Best Microwave Rice Cookers- The Cookers You Need Today!

When it comes to cooking rice, the proper moist is necessary! No matter you are cooking brown rice or white rice, or you are going for sushi, the process should be easy and cooking should be fun. And the ideal way to get the perfectly cooked rice is to get the best microwave rice cooker from the market!

Here, we are going to afford you a list of the best rice cookers so that cooking rice never gets annoying for you. These cookers have been through field tests and so, these will never disappoint you at all!

Along with this, the buying guide will help you to pick up the perfect microwave rice cooker from the mentioned ones! Go through the cookers and choose the ideal one for you because you deserve flawlessly cooked rice every time!

Top 8  Best Microwave Rice Cooker Review

Before you get in, you have to know some specifics. What do you think? What is Microwave Rice Cooker used for? Days of cooking rice in a boiling pan for 30 minutes or so are gone. Now, with the help of a microwave rice cooker, you can easily cook rice.

It is a convenient, energy-efficient, quick process, and easy! All you need to do is put the rice inside the microwave rice cooker and get it inside the microwave. You are done; you will get your rice cooked! And if you want this convenience in your life, you can try the microwave cookers stated below!

Joseph Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

Highlighted Features 

  • 2L larger cooking pot
  • Comes with cooking lid
  • Multi-purpose rice paddle
  • Rice-paddle as spoon
  • Carry handle added
  • Added measuring cups
  • Dishwasher safe

Joseph Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine Microwave Rice CookerWhen it comes to the perfect platter of rice, you can never deny that Joseph Joseph can afford you everything. From the perfect cooking to the adequate measurement, you can rely on this brand if you want to cook rice. Perfectly cooked fluffy rice is all we want and this is a thing that this Microwave cooker can provide you with the help of the large cooking pot.

The cooking pot of this brand is 2L and so, you will be capable of cooking for the whole family without any compromise. The best part is this cooker comes with the perfect measuring cups along with the colander. You can measure the rice with the help of the cups and make ideal rice for you.

On the other hand, you will get to use the carry handles for carrying the pot. We can say that the cooker is portable too. Also, the rice paddle that comes with the cooker is multi-purpose. You can use it the way you want! It also has the capability of locking the pot lid. With the help of this, you can cook better rice!

You can also use the paddle as a spoon for serving the cooked rice to your family and friends. So, this multi-purpose thing makes the whole work easy for you. On the other hand, washing the cooker is comparatively easy because the microwave cooker is dishwasher safe.

Best Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker

Highlighted Features

  • Can cook different types of rice
  • Comes with measurement cups
  • Has double cover
  • Gathers foam on the base of the cooker
  • Can cook 4 cups of rice
  • Comes with cooking guidelines
  • Mess-free cooking

Best Tupperware Microwave Rice CookerIf you are fond of rice and you want to cook rice more often, you have to rely on a cooker that is very high-quality and good in terms of performance. And the best thing you can settle for is the Tupper microwave rice cooker. This cooker is capable of cooking the perfect rice faster than the other cookers!

No matter what type of rice you want, you can get your rice ready before even you start counting the time! This cooker makes rice more easily. Also, the cooking process is completely mess-free! The best part about this cooker is, it has a double cover so that it can protect the ingredients include the cooker properly. Also, the cooker can easily gather the foam inside it and drain the foam into the base of the machine when it comes to cooking your food.

When it is time to take out the hot rice from the microwave cooker, the cover handles of the cooker easily fold down for your ease. This best small Microwave rice cooker comes with measurement cups for measuring rice while cooking it. It is capable of cooking 4 cups of cooked rice. In this case, this is better if you cook rice only for one to two persons.

This cooker kit includes a guideline for cooking different types of rice in an ideal manner. You have to go through the guidelines to pour water inside it. Otherwise, the cooker will spill water and create a mess.

Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

Highlighted features

  • Mess-free cooking
  • 2L large cooking pot
  • Paddle as serving spoon
  • Convenient carry-handles
  • Multi-purpose rice paddle
  • Added measuring cups
  • Easy to clean

The best part about the cookers by this brand is this includes perfect measuring cups. In most cases, the cups that come with the cooker are not great for measuring. However, these cups are just the right deal for adequate measurement. On the other hand, this cooker is great for cooking rice for your family.

If you have a family that likes to eat rice now and then, you can pick this rice cooker by Joseph Joseph. It is capable of cooking much more rice than the other cookers. It has a 2L large cooking pot inside the cooker. Though it is great for cooking for several people, this is not tough to clean! The cleaning process is easier as this cooker is completely dishwasher safe.

The multi-purpose rice paddle makes it easy for you to cook rice and serve it. We are saying it because this cooker has a rice paddle that is capable of locking the pot lid so that the ingredients inside the cooker don’t get out while cooking. In line with this, the rice paddle also ensures that you don’t need an additional serving spoon. And so, you can also use the paddle as a spoon while serving the cooked rice!

