Best Wood Cabinet Cleaners To Keep Them Clean & Shiny!

Those nasty grimes, specks of dirt, and spilled oil are good reasons enough to get your -few-months-ago bought wooden cabinet look super spoiled. And that’s not a nice thing to feel encouraged when entering a kitchen. There’s hardly anyone who would be okay cooking in such surroundings wasted with dirt and grime. Getting the best cleaner for wood cabinets and keeping those worries out is the concept that comes next eventually. Let’s talk about that today. We have some of the best wood cabinet cleaner options that provide excellent results and cost very affordable too…

Comparing & Reviewing Best Cleaner for Wood Cabinets

Let’s not keep things any more mesmeric and jump into the product reveals with their complete reviews below. But before that, why don’t you glance over some high points of these cleaners in the table below and compare it yourself.

Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream – Go-To Cabinet Cleaning Agent!

The Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Crème is a wonderful non-toxic formula that helps you to get rid of all unnecessary oils, residue, and even fingerprints with a simple wipe and out solution. There are no wax, silicone, or solvents that are harm causing a simple but effective method.

Highlighted Features:

  • Leaves a natural finish.
  • Cream formulation.
  • Gentle removal technique.
  • No waxes, silicone, or harmful solvents.
  • Conditioning for crack and dry prevention.

More Details on The Cleaner

Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream First of all, the Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Crème comes from a reputed manufacturer background that is known well for providing fine waxes ad furniture polishes within budget. The fin wood cleaner range has this effective cream cabinet cleaner that comes with a traditional formulation. It is been loved for hundreds of years and the antique lovers are basically the fanbase of this cream cleanser.

The cleaner helps to keep the cleaning as gentle as possible to not ruin any wooden structure of your kitchen cabinet. It helps to get rid of cooking oils nicely. Also, it works fine for fingerprint and residue cleaning. Another fantastic part about the Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Crème is that it comes without the including of any harmful agent. For example, wax or silicones. It’s meant for only cleaning and not leaving any coating by the end. It provides satisfying results considering the price point and overall competition in mind. It’ll not be wrong to say it is one of the most promising choices in the market right now for wooden kitchen cabinets.

What We Think About the Cleaner:

We found that the Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Crème works best with cabinets that need conditioning to avoid splinters and drying out. There’s no residue left and that’s really amazing thing to clap about.

Method Wood for Good Daily Wood Cleaner

There’s a lot your kitchen cabinet goes through and so, you need to take care of it quite regularly if not daily. And while you clean it, there’s also a necessity to do something about its luster as well. The Method Wood Cleaner is designed to keep both thoughts in mind.

Highlighted Features:

  • 28 ounces of spray per bottle.
  • Plant-based formulation.
  • Surface safe cleaner.
  • Leaves light shine.
  • Smells almond.

More Details on The Cleaner

Method Wood for Good Daily Wood CleanerThe Method Wood Cleaner is known for its plant-based ingredient list that keeps the whole formula super safe for the wooden surface of your kitchen cabinet. It includes mostly cleaner, greener, and suitable elements for keeping the space more natural.

There are no phthalates in the formula and that means your lungs will be extremely safe while using the cleaner even daily. There are also other harmful elements missing such as propyl-paraben and SLES. There’s no harmful fragrance or chlorine agent as well. The manufacturer surely deserves praise for keeping the cleaner cruelty-free. And so, those who have a special bond with plant and animals would find the solution not going against their morals, it comes without any animal testing as well.

It needs a very little amount to get the entire cabinet clean from all grime, oil, and dirty residue easily. There’s a very light almond fragrance to it that gives the wood vibes more life. Also, in every bottle, you get a very generous amount for the price. It’s surely not going to get finished very soon and you can use it pretty much every day without the fear of running out.

What We Think About the Cleaner:

Overall, we believe the Method Wood Cleaner is a plant-based and cruelty-free cabinet cleaner that gives satisfying results and a generous amount for the price point. It’s surely a very convenient spray method that won’t take you the whole time on cleaning. There’s a nice luster left behind with a charming almonds scent that makes the whole idea of Method Wood Cleaner pleasing and appealing.

Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture pH Neutral Cleaner

The ultimate go-to option Rejuvenate Cleaner is surely what you need when cleaning, restoring the shine, and keeping the prevention from dirt mode on is your topmost priorities to have in a solution.

Highlighted Features:

  • No streak.
  • Residue-free cleaning.
  • Fresh lemon fragrance.
  • Suits finished wood surface.
  • pH balance possible.
  • Water-based formula.
  • Nontoxic cleaner.

