Best Japanese Rice Cookers: Do They Worth Buying?

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Modern technology has brought a great change in the cooking process. Now we are trying to make the cooking process quicker and easier. Rice is an age-old food item of humans which is still popular in present time and will be to the next.

Rice cookers are very helpful to make the cooking process easier and quicker. But when you have the best Japanese rice cooker at you home it’s easy to get restaurant quality cooked rice easily. You will find a lot of rice cookers out there. But unfortunately, most of them are useless.

To help you on this issue I’m going to talk about some of the Japanese rice cookers for the next couple of moments. But before going to that section I have written a short note on the key points of these rice cookers.

So let’s get started.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rice Cooker
To be the high quality Japanese rice cooker it should meet the following criteria’s.

  • Firstly the cooking pot should be made of aluminum. Because aluminum is a good conductor of heat. Consequently, this is non-toxic metal. Furthermore, it should have a Teflon surface protection coating on it. This will make the cooker be non-sticky. This helps to pull out the rice easily as well as makes the cleaning process easier.
  • Then it comes to the control panel. Most of the modern cooker contains an electronic LED panel for showing readings. The more cooking functionality it provides the more good the cooker is.
  • The best Japanese rice cooker allows you to cook various recipes. They are not only compatible for rice cooking but also you can cook other dishes. Furthermore, some of them allow you to cook meats, fishes, and vegetables. So for multiple uses check this before you buy.
  • Electric cookers consume more power than most other electronic components. Therefore, you should be aware of the electronic power rating of the cooker. Up to 300 watts is okay for family type cooker.
  • The slow cooking process is necessary for some delicious recipes. This also preserves the nutrition value of the food.
    Furthermore, you should go for a spherical shape cooker pot. Because this uniformly transmits the heat that makes the perfect rice.


Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer Review
When you need restaurant-quality rice at home; the best solution can be the  top Japanese rice cooker. Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT is one of the best cookers of the Japanese rice cooker family with multi-functionality. Let’s have a closer look.

Features & Benefits of Zojirushi Rice cooker

Provides 6 Cups of Cooked Rice

This cooker serves you a perfect amount of 6 cups cooked rice from just 3 cups of raw short grain white rice. But this may vary to the other grains. This will be a perfect cooker for the family having three to four members.

Preparation of Various Dishes

For multi purpose use, this cooker is one of the best. You can use this cooker not only for the traditional rice cooking but also for mixed, sushi, porridge, Brown, and quick cooking. In addition, you can also use this cooker as a rice warmer and a steamer.

Better Cooking Through Spherical Metal Pan

Some of the best functionality are integrated with this cooker that made this more user-friendly than other rice cookers. The spherical inner cooking pan is made with aluminum and holds a coating of Teflon surface protector. As a result, the rice will never get stuck with the cooking pan. This kind of shape also makes the cooking process quicker.

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Availability of Modern Features

It’s featured with some of the modern technology such as an auto timer, LED control panel, delay timer, reheating cycle. The detachable pan allows you to clean this more easily and efficiently.

Additional Accessories for Better Cooking

The necessary accessories are included with this cooker such as the measuring cup, non-sticky rice spatula, a spatula holder. Despite all of this small footprint takes up a minimal counter space.


  • Can cook different type of rice.
  • Usable for other kitchen purposes.
  • Easy setup and cleaning.
  • For the ease of use timer and delay timer is added.
  • Low electric power consumption.
  • Teflon coated aluminum cooking pan.


  • The upper lid isn’t well designed.
  • The electric cord loosens after a couple of months.


From the above discussion, we have found that this cooker has some cons. But compared to the pros they are negligible if you use this cooker with a little care. So if you really need a quality rice cooker, you can pick this one up without any hesitation here. 


Tiger 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker Review


Tiger JAX-T10U-K is one of the quickest rice cookers of this time. Besides it also offers slow cooking process. Ten different cooking mode has made this cooker a perfect one. Let’s have a deep drive.

Features & Benefits Tiger Micom rice cooker

Serves 5.5 Cups of Cooked Rice

Tiger JAX-T10U-K can serve you 5.5 cup of super fresh cooked rice in each cooking. Measuring this quantity this will be enough for a family having up to three members.

Microcomputer Controlling for Better Usage

This cooker uses a microcomputer control system for better performance. Consequently, this is also a goof rice warmer. The “tacook” Synchronic cooking function has added a new dimension to the user friendliness of this cooker.

Different Functions for Different Types of Rice

It includes four cooking functions just in one pack. The ten different computerized menu is integrated to serve you different types of rice just from one convenient cooker.

Faster Cooking with Comforting Shape

The cooking pan is just 1.5 millimeter. This is spherical in shape. This two makes the cooking process quick and saves the electricity.

Easy to Use and Clean with Removable Lid

The inner lid is easily removable and the steam cap is easily cleanable. The Teflon surface protector in the cooking pot made this non-sticky and easier the cleaning process.


  • Adjustable timer mode.
  • Comes with as low cooking mode for the special dishes.
  • Normal rice cooking process is twice faster than ordinary cookers.
  • Anti-rust outer design.
  • Ten different cooking mode and four functions.


  • The power chord is not retractable.

The cooking pot doesn’t have plastic handles to pick in the hot


Although this cooker has some handicap but comparing to the advantages they are negligible. Love multi-functionality in your cooker; then for more info click here.