There is colander with this cooking kit On the contrary; you are also capable of carrying the cooker from one place to another because it has carry-handles! This cooker will make your cooking life easier and better than before!

Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with virgin plastic
  • BPA-free cooker
  • Completely freezer-safe
  • Steam-release-vent added
  • Can cook couscous and polenta too
  • Easy-to-lift containers added
  • Comes with guidelines

Sistema Microwave Collection Rice CookerIf steaming rice is the favorite part of your holiday at home, you can try a microwave rice cooker! This cooker steams your rice is a way that you can eat only rice with a heart full of joy! When it comes to the rice cooker, people are usually very concerned about the construction material. You don’t want to eat rice that is mixed with the chemical! And so, this cooker is made of 100% virgin plastic to keep you safe from any sort of metal getting inside your food!

On the other hand, the cooker is BPA-free! The other material that is used in the construction is the phthalate. This cooker is completely freezer-safe. So, even after cooking, you will be able to freeze the left-over rice on the fridge for eating them next time.

The top rack of the cooker is completely dishwasher safe that makes it easy to clean even you clean it alone. This cooker has a steam-release-vent added on the lid of the cooker. This vent allows the cooker for splatter-free heating! Along with rice, you can also cook couscous and polenta in this microwave rice cooker!

This cooker is stackable and the cooker includes easy-to-lift containers. You only need 20 minutes and you get your rice cooked perfectly! This is a fast cooker. You also get guidelines for cooking added with the kit

MaxiAids Microwave Rice Cooker

Highlighted Feature

  • Constructed with heat-resistant plastic
  • Flip-down lid lock included
  • Can cook 1.5 liters of rice
  • Odorless and easy to clean
  • Comes with measuring cups and spoon
  • Added recipe and instructions
  • High-durability handles

MaxiAids Microwave Rice CookerIf you have searched for the microwave rice cooker reviews, you surely have heard the name of MaxiAids microwave cooker. This is a flip-down lid cooker. This means the lid of this cooker is designed in a flip-down. And so, the rice cooking process stays completely mess-free!

No matter you or your family requires planning for a heavy meal with rice, you can do it without any hesitation. The reason behind this is the large cooking pot of this microwave rice cooker. This cooker has a capacity of cooking 1.2 liters of rice. To be precise, it can make 5 cups of rice altogether.

If you don’t like odor in your kitchen at all, this cooker can be your savior. This rice cooker cooks rice and keeps the environment completely odor-less! Also, the sanitary feature is taken care of carefully. This cooker is very easy to clean even if you are a newbie in the kitchen.

The interesting feature of this cooker is the high heat-resistant capability of this cooker. The reason behind this is the construction material of this cooker. It is made of high heat-resistant plastic so that your food stays away from all sorts of metal and stays fresh!

This cooker comes with the cooking pot and the cooking cover or lid for covering the cooker while cooking. On the other hand, to measure the amount of rice properly, the kit includes measuring cups too. Along with this, the kit comes with a spoon too.

Andcolors Microwave Rice Cooker Steamer

Highlighted Features

  • Can cook rice in minutes
  • Smart and functional design
  • Includes double lid
  • Can use the pot as a server
  • High-grade food plastic construction
  • Safety-lock feature
  • Non-stick scoop
  • Comes with measuring cups
  • BPA-free

Andcolors Microwave Rice Cooker SteamerSteaming rice for your friends on the weekends might be your favorite job but if you don’t have a perfect rice cooker, you will start hating it! And on that note, you can get the best microwave rice cooker if you search the Andcolors brand. This is great for cooking rice faster and in an easier method. It can cook rice in minutes and on the other hand, this cooker is smart and functional!

It has a double lid for ensuring that the ingredients stay inside. Also, moisture is highly maintained for the perfectly designed lid. You can serve the rice in the pot too! The most interesting fact is, this cooker affords you a 100% money-back guarantee and it tells you how good the quality is this cooker is!

It includes a special handle. Also, it comes with a safety lock feature. The scoop is completely non-stick and also it has an embossed surface. The high-grade food plastic is the construction material of this cooker. The temperature control is from -4degree Fahrenheit to 28degree Fahrenheit. On the contrary, this microwave cooker is BPA-free and FDA-approved!

NordicWare 64000 Microwave Rice Cooker

Highlighted Features

  • Can make 8 cups of rice
  • Can cook pasta and vegetables
  • High-grade material construction
  • The lid can be divided into 4 parts
  • Even heat distribution
  • Can cook faster and easier
  • Dishwasher safe

NordicWare 64000 Microwave Rice CookerIf you want something that works faster and better, you can rely on this microwave cooker. This cooker is great for cooking rice perfectly for you and your family. This is great because it has the capacity of cooking rice for 8 cups. And so, serving the whole family will not be tough at all!

Also, cleaning the cooker alone is not a big deal at all. This cooker is dishwasher safe. And so, if you are not a seasoned chef, you can clean it without any complication. The cooking process is very simple if you are dealing with this rice cooker.