More Details on The Cleaner:

Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture pH Neutral CleanerThe Rejuvenate Cleaner comes with a fresh lemon scent that leaves your wooden surface feel like new every time you open to access your kitchen needs. It’s the go-to cleaner for not only cabinets but other wooden furniture as well. You can safely go through wood cabinets that have stain and paints too. The pH-balanced concept is surely a great thing about Rejuvenate Cleaner that ensures your wooden surface will not be compromised in any way. It comes with a very strong formulation too that can deal with years-long grease as well.

The removal of grease, dirt, and residue from Formica, laminate, and painted cabinets is truly impressive thanks to the fast and safe formulation of ingredients within the Rejuvenate Cleaner. It’s a complete water-based cleaner that includes no abrasive stiff inside. So, you can use it frequently, even for daily cleaning necessities. Because this cleaner is water-based and non-abrasive you can use this cleaner safely on all of your cabinet and furniture surfaces daily. Plus, it leaves behind a fresh lemony scent!

For filling in scratches the cleaner includes a polymer-based formula. It also comes with substance for restoring shine that has been lost from constant rough usage. The Rejuvenate Cleaner also has marvelous abilities to seal grunts plus protecting from future new scratches as well as water damage.

What We Think About the Cleaner:

The thing that makes Rejuvenate Cleaner absolutely different from other cleaner is UV protection. It can protect the furniture from long time sun exposure as well. So those who have their cabinets beside the kitchen window, you have a perfect choice to go with.

Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish

If you are need of a powerful and effective cleaner that also helps you with brilliant polishing results, then get your hands on the Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish. It’s super user friendly in design and helps to get rid of nasty tarnish and fingerprints easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sits heavy use wood.
  • 17 ounces per bottle.
  • Leaves protective coating.
  • Guarding against watermarks.
  • No streak.

More Details on The Cleaner

Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and PolishThe Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish basically works by cleaning and then also servicing as polishing stuff. It’s both a cleaner to get rid of the regular grime, dirt and waste out from the cabinet while leaving a polish effect to survive the gloss of the cabinet’s wood. The cleaning is pretty easy and takes less time. You can involve it for the regular cleaning regime for effective results. It creates a transparent coating. This coat is also water-resistant and so, it protects from those hard to clean watermarks as well.

The Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish works against dust, food stains, and even tough cooking grease. Some wooden cabinets collect kitchen soils and the Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish helps to reduce those as well. This cleaning agent includes the natural Brazilian carnauba wax. It’s one of the most popular traditional agents for caring high-end wooden furniture including cabinets.

The non-abrasive ingredient list keeps things safe and stable for your kitchen use. It helps in maintaining the durable finish and also provides the ultimate shine that your kitchen cabinet must-have.

What We Think About the Cleaner:

By including the popular Brazilian carnauba wax, the Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish is pretty serious in this game of getting those cabinet woods clean and shiny. It works well with a wide range of wood making it versatile for almost any wood made cabinet owner to love this cleaning product called Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish.

Murphy’s Oil Soap Original Wood Cleaner

The Murphy’s Oil Soap Original Wood Clean is one of those nostalgic formulas that probably moms and grandmas have also used since it’s been around for quite a long time now. It works best with not only wooden cabinets but also furniture, tile, and linoleum.

Highlighted Features:

  • 98% of natural derives ingredients.
  • Water and coconut included.
  • Natural fragrance
  • No ammonia
  • No bleach.
  • 2% of synthetic elements only.
  • 100 years of assurance.

More Details on The Cleaner

Murphy's Oil Soap Original Wood CleanerThe Murphy Oil Soap Original Wood Clean is quite a popular cleaning agent for wooden cabinets and floors so you must have already heard a lot about it. People have both good and bad stories to tell with this oil cleaner however mostly they are on the nice sides. The formulation of Murphy’s Oil Soap Original Wood Clean is pretty unique and known for being a quite strong agenda of getting stubborn debris and grime out from wooden parts.

There’s almost 98% of ingredients that are completely naturally derived and the rest of 2% are covered with synthetic one which is pretty less in ratio, to be honest. It has a nice fragrance that most of us are aware of, it’s supernatural by the way.

There’s no zero ammonia and bleaching magnet inside the Murphy’s Oil Soap Original Wood Clean. This makes it pretty safe for not only wooden cabinets but also floors and other furniture.

What We Think About the Cleaner:

The mild scent with the effective cleaning makes the Murphy’s Oil Soap Original Wood Clean a must pick from this list. If odds are absolutely not into your favor, only then you may find troubles with this pick. But for the most part, it’s known for being a super effective and highly satisfying result provider.

Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray – A Little Goes a Long Way!

The Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray is a well-known cleaning agent used for getting rid of those showing fingerprints and stains out of cabinet handles and even door like tough spots. It’s one of the deep cleaning formulas that people love to use for their annual cleaning regime to get free from the really hardcore and stubborn cabinet mess.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specifically made for cabinet cleaning.
  • No dulling residue available
  • Removes fingerprints easily.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Water-based formula.
  • People and pets safe.

