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Induction cooking is the fastest of all cooking methods. It has very little in common with gas and electric cooking methods. Gradually it is becoming accepted as a useful and efficient way of cooking. As it uses electromagnetism to heat the pan, heating surface and air remain cooled. By cooking faster, it gives relief from cooking hassles to a great extent. But, the right knowledge and information are must to choose the best one as per your needs. This Farberware induction Cooker review will help you to choose the right cooking mate for you. Here, I am introducing you one of the best Farberware multi functional Cooker, which can provide all the services you need. You can make a variety of delicious dishes within the shortest possible time.

Most attractive features of this Farberware induction cooker
  • Round shaped induction cooker
  • Feather touch control
  • Timer of 1 to 180 minutes
  • Automatic safety shut off switch
  • 6 stage power setting
  • High-temperature protection
  • ETL certified
  • Includes 9” fryer pan with nonstick coating
  • T 3.0mm, two layer bottom
  • Plastic handle

Farberware induction Cooker Review in Video

Details about this Farberware multifunctional round induction cooker

This fantastic induction cooker includes many features and functions to make your life easier and more enjoyable.


Farberware multifunctional round induction cooker is assembled with feather touch keys that make it easy to operate and comfortable. The plastic face on which the control panel is placed has been established in a little bit lower from the cooking surface. That’s why you can easily see the colorful display. Next, to it, there are + and – controls to adjust the temperature, timer, and power. There is some quick also presets like warm, boil, fry, grill, sear. The power button is placed on the right which has a light indicator. When it is green, you can proceed with your cooking process.

Timer of Farberware cooker

The timer can set from 1 to 180 minutes. By touching the timer button and adjusting the timer according to the recipe, you are all established to cook your food.


It has 2 inches border of the white ring that is the cooking area.This surface doesn’t get hot while cooking, that makes the cleaning process as easy and straightforward as wiping.

Heating elements:

Farberware multi functional round induction cooker has only one heating element, that’s why only one pan can be used at a time.


This cooker includes a pan detector sensor, which can readily recognize if the cookware is appropriate or not. If you don’t place the right cookware, it will not provide heat.The unit will switch off if the sensor can’t provide a signal within 10 seconds.


Farberware multi functional cooker includes high safety features. You can cook in this cooker without being tensed about the security issue.

Advantages of owning a Farberware multi functional round induction cooker:

Fastest cooking

With this Farberware multi functional round induction cooker, you can cook faster than any other conventional cooking methods. It heats a pan far quicker than gas or electric stove just because of the technology they use. —

Cooks most efficiently

As induction cooktop only heat the cookware, not the whole surface, there is no wastage Of energy. It can make up to 70% more efficiently than any other conventional cooking methods.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning the cooktop is always an annoying task after cooking for a long time. With Farberware multi functional round induction cooker, this complicated task becomes easier and simpler. The cooking surface doesn’t get hot while you are making food. Therefore the food that spills over can’t stick to the surface. That’s why, cleaning this cooktop is nothing complicated, just wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient.

Beautiful design and shape

The round shape of this cooker adds elegant beauty to your kitchen. Its beautiful design can match seamlessly with your kitchen decoration that is helpful to create an enjoyable atmosphere in your kitchen.


This Farberware multifunctional round induction cooker comes with a portable size. It is easy to carry, ideal for camping or holidays. 

  • This induction cooker heats up to 50% faster.
  • Distributes heat more evenly.
  • Quick and fine temperature adjustment
  • Beautiful round shape
  • After removing the pan, cooktop waits 10 seconds to shut off, which allows reusing within this time
  • 2 inches longer cooktop
  • The fan is quite silent
  • Provides two years warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Comparatively low price


  • You can’t use any pans randomly, needs heavy metal induction cookware
  • T vibrates little while cooking
  • The surface is less hot on the edge
  • You can’t adjust the preset temperature
Final words
This multi functional cooker can be your perfect cooking partner with which you can enjoy your cooking to the fullest. For its fantastic design, fastest way to make food and proper temperature adjustment, I strongly recommend this induction cooker. It comes with best the quality and latest technology. In spite of providing the best quality, the manufacturer has kept it relatively affordable. As the final words of Farberware induction cooker review, I would say, this stove represents a perfect combination of quality and affordability.

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