Best Cosmo Range Hood Reviews of 2020 & Buying Guide

The range hood world has a lot of respect for Cosmo company. This high-quality manufacturer is grabbing a lot of attention for providing some top-performing range hoods. Most of the best Cosmo range hood options focus more on compactness to serve a nice air cleaning functionality for small spaces. With convertible benefits and well-working filters, it’s no surprise that this brand has become very well-known and loved by experts.

So why not bring your attention to some really worthy models? Yes, we’ll be providing some Cosmo range hood reviews of options that are highly notable for their wonderful features.

Complete Best Cosmo Range Hood Reviews

Let’s continue by talking in detail and deeply about the recommendations we have for you today.

Cosmo 63190 36 in. Wall Mount Range Hood – Versatile in Use, Sleek in Look

The Cosmo 63190 36 in. is a modern canopy-style range hood that provides grease, smoke, and odor elimination from your kitchen air to keep your cooking sessions livelier and less stressful. This beautiful range hood makes a change of look as well to give the extra style statement into a kitchen space.

Highlighted Features:

  • 36 inches in size.
  • 380 CFM.
  • Dishwasher safe filters.
  • 430 grade 20-gauge stainless steel material.
  • 2W LED light compatible.

The Cosmo 63190 36 in. comes with a decent 380 CFM rating that signals its ability to get rid of harmful pollutants, irritating smoke, and odors from your kitchen effectively. The filters are made from stainless steel. And so, these will last you a pretty good time. There are push buttons to control the functions. You get illumination going on here for having a clear view.

The controls are meant for power, light, and three fan speeds. The lighting supports energy efficiency and still provides good enough illumination for regular cooking. It comes with easy installation benefits and anybody with the basic idea on such DIYs should be able to complete without any problem.

Cleaning the filter is easy as well thanks to the dishwasher-safe feature. The grease build-up can be instantly wiped off and eliminate any risk of fires.

What We Think About It

The Cosmo 63190 36 in. is surely an affordable option to go for with does provide a bunch of valuable features. With the delayed power off, you will be able to sit for your meal right away and completely forget about it. Lights are bright and crisp while other parts are well functional, we definitely liked it.

Cosmo 5MU30 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood- A Small Sized Range Hood 

Folks who live in a tiny apartment or house that comes with old-style construction find it really hard to manage an under-cabinet range hood that offers quality. However, the Cosmo 5MU30 is one rare range hood that is compact and does not lose quality features for the size.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convertible between duct & ductless.
  • 200 CFM.
  • 2 size variant available.
  • 56 dB noise maximum.
  • Exhaust vent providing 5-inch round duct.

The Cosmo 5MU30 supports both under-cabinet and against wall installation. You can enjoy top and rear venting with provided accessories as well. There are two aluminum mesh filters provided with Cosmo 5MU30. These are excellent at catching smoke, grease, and oil within seconds. And also, the removal of these filters is very simple.

You can press the lock to eliminate these filters for cleaning or replacing. Both manual washing and dishwasher cleaning is possible with the filters. The unit provides a curved canopy design that is quite convenient. Especially with the button controls, the entire operation is very simplistic and easy.

With a 200 CFM suction power, there’s moderate functioning with less noise. Even with maximum speed, the Cosmo 5MU30 does not sound more than 56 dB. You can use double 3w led lights for this range hood.

What We Think About It

We really loved the space-saving design of Cosmo 5MU30 since its quite slim. Also, the duct and ductless usage being available is a great point about this 3-speed motor small size range hood. The reusable aluminum filters are pretty durable too. Overall, we find the Cosmo 5MU30 a valuable purchase.

Cosmo COS-668AS750 Wall Mount Range Hood

The Cosmo COS-668AS750 is a high-tech range hood to get for your kitchen that filters the toxic air and also looks marvelously classy inside the space. With solid construction, nice control panel, and energy-efficient light benefits, it’s an excellent option to try.

Highlighted Features:

  • Permanent filters.
  • Touch control panel.
  • 3-speed motor.
  • 380 CFM.
  • 65 dB noise level.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Hardware instructions provided.

The Cosmo COS-668AS750 comes with 380 CFM, which is pretty decent at performing and providing harm pollutants, odor, and grease removal effectively. This range hood also has a low noise level and so you won’t be feeling disturbance while cooking. It comes with max 65 dB noise-producing at the highest speed.

The filters are made from stainless steel. These are pretty great at capturing the cooking odors and grease to maintain clean air. The highlighting point of Cosmo COS-668AS750 is the soft digital touch control panel. This surely is a very comfortable control providing range hood that is so easy to adjust. There’s no touch delay and controls are fast response as well.

Two 2W LED lighting is also compatible with an energy-saving manner of enjoy illumination and enjoy cooking sessions with clear vision.