More Details on The Cleaner:

Bona Cabinet Cleaner SprayThe Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray is greatly effective for hardwood cabinets that are sealed and unwaxed. A simple mop after using the cleaner is just what you need to get rid of any residue since there’s no hard one to worry about. It also takes a very little amount of time to get rid of all the mess from your wooden cabinet. From hardware that is tough to clean to the shelves and wide areas, the Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray works the same for every little and big part.

There’s no harsh ingredient included with Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray. And so, it’s super safe for even skin contact. You don’t have to worry about ruining your hands due to a harsh chemical getting in contact with Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray. The cleaner works very effectively for spot cleaning as well. It shows amazing results when you use it for targeted cleaning to get rid of stubborn food spots similar mess.

What We Think About the Cleaner:

Overall, the Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray is a nice delicate shine leaving, rinse-free, and spot cleaning formula that works best for wooden cabinet and even floors. The bottle’s design is a bit off to us but that’s not going to cause any problem in performance.

How to Choose the Best Cleaner for Wood Cabinets?

There’s no hard and fast rule related to choosing a suitable wood cabinet cleaner for sure. However, you still want to be wise enough on getting a cleaner that does the modest job of providing a good result and not end up being a failure after the whole chaotic purchase phase.

And to ensure that, here are some basic considerations you should take into account before making that final bet.

User-Friendly Formulations

There are various formulations available for a cabinet cleaner. You need to pick one that would work well for your particular cleaning regime. Now powder forms are used by forming a paste with water. These are pretty messy and also takes time. While the ones that come in liquid or spray form are quick and most effective for regular cleanings needs.

More Than Just a Cabinet Cleaner

If you want to have a specific cleaner for the cabinet only, then there’s no need to consider this part. However, most of us would love to have a cleaner that isn’t just meant for wood cabinets but other wooden furniture as well. It’s going to save you money by making the thing multipurpose and nobody would mind that perhaps.

Not Harshly Made

Looking at the ingredients list of the particular cabinet cleaner is very important. There can be elements that could cause harm to your cabinet’s wood type. You want to research a bit about if there is any specific ingredient that your manufacturer wants you to avoid for cleaning the wood cabinet.

Keeping such blacklisted ingredients in mind while choosing a cabinet cleaner is really essential and nobody should be careless here.

How Does It Smell?

A strong and unpleasant chemical scent is surely not going to impress you by any means. So, make sure the cleaner that you are choosing is either free from any odor or has a very light scent to it. Some cleaners do contain phthalates.

This particular element is really dangerous for the lungs and kidneys. And so, you should not bother buying a cabinet cleaner that includes similar disastrous contents in it.

Skin Safety

There’s a good chance you will have the cabinet cleaner get into your hands. Since not everyone would want to put on a pair of gloves each time, they want to clean the cabinet. And if that’s the case, you should be aware of looking into the label another degree seriously.

Are there any harmful agents that can cause distress to your hand’s skin? If yes, better avoid that and look for another cleaner. You will find a lot of options that are not harmful even with skin contact, chose these instead.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top wood cabinet cleaner

How do you clean grime off wood cabinets?

Use the cleaner you bought to simply wipe the grime from cabinets. You should use a cloth with warm water for wiping once again to get those cleaning agents residue well from the cabinet’s parts. Now bring a dry paper towel to wipe the place once more and the process should be done. Make sure to go around sticky spots two times for the best results.

Are cabinet cleaner usable for furniture?

You probably need to look at the product’s label to find more about this. There are some cleaners available that are multipurpose. But not necessarily all of the cleaners will be suitable for furniture cleaning. And if there’s no specific warning regarding the specific cabinet cleaner thing, you can use it on furniture.

Can cabinet cleaner keep future dirt away?

There are some models that come with waxing and coating capabilities. Those models are usually great at keeping future dirt out of your way. And so, you get to experience better prevention from grime and less frequency to clean the cabinet. But not all cleaners will be able to do that. So, you probably need to check the labels this time as well.

How To Clean Wood Cabinets

Wrap Up

Looks like we are almost by the end of today’s cabinet cleaner discussion. Hopefully, you have your ideal best cleaner for wood cabinets that would pay the most value to your concerns. Keeping those wooden cabinets clean is not only to maintain the cabinet for a long time but also this will make your space look cleaner and more sorted out.

Imagine bringing a guest into your house who discovers you keep the food making area this dirty. Will he or she ever think of coming to your home for a dinner or lunch invitation? Perhaps, you don’t really want to think that far and already make your mind on getting your cleaning routines sorted.

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