How To Clean Extractor Fan Motor-Step by Step Guide

Last Updated on April 20, 2021

Clean Extractor Fan MotorWhen you have some products like extractor fans, you must keep this clean otherwise, you will find your extractor fan gets damaged or you have a new one after a very few days! So we don’t want to buy Extractor Fan once a month! Indeed nobody wants it! So what should we do if you don’t want to blemish our Extractor Fan, we must keep the whole Fan neat and clean including the extractor fan motor.

The motor can be damaged by dust, dirt, and dust mites. So, if you want to clean it, you should do it with great caution. Electric motors are used in several areas of our day-to-day life. They are used in our kitchen, in our car, in our industries, and much more. These days, most electric motors used in the kitchen (in extractor fans). These fans are responsible for extracting foul and unwanted gases in the kitchen. Due to its important role in the kitchen, a lot of people tend to clean the motor easily.

Motor work like nucleases of a fan and we have to keep this clean and now we are going to learn How to clean Extractor Fan Motor

What is Extractor Fan Motor?

An extractor fan motor helps to drive the fan blades that are used to extract heat, fumes, and steam from a cooker by means of an electric motor.

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Step by step Extractor fan motor cleaning Guide

Check where the extractor fan is located 

Most modern homes have extractor fans in their kitchens to remove cooking smells and moisture from the air as well as to extract smoke from a fire in the kitchen. Such a fan is usually mounted on the ceiling, behind a grill or cover, and it can be cleaned from time to time. Usually, it is not hard to clean the motor of the fan, and you can do that in several easy steps.

Gather essentials materials

The company that is manufacturing the extractor fan is producing many models of the same. It is very common to get confused in selecting the best one for your kitchen. Some people get confused in terms of the materials that are used in manufacturing the extractor fans. so at this stage, we have to bring, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, screwdrivers spray bottle. Now you can start the way!

Clean the motor by spraying it with a brush 

Cleaning a fan motor is not a hard task. All it takes is spraying it with a cleaning brush. The fan will spin freely and will look like new. However, if your appliances are old and everything is broken, you will have to call a plumber, so he can install an entirely new system.

Make sure all the dust has been removed 

It is obvious that the kitchen can generate a mess of dust, which might be the biggest nuisance for housewives. Meanwhile, the kitchen extractor fans can help reduce the dust in the kitchen, which we should use to remove them timely.

Check the machine is working by turning it on

Air flows through the main vent, which distributes cool air throughout the room. If the vent becomes blocked, the cooling system will struggle to keep the room at a suitable temperature. It’s commonly believed that you should clean a fan every six months, however, this isn’t the case.

What is the difference between an exhaust fan and an extractor fan?

An extractor fan is mounted outside of the room or house to evacuate the air and is used for removing vapours, cooking, bath or shower steam. An exhaust fan blows air out of the attic space, dryer space, or house.

How does an extraction fan work?

The function of an extractor is to extract stale and damp oxygen particles and drive them outside the home. Fresh air escapes elsewhere, preferably at a window. This is in contrast to a standard fan that simply circulates air in the same room to create a breeze.

How To clean Extractor Fan

Final word

If you are used to the smell of burning dust and grease, then you need to control the airflow, as it is probably your extractor fan motor that needs cleaning. You can clean the motor yourself you can follow the above guide about how to clean the extractor fan motor.

Best of luck

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