Hirbo 13-in-1 Asian-style Multi-functional Rice Cooker


HirboEb-fc57 is the electronic rice cooker that comes with more cooking functionality than any other cookers by this time.3D heating technology has made this cooker unique from others. Let’s see its other functionalities.

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Features & Benefits Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

Higher Capacity of Cooking

Hirbo Eb-fc57 comes with a large capacity of 5 liters. Therefore, this is a perfect cooker for up to 8 people.

Preparation of Various Dishes

Allows you to cook 13 different types dishes of cooked rice and other dishes such as Pasta, Fry, Soup, Meat, Fish etc. Furthermore, you can use this as a rice crustier, re-heater.

Better Conduction of Heat with Thinner Pot

The rice cooking pot is super thin. As a result, this is more thermally conductive and saves energy. The spherical shape uniformly transfers the heat more efficiently to the rice. Hence you will get equally cooked rice.

Modern Technology for Heat Control

It uses 3D heating with Fuzzy Logics. This logics controls Dynamic and variable heating. With the help of this technology, you can cook different types of rice just in one cooker.

Additional Timer for Better Performance

Easy to use control panel comes with a different language for the ease of understanding. In addition, this also contains pre and auto timer for better cooking.


  • Pre-set functionality for better cooking.
  • A Large volume of cooking capacity.
  • 3D heating technology.
  • Can hold optimum temperature till serving.
  • Allows cooking various dishes.
  • Easy cleaning process.
  • Energy saver and quick cooker.


  • The Teflon protector isn’t well enough to be non-sticky.
  • The LED indicator is not much durable.


In conclusion, this fact is clear that this cooker is one of the best cookers within this price range. Although it has some cons, but still better than the other ordinary cookers. For further experience, you can visit this link. 


Aroma Housewares 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker Steamer Review


When you are looking for quality and durability rather than the outer design than Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD can be the right choice for you. Aroma Housewares is renowned for manufacturing quality home products for years. This one is not a different.

Features & Benefits Aroma Digital Rice Cooker Steamer Review

Provides 8 Cups of Cooked Rice

Comes with a great serving of up to 8 cups cooked rice from 4 cups of uncooked raw rice. Therefore, this will be a great option for families having four to five members.

Easier function for Better Cooking

Comes with improved and easy functionality hence this is more user-friendly. This is a multipurpose cooker and can be used for steam, white rice, and brown rice.

Keep-warm Technology to Keep Dishes Fresh

This cooker has a delay time of up to 15 hours. Consequently, the automatic keep-warm technology keeps the rice fresh for a long time before serving.

Additional Accessories for Higher Performance

The most important accessories are included with this cooker for better performance. You will get as team tray, measuring cup, spatula as well as some coupons of Mahtma and Carolina Rice recipes.

Easy to Handle and Clean with Removable Pot

To make the cleaning process easier and more efficient the inner pot is easily removable. Furthermore, the other accessories are also easily removable for full cleaning.



  • 15 hours of delay time.
  • Various cooking function.
  • Slow cooking process for better rice.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can be used as a steamer and a warmer.
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  • The connecting wire loses if not used carefully.
  • Old style design.


Although the design isn’t much attractive but if you are looking quality over design then nothing can be better than this one. You can get more information about this product here.


Panasonic Automatic 3.3 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker Review

The very first thing about this cooker that impresses me most is its appealing design. Not only the design but the user-friendly functionality made it one of the best Japanese rice cooker. Let’s see why this is on the hot list.


Features & Benefits Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker

Provides 6 cups of Cooked Rice

Yields 6 cups of cooked rice just from three cup of raw rice. All you need to do just put the raw rice and water and turn the switch on. The cooker will get the rest of work done by itself with the help of auto shut down feature.

Easy View of Cooking with Glass Lid

Panasonic used a glass lid fit easy viewing the cooking process. This is great for cooking the rice as you need.

Better Heat Conductivity with Aluminum Pot

The inner cooking pot is made with aluminum for better thermal conductivity. This cooker consumes 310 watts of electric energy in each hour of the cooking process.

Allows to Cook Only White Rice

One thing you should know about this cooker is that this cooker isn’t for cooking brown rice. It allows you to cook only clean washed white rice. So be aware of this issue.

Additional Accessories for Greater Performance

For better use, some of the necessary accessories are included with this cooker such as measuring pot and serving spatula. You should only use these accessories with this cooker in order to get excellent quality rice.


  • Modern and durable design.
  • Low power consumption.
  • One touch easy operation.
  • Convenient design.
  • A good customer support.


  • Non-sticky Teflon coating damages after some years of use.


This is one of the basic rice cookers. But the only reason behind its survival in modern time is its quality. If you love basic design and durable and convenient design then this can be the best choice for you. So if you love this; then for further information visit this link. 

 Check a video on how effective Japanese rice cooker in Operation


Final Verdict
We have talked a lot about Japanese rice cooker. The five cookers that I have mentioned above are the best Japanese rice cookers that I have found after conduction a deep research. Yes, it’s true that all of them have some handicap. But I think you will agree with me I this issue that nothing is perfect in this world. Again considering the pros we can easily neglect the cons of them. In conclusion, I suggest you get any of this according to your need without any hesitation. I’m pretty much sure that you will not depressed. Again, thank you for reading this long article.

In conclusion, I suggest you get any of this according to your need without any hesitation. I’m pretty much sure that you will not depressed. Again, thank you for reading this long article.


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