver. They are considered as one of the most common preservatives and they can be found in any food item whether from factories or your nearest farmland. It is inescapable and very useful stuff in the kitchen for flavor and as a preservative. However, at high amounts of consumption, they can be dangerous. There are other preservatives in the market these days but most of them are derivatives of salt and sugar. Read more about this here:

Other popular techniques in preserving food include manipulating temperature. Storing food in colder environments for preservation has been around for ages. Ancient civilizations, especially in colder areas, use ice to keep their stores in good quality for a longer period of time. They can even keep delicate food like fish and crustaceans as fresh as possible even without the aid of a modern refrigerator. They keep them under mounds of ice and save them for later in the day. Nowadays, similar concepts apply with the modern fridge. Controlling the temperature is still very important when freezing food items as too low or high temperature inside can still damage its quality and taste.

Another technique that is really popular is drying. Usually with the aid of strong sunlight, people spread their chosen food item under its heat to help it dry out all the liquid inside. As most living things in this world has water, this also makes it easy for any food to go bad. This is inhibited by the sun exposure, and you are left with a tougher yet longer shelf life kind of food. With the aid of preservatives like salt, then its longevity for storage improves. Some items are even possible to keep for even a year, and the taste stays the same even after all the time that had passed by.

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However, not all places in the world are blessed with sunlight. Some places like Alaska even have shorter days but longer nights. Sadly, these are the places that do need the dry food stuff because those that are kept in the fridge can still rot even under low temperatures because of its water content. Dried food lasts longer, which makes this ideal for places that do not have enough sunlight to let plants grow in abundance. This is why it is important for you to have a food dehydrator. Even if you are not living in harsh conditions, having the best food dehydrator machines is actually good for your household. Here are some of the reasons why:

Healthier Snack Options

Dried fruit, vegetables and meat are a staple snack for any person no matter the age or gender. They are easy to eat and you can take a pack anywhere. However, one of the biggest issues with prepackaged dry food is all the additives and preservatives that they put in it. They do not just contain salt or sugar in high amounts, but other artificial flavorings. Some of them are not very healthy when taken every day. If you have your dehydrator, then you can dry fruit, vegetable or meat of your choice. You can also control the other stuff that you out into it. With this, you do not have to worry about other ingredients that can harm any human beings

Dried Food Anytime and Anywhere

With a dehydrator, you do not need to buy dried food from supermarkets. Most dried food that is considered organic is also very expensive. You can buy a full meal for a pack of organic trail mix. You can now do other recipes with your own dehydrator. You can mix and match the stuff that you want in order to create the perfect mixed bag of goodies. If you have children, this also makes a perfect snack for them to bring to school. You can even bring some at work for your own enjoyment.

Money Saver

Once you have your own dehydrator, you can now save fruits and vegetables are going overripe. It can be a bit boring if you will just turn all of them into jam and pickles. With a dehydrator, you can make your own chips and dried fruit. Nothing needs to go to waste which can save you money from your grocery expenses.

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