Best Microwave Bacon Cooker on The Market -Top Picks

If you are not vegetation, you cannot ignore the attraction of bacon. No matter it is chicken bacon. Beef bacon or turkey bacon, you are going to love every one of them if you have ever eaten the properly-procedure bacon.

But have you ever seen the splashing hot fat while cooking bacon? This can create a huge mess. And the other downside you can see is the extra fat that you intake while eating bacon. Yes, fried bacon is a little unhealthy.

And if you lessen the downside and only enjoy the taste of bacon, the best way is to go for the best microwave bacon cooker on the market. These can make your bacon in the air and not in the fat which reduces fat intake. On the other hand, it also ensures that there is no fat splashing at all!

But selecting the right microwave bacon cooker is not that easy! There are hundreds of microwave bacon cookers and thousands of features. And you will never know what to choose and what to avoid!

And so, we have come up with the top six bacon cookers of the market for your convenience. All you need to do is get your hands on the right product and have fun dining!

Best Microwave bacon cookers Review

Elitecooker have picks top rated bacon cooker to review and we share honest and verified information for the audience. Anyone who loves cooking we be able to make a good decision after Reading this review. First, check the shortlist from the comparison table:

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Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker Review

Highlighted Features

  • Can make 12 slices of bacon
  • Healthy bacon slices
  • Fat reduction capability
  • Can make crispy bacon slices
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Removable cooking racks

Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker ReviewThis microwave bacon cooker is available in only one size.

So, if you are comfortable getting your bacon ready, you can try this bacon cooker.

The outer body of the cooker is colored in black and so, it easily matches the body of your kitchen.

For you and your family, you will be able to make 12 pieces of bacon easily in this Presto Bacon microwave cooker.

No matter you are planning to make dinner for yourself or your family, you can highly rely on this bacon cooker. There are people like us who have messy spatters on the stovetop.

Another thing that bothers us is the messy spatters on the counter. If you hate it, breathe out peacefully because with this Presto bacon cooker you will never need to face this! It stays completely clean while you make your bacon!

People that love crispy bacon are going to love this cooker for all good reasons. It can serve you with amazing crispy bacon whenever you need it!

On the other hand, the operation is easier in this microwave bacon cooker in comparison to the other cookers in the market. It is very simple to load. Also, it is easy to serve if you are dealing with this cooker.

Moreover, people might be really careful about the storing process of the bacon cookers as they are heavy and large. However, storing this cooker will be easier for you. Also, cleaning this baby is the easiest.

When you are making bacon for your children, you will surely want something that is highly healthy. But if you are pan-frying the bacon at your home for the kids, you are surely not preserving the health benefits your kids require.

So, stick to this bacon cooker because it is healthier than the other cookers and also, it cooker leaner in compared to the other cookers. While cooking, the fat drips into the deep base added to the cooker and so, you get a fresh fat-free meal!

On the other hand, it is completely dishwasher safe. Also, it is completely immersible. You can easily clean the areas and no place will stay dirty! With the help of a knife, you will be able to take off your cooked bacon from the cooker.

The cooking racks added with this bacon cooker are removable and so, you can a very handy cooker overall!

Makin Bacon Cooker Review

Highlighted Features

  • Makes bacon above the air
  • Takes 1 minute for every slice
  • Fat reduction to 35%
  • Tray for capturing additional fat
  • No fat splashes
  • Made with high heat plastic
  • Dishwasher safe

Makin Bacon Cooker ReviewWhen it comes to the best bacon cooker for microwaves, the name of this band always pops up.

If you are up for making bacon in minutes, this is the best cooker you can get.

When the time is short, you have to make dinner for your family members or you have to get ready fast, you can rely on this bacon cooker.

It takes two-thirds of the time for cooking your bacon if you compare it to the regular bacon cookers. On the other hand, it is capable of cooking bacon perfectly!

The most important fact is, it usually cooks bacon in the air the fat and so, the health benefits are thoroughly preserved.

Your every slice will require one minute and you will get your bacon slices cooked! There is nothing you can want more from a reasonably priced bacon cooker! On the contrary, it is capable of reducing fat to 35% or so. So, you don’t need to worry about the oil and fat you take in when you eat bacon!

The reason behind keeping your fat-free is the special tray that this bacon cooker includes. After reducing the fat, the convenient tray of the cooker is capable of catching the fat properly.

And with the fat that is preserved, you will be able to fry bacon later too! In this way, it is economic for you!

The worst thing you can suffer while cleaning a microwave bacon cooker is fat splashed in the microwave. However, if you are tired of this, you don’t need to be worried.

You will never see fat splashes when you are using this bacon cooker. Also, this is very easy to clean for anybody. This is dishwasher safe and so, you can clean it with a dishwasher and get your bacon ready whenever you want.

