Gas Range Installation and Maintenance Guide To Follow

When it comes to the gas range, the toughest job is to install the gas range. Have you ever tried installing the gas range?

If you have tried it before, you might not find it difficult. But if you have tried it, you will pass a hard time understanding the instruction for installation.

Calling for professionals for some petty work like gas range installation is a waste of time. All you can do here is install it by yourself. Also, the maintenance of the gas range is something to be careful about.

Here, all we will talk about is installing and maintaining the gas range! Because you are enough to do your work!

Gas Range Installation Process: Step by Step

Step 1: Gas Stove Connector

gas range installation The first thing you have to be careful about is the gas stove connector.

You cannot install a gas range perfectly without the right gas stove connector. Re-using a connector is not what you should do!

And so, getting the right gas stove connector is the first option you should pay attention to. Moreover, for the safe installation of the gas range, always go for a new gas stove connector.

Here, you have to think that there are other connectors too. So, you have to get the one that has a mark on it that says RANGE.

If you find it, you have to understand that this is for your gas range. Also, you will surely need the end connector fittings. And before buying, make sure that the connector you are buying includes end connector fittings.

Keep in mind that the gas line is ½ inch. It is a black threaded pipe. There are male and female or external and internal threads.

The connection to the gas stove will be any of these that have ½ inches fitting. There might be a situation where you will not get a connector that includes end fittings.

And in that case, you can choose a black gas pipe fitting on the line which can accommodate the end fittings of the gas stove!

Here, you also need to keep in mind that you cannot get a short connector. It is because you will use the gas stove and the connector will require space for working between the wall and your gas stove! So, go for a longer connector to help you out properly.

Step 2: Pulling the Range

After getting the right connector, you have to give attention to the gas cock. First of all, you have to emphasize pulling out the range.

After that, the first work for you is turning off the gas cock. The gas cock is usually turned off when you see that the lever is at the right angle to the pipe of the gas stove.

However, you still need to verify that the gas cock is turned off. So, all you have to do is move it to the right angle to the pipe and ensure the cock is turned off. When you are searching for the shutoff, you can search on the back of the range.

In 90% of cases, the shutoff is placed behind your gas range. If you don’t get it there, you can search in the basement because some brands prefer keeping the shutoff in the basement.

If you see that there is no shutoff added and you want security, you can add a shutoff so that you stay protected always!

Step 3: Wrapping Pipe Threads

Search your home and get some yellow Teflon pipe-joint tape. If you don’t get them there, go to the shops in your locality and you will find them easily.

Go through the pipe thread of your gas range now. Now take the tape and carefully wrap the pipe-joint tape over the pipe threads. While wrapping, certify that you are wrapping it anti-clockwise.

If you get the ½ inches x ¾ inches coupling, these will easily go with the ¾ inch end connector fittings. This is because you will rarely find the ½ inches end fitting at the two sides. And as this is not available always, you have to settle for the previous one.

Step 4: Connect the Connector with the Gas Line

Now that you are done with the pipe threads, you have to go through the connector and remove the end connector fitting. After that take the Teflon tape again and now, you have to carefully wrap the end.

Here, remember that you have to be careful about both of the end fittings and use them both. Never force the connector into the sharp bends as it can be risky.

Step 5: Street Elbow

Now, you have to work with the street elbow. All you need to do is attach a street elbow which is ½ inch x ½ inch into the port of the range. After that, you have to give attention to screwing the other end fitting of the connector into the street elbow.

Step 6: Tightening Nuts

You are almost done with the process of gas range installation. Now, you have to give importance to the connector nuts and tighten them to both end connector fittings. Here, you have to certify that the tube stays straight against the fitting.

Step 7: Leaks and No Leaks

Now that you are done, go through the whole work and see if there is any leak or not. If there is any, fix it. Move the gas range in its place and you are done!

Maintenance Guide for Gas Range: Step by Step

Step 1: Ingredients

While you are cleaning a gas range, you have to make sure that you are using soap and water only. For wiping it, you can use a soft cotton cloth. Don’t use anything else unless you are recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Routine Cleaning

Cleaning the gas range regularly is very important. Go through routines to clean the gas range. Do not let the gas range stay dirty for a longer period. Between the major cleanings, you have to make sure that you go for some fast cleanings frequently.

Step 3: Cool and Off

The gas range should be cool and the knobs must be turned off when you start the cleaning process. Do not wipe or use water on the gas range before the gas range is completely cool.

Step 4: Clean the Burner Grates and Stovetop

First of all, remove the burner grates and clean them on the sink. Use soapy water for loosening the debris and then use a brush to clean them properly.
After that, take go to the stovetop, take a sponge or cotton cloth and with soapy water, clean it from tip to toe.

Step 5: Position the Gas Range

Now, dry the burner grates and stovetop first. Place the grates in their position and get ready for cooking once again!

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Wrap Up

So, now, you are not going to get confused about the installation gas range at all. Also, after installing, if you need to maintain the gas range properly, you can follow the steps we have mentioned.

All you need to do is go through the steps and install the gas rage first. And then, keep it clean always. Cooking will never be boring anymore!