Cleaning the filter is also n mess since you only need to wipe away the grease built up regularly. But do ensure that you maintain the hoods properly or else there’s a chance of causing fire incident due to dirt residence in your range hood.

What We Think About It

The Cosmo COS-668AS750 is very complementing to the modern kitchen with the most basic and innovative features. It is surely a valuable asset for providing convenience in use and effectiveness in performance. For the price, it’s an exceptional Cosmo pick in this list no doubt.

Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood –CFM Ratings on Its Best!

The Cosmo COS-QS75 is our final recommendation that wows with excellent craftmanship, powerful performance, and amazing design to complement any kitchen space fantastically.

Highlighted Features:

  • 900 CFM.
  • Backlit touchscreen.
  • Remote control provided.
  • 4-speed fan.
  • Dishwasher safe filter.
  • Canopy style range hood.
  • 430 grade 20-gauge stainless steel construction.

Cosmo COS-QS75 comes with a round 7.5 inches duct and dampers as well. You can without any difficulty get it installed inside the kitchen. The unit also features a canopy style design for the hood. This is extremely complimenting for most Modena and contemporary kitchen schemes. The provided premium quality stainless steel is extremely durable as well. And also, it is effortlessly simple for maintenance.

The controls are completely buttonless. You can enjoy the soft-to-touch control schemes on display for any sort of adjustment. The euro-style hood also comes with a remote-control benefit. There is also an automatic delay shutoff timer feature included with Cosmo COS-QS75. So multi-tasking is easy with it. The unit features permanent filters instead of replaceable fabric or cotton ones. The stainless-steel filters are excellent at trapping grease and oil.

You can simply clean them up through the dishwasher and its safe. The Cosmo COS-QS75 fits a low space kitchen exceptionally well. You can enjoy wall mounted or under cabinet installation with this amazing pick.

The 900 CFM is a very high-efficiency feature coming along with Cosmo COS-QS75. This clearly means you are going to get a very up-to-the-mark performance in filtering all the unwanted elements ever-present inside your kitchen.

What We Think About It

To sum it up, we do find the Cosmo COS-QS75 is a very elegant design holder range hood that will last you a satisfying time period. It needs less space, provides energy efficiency LED functions, includes a nice warranty and also enables easy operation. There’s hardly anything to complain about it. [/su_box]

How to Choose the Best Range Hood for Your Kitchen?

Some factors will help you decide on a particular range hood pick for your kitchen better and faster. Here we will be talking about those factors.

The Suction Power

The CFM should be your concern here. Usually, this determines how much better suction performance a range hood comes with. Go for something that is not less than 200 CFM. There are numerous ranges here and for a small to medium size kitchen, the models with above 900 CFM ratings are not really necessary.

Provided Filters

Depending on the functions there can be more than one filter coming along with the range hood. Usually, aluminum filters work better if you want the dishwasher safe benefit as well. Ductless and recirculating range hoods work best with carbon filters.

Lighting Method

A worthy range hood should come with a sufficient illumination system. So that it can light up the whole area above your cooktop. This adds extra convenience to cooking. LED works better if energy efficiency is your concern.

Control Type

There can be many control methods being utilized by various models. From push button to touch control display are available and you can pick the one that seems convenient. Some even provide a remote control for both touch and manual adjustments.

Noise level

A quality range hood should be able to provide functioning without making irritating noise. And so, you must check for features that tell about how much noise the range hood will make at the highest speed. Both minimum and maximum noise levels are usually mentioned. Go for the ones that do not make more than 70 dB of noise.

Additional Features

Look for some complementary aspects such as auto shut off timer, LCD display, and anything that will ease your kitchen time. If you have the budget, go for these models that provide more than just basic pollutant removal mechanisms.

Frequently Ask Questions About Cosmo Range Hood

Why Get Cosmo Rangehoods over other Range hood brands?

More than any other brand, cosmo is one reliable manufacturer that mostly solves the problem of low space. They come with innovative and modern range hood options that suit kitchen with less area and also easily install in old construction style homes or apartments.

Is There a Need for a Dedicated circuit?

Yes. A heavy appliance like range hood will require you to manage a dedicated circuit for its functioning. That way you will be able to avoid any electric fluctuation since the individual switch will only serve the range hood and nothing else.

How does it install in the kitchen or cabinets?

Usually, the range hood is attached to the kitchen cabinet’s underside. There can be ducted installation for venting air outside. Or simply the ductless installation for cleaning the smoke-filled air inside a kitchen and enable recirculating.

Wrap Up

Cooking sometimes a hobby but mostly a duty for people. And the time we spend in the kitchen isn’t pleasant for everyone. The ones who have to spend hours inside the kitchen are probably not going to love the idea if smoke, nasty odor, and greasiness are surrounding them for the whole time.

And to avoid that a range hood must be the most common and reachable solution. We hope these cosmo range hood reviews will help you find one worthy model for your kitchen space. Take your time and choose something you will love to have in your kitchen area.

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