For making your bacon, all you have to do is hang the bacon over the bars inside the bacon cooker. If you are going to make six bacon strips, you will need one drip bar in the middle.

You will need two drip bars on both the back and front if you want to make 7-12 bacon strips. For fresh bacon, all you have to do is know the right process of making the bacon!

Camerons Products Microwave Bacon Cooker

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with high heat plastic
  • Fat reduction to 35%
  • Includes capture tray
  • No fat splashes inside the microwave
  • Takes one minute for one bacon slice
  • Makes bacon in the air and not in the fat
  • Easy to operate

Camerons Products Microwave Bacon Cooker ReviewIf you want a fat-free life, you need to be very serious about the food you eat.

Fried bacon usually contains a lot of fat. And in that case, you need to be careful about how much fat you intake.

When it comes to Cameron’s bacon cooker, the best part is it is capable of cooking bacon in the air.

It does not cook the bacon in the fat and so, fat stays miles away from you. On the other hand, it is healthier for you and your family too!

Moreover, the operating method of the cooker is very simple. You do not need to be experienced in cooking bacon in this cooker.

Even if you are a newbie, you will be able to cook the bacon the way you want.

The cooker is easy to use for every user. Only one minute and you will get your bacon ready! Per slice only take one minute. It is capable of fat reduction to 35% and so, your body stays healthy even after eating fried bacon!

There is a capture tray added with this microwave bacon cooker. After every cooking session, it catches the additional fat that is not used in the previous session. And so, with the extra fat that is captured, you will be able to cook bacon for the next time! So, the cooker can save your money too!

People that are worried about the fat splashes are free from now because you will never see any fat splashed inside your microwave. All you will get is perfect bacon slices that are properly fried!

In the construction of this cooker, high-grade materials are used. If you want to settle for the best ceramic microwave bacon maker, you can try this one. And so, you never need to worry about the durability of this cooker. This will serve you as long as you handle it with care!

Emson Bacon Wave Cooker Review

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with high-quality material
  • Durable and lasts long
  • Makes crispy bacon
  • Long bacon tray
  • Takes one minute per bacon slice
  • Reasonable in price
  • Dishwasher safe
Emson Bacon Wave Cooker Review
Emson Bacon Wave Cooker

If you love bacon you might have heard the name of Emson bacon wave cooker.

This bacon cooker is amazing in terms of making you healthy bacon. If you are in search of something durable and you make bacon also every day of the week, this bacon cooker can help you a lot.

This cooker can afford you good service for a long time. Also, you get your bacon ready within minutes.

No matter you are in a hurry or not, your bacon will be served in front of you before the time ends. It takes more or less 1 to 3 minutes to make bacon for you.

The cleaning of the bacon cooker might be a little tough. There is small equipment inside the cooker that is tough to handle while cleaning.

However, operating the cooker is easier than any other cooker in the market.

On the other hand, this best microwave bacon cooker is dishwasher safe. So, all you need to do is clean this bacon cooker with a dishwasher after cooking bacon and you will get your cooker just like the new one again!

If you like less crispy bacon, you might not love it. However, people that are fond of highly crispy bacon are going to love this one. It can make crispy bacon for you whenever you want.

There is a bacon tray that is long and you can easily add your bacon slices there for cooking. On the other hand, this cooker is very reasonable in terms of price.

If you are searching for a cooker that is less expensive and affords you quality fried bacon, you can rely on this without any confusion.

Lekue Microwave Bacon Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Made with high-grade plastic
  • Fast and clean
  • Can cook six bacon slices
  • Takes 3-5 minutes to cook bacon
  • Includes drain spout
  • BPA-free parts
  • Comfortable large handles
  • Clear lid
  • Includes deep grooves
Lekue Microwave Bacon Maker Review
Lekue Microwave Bacon

If you want the quickest way to make bacon, you can have faith in this microwave cooker.

This bacon cooker is the most convenient in the market.

This is very much lightweight because of the material that is used here for the construction.

No matter how lightweight it is, it is very much sturdy and will serve you for years if you are careful in the use of this cooker.

This bacon cooker can cook six slices of bacon at a time. However, compared to the other cookers, it takes a little time to cook.

It will take more or less 3-5 minutes for cooking the bacon slices. On the other hand, this is the cleanest way of cooking bacon. It keeps your bacon cooking free from any fat splash.

Another reason that makes this cooker handy is the handles of this bacon cooker. The large handles of the cooker are super comfortable to hold.

For removing the microwave, the handles are great and so, it makes your work easier than before. On the other hand, this cooker is designed with deep droves.

This best bacon cooker can drain the fat away from the bacon slices proving your healthy bacon pieces.