This cooker is specially designed for cooking rice. But if you are smart enough, you will never buy separate cookers for vegetables and pasta. It is because this cooker can cook pasta and vegetables along with the rice!

The lid of this cooker is made of high-grade material. You can divide the cooker lid into four different arts. The top vent along with the bottom and top lid will get divided when it comes to cleaning. The lid pops back to its place when you are done with the cooking part. The measuring cups are also added with this rice cooker kit. The even heat distribution allows you properly cooked rice! You can also reheat if you eat the food later!

Andcolors Microwave Rice Steamer

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality construction
  • Embossed-surface rice-paddle
  • Freezer-friendly cooker
  • Comes with scoop and measuring cups
  • Heat-free handle
  • BPA-friendly and FDA-approved
  • Easy carrying and storing
  • Affordable in price

Andcolors Microwave Rice SteamerThe users of this brand never stopped loving this rice cooker because this cooker is a GEM! When it comes to using safe materials for cooking food items, this rice cooker will help you out. This cooker has high-grade materials that make the rice healthy. It is FDA approved. On the other hand, the food-grade plastic used in the construction is BPA-free.

The cooking pot and the double lid of this cooker ensure that you get perfect moisture in the cooked rice. Also, the non-stick scoop makes the rice serving process better. This cooker is compact in design and so, carrying this cooker will be easier for you. Also, storing such cookers makes it easy for anyone.

You cannot forget that this cooker is freezer-friendly. So, after eating the food, if you have any leftovers, you can keep them in the cooker and keep the cooker inside the fridge. The cooking pot works as a serving dish too! This cooker comes with measuring cups and the handles are safe from the heat of the cooker. The rice-paddle is embossed-surface. And if you are up for something affordable, get this one!

Buying Guide for Best Microwave Rice Cookers

The capacity of the Cooker

It is very important that if you are buying a microwave rice cooker, you have to go through the capacity of the cooker. How much rice you can cook in a cooker defines the capacity of the cooker. If your cooker is 1L large, it is capable of affording you 3 cups of rice. Before you buy one, make sure to how many people are you going to feed the cooked rice. If you will cook rice and eat alone, you will need a small rice cooker and vice-versa!


When you are getting a microwave cooker, you have to ensure that the lid makes your work easier. Never go for the lids that can provide you a messy kitchen. As much as it is possible for you, avoid a mess. And for this the perfect lid is important. While buying a microwave rice cooker settle for a cooker lid that has a firm lock. As a result, it will lessen the spillage making the cooking process mess-free.

There is also double layer covers available when it comes to reducing the spillage. Go for that if you have some extra bucks to spend for easy cooking.

Multi-Purpose Ability and Accessories

Make sure your rice cooker includes some specific items added with the kit. The measuring cups are very important in this case. The user guidelines and a recipe book can help you out for the cooking process.

On the other hand, spoons and handles are also important. Make sure the handles stay heat-free while you carry it. The multi-purpose ability of the rice cooker will make it easy for serving too. Some cookers have a paddle that can be used as a spoon. Some cookers have a cooking pot that you can use as a serving pot too!

Also, some cookers can be stored in the freezer to store the leftovers for eating afterward! Go for features that can help to make the cooking easier.

FAQs on Top Microwave Rice Cookers 

How do you cook rice in a microwave rice cooker?
For cooking rice in a microwave rice cooker, first, you have to take 1 cup of rice and 1 ½ cups of water together. The ratio might vary according to different rice cooker brands. You can add 1 tablespoon of salt with it. Then, you have to fasten the lid and open the vent. Go through 50% microwave power. For white rice, cook it for 10-12 minutes. For brown rice, set the timer to 20 minutes. After the time ends, you have to remove the microwave rice cooker form the microwave with the help of two hot pads. Now, first, close the vent of the cooker and let it cool down for 5 minutes or so. Then, with the help of the spoon, take out the cooked rice!
Can you reheat cooked rice in a microwave rice cooker?
If your cooker has a facility of reheating cooked rice, you can do it easily. When you cook rice and then it gets cool, you have can reheat it. All you need to do is add a little bit of water in the cooker with the cooked rice. Now, press the button REHEAT and cook it for 1-3 minutes. You can east it afterward!
Can you cook other food in a microwave rice cooker?
Yes, if your microwave is capable then you can cook food like pasta, vegetables, etc. in your rice cooker. To be précised, you can easily cook all the steamed items in your cooker. In this sector, most rice cookers allow you to cook several foods in the cooker. For this, you have to go through the recipe book of your cooker.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of rice cookers in the market but if you want to get the best microwave rice cooker, you will only get it if you go through the above-mentioned models. If you are picking up microwave rice cookers and getting disappointed every time, you can try these!

These are the models that will never disappoint you. But before buying, go through the buyer’s guide for the best bet. Also, let us know which microwave among the mentioned ones you have used. Let us know the positive and negative aspects and enlighten us!

Comment down to share your experience and also tell us which one you are going to use next!


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