Best Tiger Rice Cooker Review-The Quality Cooker

Tiger rice cooker came to market with wide ranges of products and models. Japan is a reputed manufacturer of different products. Tiger Corporation presents the one of the best tiger rice cooker JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup. In this cooker use the advanced microcomputer technology to ensure the best quality. The producer has the latest innovation in rice cooker technology in their rice cooker company. I am talking about Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker.

Tiger rice cooker Review

Types of best Tiger Rice Cooker
Tiger Corporation sold three different products in terms of technology rice cookers. They keep beautiful and easy, with no additional complications and/or unwanted options. The direct case is what makes it more attractive for these customers. Also, there are some type of tiger cookers in the market.

Conventional Cooker
Tiger conventional electric rice cookers digesters are not any complications that are the best for the users. the rice cooker does not cook often, but it can cook very fast with 100% perfection. They are easy to use, easy on and off devices that will give you no headaches regarding the presets and timers. It will allow you to do multi-task while cooking rice.

Micom Rice Cooker
Tiger Micom Rice Cooker is the Cerebrum Cluster. This kind of cooking uses a computer to make subtle calculations when the rice before. First, they came up with the technology of fuzzy logic calling which allows the computer to make cooking while making small changes are dependent on internal and external factors, such as rice, relative humidity, historical dates etc.

Induction rice cookers
Tiger heat induction rice cookers are in some way something special. Tiger Corporation was the first industry to come up with an IH cooking, which uses a Top fine ceramic. Ceramic heads are perfectly safe, and the extension is the Tiger IH Reiskocher is absolutely safe and healthy food cooked perfectly.

Now are feeling to know details about this great cooker and I am going to make you happy by writing a review on Tiger rice cooker. Let’s see below:

Most attractive feature of this Rice Cooker
  • Washable steam
  • Spatula rice Cup included
  • Keep warm more than 10 hours
  • Suitable inner pan
  • Power cord removable
More details on this Tiger Rice Cooker

JNP-S10U Tiger Cup Rice Cooker 5.5 allows you to cook white rice without any kind of hassle. This cooker is very classic and stylish looking. Surely it brings you back to the roots of simple rice cook.

Everyone looking for a cooker which has the ability to serve hot rice always. This Tiger rice cooker made with the latest technology and it is able to keep warm 12 hours. Those who are always searching for a cooker which will give them hot rice then Tiger rice cooker would their best choice.

This rice cooker is also very easy to clean and maintain and comes with a detachable and washable steam power and an internal non-stick pan. Moreover, you can use easily for vegetables, poultry, fish and other food steam.

Although this rice cooker is quite simple compared to the rest, he suffered critical evidence ensuring their functionality, durability, electrical, plumbing and food. Needless to say, this rice cooker is one that can certainly be trusted in the coming years.


  • Best warm function
  • Inner pan nonstick
  • Retractable cord
  • Spatula and Measuring cup
  • Removable and washable steam vent


  • Bite tight fittings
  • Not best for other measuring. 


Why should you buy tiger rice cooker?
After reading Tiger rice cooker review, without hesitation Tiger cooker will find a place in your house.As stated above, they are following the rules and customs knitting methods, therefore, you will get a return of your penny if you buy best tiger rice cooker.

In addition, it is proud to create all customers a little more than average rice cooker. Striving for perfection with everything they do and realize that every time you taste the rice that came out of his kitchen. If you want to eat perfectly cooked rice, cozy and delicious food then it will be your best choice.

If you are searching for a large pot of rice but are not willing to cost for these excessive amounts of money. Then here is your great opportunity to find what you need with Tiger Corporation. All their kitchens are high-quality products, however, they managed to maintain relatively low price, to gain a large market share in the process!

Japanese technology
In terms of cooking utensils and appliances, you can not go wrong with anything that comes in Japan. The country is a technology giant and Tiger Corporation has been in business for a long time and they reputedly maintain the high quality.

Tiger rice cooker has the ability to adapt to various functions.In this cooker, Tiger Corporation uses a large heating system.Thus, you can confidently plan for rice, vegetables, and meat in them, and be absolutely sure that everything is cooked perfectly.

Tiger Rice Cooker Review In video

Final Verdict
Tiger cooker has some great features and models. Most Importantly Customer is loving it since it was in the market. A Iot of people has used internal ceramic pots which help to clean the cooker very easily. Moreover, it not agglomerated and easy to remove from the tub.To end the Tiger rice cooker review, I can tell you once you use this cooker then you will become a fan of this Tiger Corporation product.

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