On the contrary, this bacon cooker includes an integrated drain spout. This helps you in easy removal and poring of the grease. This cooker has got a clear lid and so, it makes it easy for viewing the cooking process from the outside.

Even if you are going to face splattering, you are capable of preventing it with the view glass. Also, you will be able to minimize the cleanup process by preventing unwanted occurrences.

This is dishwasher safe and so, the cleaning process is easy for you. All you need is a little dishwasher and you can clean it the way you want. You must know that all the parts of this microwave bacon cooker are BPA-free.

WowBacon Microwave Cooker

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-grade material
  • Multi-cooking capability
  • BPA-free bacon cooker
  • Bacon trays added
  • Fat reduction capability
  • Environment-friendly cooker
  • Comes with a lock and unlock the lid
  • Dishwasher safe
WowBacon Microwave Cooker Review
WowBacon Microwave

There is a lot of microwave bacon cooker available of this brand, however; this model has taken all the love of the users.

The best part is this is a multi-cooker for you. This cooker is capable of making your amazing chicken bacon.

Along with that, if you love beef bacon, try this bacon cooker once and you will never forget its name.

If you are confused about what is the best bacon cooker in the market then you can try this one.

Also, this cooker is capable of making your amazing pork and turkey bacon. If you love to eat scrambled eggs and ramen noodles, try this cooker.

On the other hand, you can also use this cooker for cooking micro cakes and Mac n cheese! So, you already know why the users love this cooker so much.

If you are planning to go for a KETO lifestyle, you can rely on this cooker. The interesting part is this cooker is environment-friendly. When you are making bacon, grease is a very common thing.

In terms of other cookers, you will need to use paper towels but in the case of this cooker, you do not need to waste those anymore. Also, this is dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

With this cooker, you get compare vs. microwave bacon trays. With these trays, all you can make is incredible bacon! Also, with the help of this, your bacon slices will not sit inside the fat.

It will reduce the percentage of fat too! On the other hand, you get a three years warranty that makes you understand how good the quality of this bacon cooker is!

FAQs About Best Microwave Bacon Cooker on The Market

Is microwaved bacon good?

If you love bacon and want to serve bacon faster than frying them on a pan, you can rely on microwaved bacon. These are healthier than the pan-fried bacon that we regularly eat. When you are making deep-fried bacon, usually it is fried in the fat.

And so, when you eat the bacon slices, you also take in the fat. However, the case does not case with microwaved bacon. The microwaved bacon, in most cases, is fried in the air over the fat.

So, the fat stays separate and you can still get the same taste of the bacon but with a reduction of fat. Now, you also know why microwaved bacon is good!

How do you use a microwave bacon cooker?

When you are ready for making the bacon in a microwave cooker, you have to get ready with microwave trays and microwave-safe paper towels. Now, take some bacon slices and place those on the towel one by one. Don’t overlap the slices.

Go for another microwave-safe towel and cover the bacon with it. If you have a microwave tray, you might not need a microwave-safe towel in some cases. Now, microwave these for about 5 minutes and keep the power high. The timer depends on the cooker.

Also, the crispness depends on the timer. So, before you select the time, know the perfect time for the perfect crispness. Then, rotate the plate and do the same once again. Take out the bacon slices once they get golden brown.

Does bacon get crispy in the microwave?

Yes, microwaved bacon gets crispy. However, there are methods of making crispy bacon. Not every bacon microwave cooker makes crispy bacon. In this case, you have to look before you buy a microwave bacon cooker.

Take a bacon cooker that can make crispy bacon first. Now, you have to place the bacon on the tray first. Cook for about 1-3 minutes on high power.

For the perfect crispness, you have to adjust the proper timer. After that, drain the additional fat and take out the bacon slices!

Is it healthier to microwave bacon?

Yes, microwaving bacon is healthier than frying bacon in a pan. Deep-fried contains a lot of oil or fat and so, that makes it unhealthy. However, if you microwave bacon, you will be able to reduce the use of fat.

On the other hand, the bacon slices will get fried with the heat. So there will be less fat and more fun! You can also restore the additional fat for cooking the bacon in the next session because in most cases, the microwave tray gathers the extra oil and preserves it!

So, in this case, this makes your cooking process economical too. In short, you get health and wealth if you get a microwave bacon cooker!

How to Make Bacon in the Microwave

Wrap Up

Bacon might be your favorite dish but if the crisp is not perfect, you will never like it! So, the best thing you can do is get the best microwave bacon cooker for you.

And to get the right bacon cooker, all you have to do is go through the list of the top bacon cookers we have mentioned.

All these cookers are amazing in terms of performance and quality. We have run field tests over these bacon cookers and then we have selected these to be on our top list. So, you will never get disappointed using these cookers.

Try them and let us know which microwave bacon cooker you loved most. Also, let us know about the bacon cooker you use!