Best Aroma Rice Cooker Review- (The latest Picks)

Last Updated on April 9, 2021

Having a rice cooker adds sweet relief to life. If rice is your staple food, then an aroma rice cooker review can help to get the best rice cooker. Because the rice cooker cooks rice perfectly, keeping the grains separate neither undercooked nor overcooked. You don’t need to rush around the kitchen because you can do other chores while cooking rice. Moreover, it holds your cooked rice perfectly warm until you are ready to serve. An aroma rice cooker can be the perfect one while choosing a rice cooker. They come with a vast range of models and various designs. Particularly, I am talking about the model, ARC-150SB,20 cup rice cooker. This digital rice cooker includes amazing features like a slow cooker, food steamer, and SS exterior. This rice cooker will be the best investment of your money as it comes at a very reasonable price with high-quality features.

Now, Here I am going to write the details about this amazing rice cooker. Here is my  best aroma rice cooker review:

Most attractive features of this rice cooker(ARC-150SB)
  • Capacity is up to 20 cups of cooked rice.
  • Washable steamer
  • Digital controls with auto Keep-warm program.
  • Steam tray, rice measuring cup, and serving spatula included.
  • 15-hour delay timer.

This enriched and upgraded 20-cup Digital 3in 1 rice cooker, food steamer and slow cooker is designed in such a wonderful way that many kinds of dishes can be cooked without any hassle. If you own such an amazing rice cooker, your kitchen time will be enjoyable and since it allows multi-task, you can use your valuable time in other works.

This rice cooker is very easy to use. Even if you are not an expert in cooking. You can use this smoothly. Using the measuring cup provided with the cooker put the rice in the cooker and fill water to the line, press the button on and after a while, your rice is perfectly ready.

This rice cooker expertly cooks white rice and brown rice both. For those who live a healthy lifestyle, yet do not want to compromise with taste, this rice cooker would be the best choice for them as all rice cookers cannot cook brown rice perfectly. It cooks tough-to-cook grains quicker.

This Aroma rice cooker has a specialized Keep-warm function. Once the rice is cooked, it automatically switches to keep warm mode that is why it does not require monitoring or stirring. It keeps your perfectly cooked rice piping hot for more than 10 hours.

This 150SB 20 cup rice cooker be your best choice for it’s an awesome steamer and delay timer. While cooking rice, you can steam meat, vegetables or other foods at the same time. It has a programmable delay timer of up to 15 hours. When you go out of the home and want your rice cooked in the evening, this function can solve your problem and will serve piping hot rice when you return in the evening.

This rice cooker has digital controls where by pressing buttons, you can select what type of rice you want to cook. This ensures the perfect rice for you.

It has a slow cook function too, which is very helpful to cook dishes like soups, stews and so on.

As this rice cooker comes with a nonstick inner pot, it is very easy to clean and does not require soaking in the water overnight.

Because of using such amazing features, Aroma Housewares could establish its position as the no#1 brand in the US.

Aroma Rice Cooker Review + How to Use

  • While purchasing any product, the price is one of the most important factors. The very first thing that attracts the customer with this rice cooker is its affordability. Despite using the latest technology, Aroma Housewares managed to maintain a relatively low prices.So, this rice cooker can be the best investment for your cookware.
  • Then comes the quality of the product. Its durability is also worth mentioning. It’s digital function has made it flexible and trustworthy.
  • Slow timer and delay timer function are something that attracts the customers largely as these are helpful, especially for busy people.


  • Just Require a little more extra care
Final words
If you are the one who enjoys cooking, buying your first rice cooker or replacing the existing one, we believe ARC-150SB from Aroma would be an excellent addition to your kitchen. Because of its digital functioning and easy-to-use formula, Aroma rice cooker became the best brand in the US. As the final words of the aroma rice cooker review, I am assuring you that you will definitely become a fan of this brand once you use it.




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