How To Choose the Right Wood Type for Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden cabinets are appealing due to their appealing and unique character. Some prefer the predictability of crafted components like thermo foil and also laminate. Still, nothing matches the stunning color variations and grain patterns discovered in actual lumber if you want an organic appearance. Choosing the right timber species for your kitchen cabinetry largely depends on your design inclinations as well as finances.

How to Choose the Right Wood Type for Kitchen Cabinets is not always a straightforward question to answer consistently. You need to check a lot of things before selecting the wood for your cabinets.

Types of Hardwood Cabinets

Wood cabinetries range in color and also type based upon the component. Choices include maple, walnut, hickory, cherry, birch, ash, as well as pine. Follow our guide to the wood cabinet to observe the distinguishing aspects of every product type below.


All lumber have all-natural color variations within the same plant coming from the light-toned touches of maple to the darker hues of cherry. The integral organic shades, as well as varieties, cause several fantastic opportunities for your area. While professional appearances can either enhance or disguise the component’s color variants, it is imperative to know the natural different colors qualities as well as varieties of lumber. It to make sure that you are selecting a hardwood that is going to be right for your house. To understand these lovely variants as well as pick one that you will undoubtedly love, read about our series of your chosen wood appearances and speak to your kitchen area professional for extra information.


All woods may be identified as challenging or even smooth. Hardwood stems from broad-leafed plants such as birch, maple, cherry, peach, and also walnut. Softwood arises from needle-bearing time tested trees, including ache, spruce, and even cedar.


Surface pertains to the overall positioning, texture as well as various designs that appear in your lumber. As well as because every tree has distinctive grain patterns and markings, each piece of lumber coming from that tree will possess its very own unique layout. Some general grain summaries include:

  • Fine: Unseen or inconspicuous patterns
  • Straight: Straight, upright patterns
  • Cross: Lines that work alongside the sides of the wood
  • Spin: Hurricane or funnel-like patterns
  • Wavy: Wave-like patterns
  • Curly: Round designs
  • Arc: Inverted U or V designs

Wood types for Cabinets

Pine: Bear in mind that ache is actually a softwood, so it is commonly talking less strict than hardwood options in your modern-day Italian cooking area. Much like red maple, pain is a lot more widely located in transitional kitchen spaces.

Birch: Birch has an alright surface and is actively harsh, which produces an ideal product for cooking area tasks.

Maple: This lumber is very popular for modern customized kitchen space styles since its moderate shade makes it easy to stain. The surface of maple lumber cupboards is likewise lightweight, so it appears soft and consistent in your kitchen area from afar.

Cherry: A substantial duty choice for loved ones with children, cherry lumber closets can easily stand up to very most wear and tear. This sort of lumber kitchen cabinets’ color is originally a lighter reddish or brown, yet it gets darker with time.

White Maple: The more powerful of the oaks, the timber has a rustic, comfortable feel. Using white oak wood for your kitchen space is one more popular selection for personalized present day kitchen cabinets and also possesses a delicate grain to it.

Red Oak: Reddish maple is flexible, as it takes effectively way too many types of surfaces. Its healthy grain offers it a new woody search in your kitchen area room than the previous choices, so it is usually utilized for additional transition or maybe conventional style kitchen area concepts.

Ash: Ash is a tidy wood cabinet material with an also surface. It can be individualized along with the appropriate appearance to look contemporary and too sharp, offering your new kitchen area an original feeling.

The Alternatives

Medium-density fiberboard cabinets (MDF) are a budget-friendly substitute to durable lumber. MDF may be a far better option to lumber in the case of paint kitchen cabinets. Timber shrinks and expands with all-natural temperature fluctuations, leading painted surfaces to bubble or even crack. MDF cupboards withstand environment adjustment for a blemish-free as well as smooth painted appearance.

Recommendation: MDF has no graining and is excellent for cutting along with a jigsaw to produce personalized inlays and embellishments.

The important thing to take under consideration

Bear in mind that each lumber type’s different colors and surface patterns are impacted by the environment in which they’re expanded. These are typically taking place functions in hardwood, making it inconceivable to ensure that all timber items within a kitchen area are going to match in grain pattern and shade wonderfully. This wide organic array is what creates natural hardwood items so pleasing.

Ultraviolet inhibitors in the coatings decelerate the effects old from direct sunlight and also fluorescent lighting fixtures; nonetheless, lasting exposure to these light sources is going to change the appeal of any hardwood inevitably. The results of this growing old will take place on all species of wood but are viewed faster on Cherry, Alder, and Maple.

Cabinet Making – What Wood Should I Use?

End Notes

The finishing procedure shields the wood and improves the organic appeal; highlights the innate top qualities of authentic lumber to produce an operational and attractive item. Each hardwood species utilized has its unique attributes, and some variations, as well as color combinations, will emphasize the all-natural lumber color and surface variants. Furthermore, grain structure, as well as mineral make-up in specific pieces of wood, may likewise range from also and consistent to diverse as well as remarkable. All of these variables combine to create the distinctive beauty that produces original wood cabinetry, thus pleasing. Hopefully, the information above would help you find the answer to the question of How to Choose the Right Wood Type for Kitchen Cabinets.




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