How To Make Coffee Without a Filter-Apply Today

A hot cup of coffee can be the best start to your day. However, we do not wake up every day to our favorite coffee maker or a filter. But if you don’t have it, you can make it!

Yes, today, we will tell you how to make coffee without a filter at home in the easiest way! There are two methods here!

Check them out and make the best coffee possible even in the worst situations!

Ingredients and Tools

Roasted Coffee

No matter you have a filter or not, you can still have a perfect cup of coffee. And for that, the prerequisite is a good amount of roasted coffee beans. To learn how to make coffee without a filter, the first necessity is to get the freshly roasted coffee beans if you want a fresh start to the say.

More than the process of making coffee, the quality of your coffee will be depended on the beans you are using. In this case, try to settle for what we recommend. If you let the coffee sit for an extended period, it will taste stale. The fresher the coffee, the better it will taste!

Also, quality beans are another factor you cannot avoid. Get the right coffee bean from the local shot or online. If you get the product that has been roasted in the last two weeks, the taste will be visibly better. These beans can make an aromatic cup of brewed drink.

Coffee Grinder

Now that you are ready with your roasted coffee beans, you have to settle for a grinder that can make the power out of the beans. When you don’t have a filter or a coffee maker ready for you, you can get your hands on a manual coffee grinder.

Some people use coffee beans directly but if you want to release all of the aromatics of the beans, it is necessary to grind them properly. While grinding, keep in mind that after grinding the beans, the aromatics of it will not last more than 15-20 minutes.

So, it is always better not to grind coffee for so many hours before making it. Instead, what you can do is grind the coffee beans and immediately brew it for the incredible taste. Otherwise, no matter how properly you brew it, the coffee will be one-dimensional and flat in taste.

Manual grinders are available in the market. Get your hands on any of the well-reviewed grinders and get back to your brewing work! All you need is a consistent grind in a compact manual grinder!

Prepare the Water and Coffee

Step 1: Place the Pot on Stove

So, you are almost done with preparing the coffee beans and the grinder. Now, let’s brew the coffee. First of all, you have to take a pan and pour water on it. When you are choosing the pot or pan, try to settle for a pot that has a handle.

Getting a kettle for heating the water is the best thing you can do. Do not pour too much water. Measure how much coffee you need for drinking and then pour a bit more water than that. Now that the pot is filled with water, you can place the pot on the stove. After placing it, turn on the heat.

Step 2: The Right Temperature

Wait for some minutes and let the water boil. It is always better to brew your coffee when the water temperature is 195 degrees to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. In this situation, the water temperature will not scald the coffee grounds.

However, it will help in drawing out the aromatics and flavors of power. If you settle for a temperature that is less than 195 degrees, your coffee will taste sour and you won’t like it! However, if you do not have time to check these specific, all you have to do is place the pot on the stove and wait for 30 to 40 seconds.

Step 3: Grind the Coffee

It is time to grind the coffee. Go for a medium and-like grind if you want the best taste. Modern grinders usually have markings. Check it and grind the coffee.

Methods of Brewing Coffee

There are different methods of brewing coffee. Here, we will talk about two different methods. First, we will tell you about making coffee inside the kettle and then we will discuss how to brew it outside the kettle.

Method 1: Brew Coffee on Stove

Step 1: Add Coffee

Once you see that the water has come to boil and you are done with grinding the coffee, you have to take the coffee and add it to the water.

Make sure you know about the amount of coffee you are adding here. For six ounces of water, we recommend you to use two tablespoons of coffee. However, the amount of coffee completely depends on your taste bud.

Step 2: Let the Coffee Settle

Now that you have added the coffee ground to the water, you have to kill the heat. Be swift with your hands and do it fast. After killing it, you have to cover the pot properly. And then, all you have to do is waiting for a few minutes.

Keep the cover there until you see the coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the pot. If you cannot see it properly, you can decide to uncover it after 5/6 minutes. In this period, the coffee ground will settle at the bottom and be ready for you.

Step 3: Drink and Enjoy

When you see that the coffee is settled at the bottom, this is ready to drink! Take the coffee cups and take off the pot from the stove. Now, from the pot, you have to pour the coffee into the cups carefully. Use gloves to keep your hands safe. You are done! Now, you can enjoy your coffee alone or with your friends!

Method 2: Brew Coffee on a Cup

In this method, we will make coffee in a cup with the help of a handmade filter. We won’t pout the coffee grounds inside the kettle; instead, we will make it without a stove.

Step 1: Make the Filter

First of all, take a handkerchief and create a makeshift pour-over with it by folding it. Fold it into a small square. You will use this one as your coffee filter. Now, you have to place the filter AKA handkerchief on your coffee cup and use paper clips to keep it in place.

Step 2: Spread the Coffee

After you are done with grinding and the hot water is ready, you can add the coffee to the middle part of the filter you made. Shake the filter so that the coffee ground spread evenly.

Step 3: Pour Water

Now take the boiled water and let the water sit for half a minute. Take a look at the grounds on the filter that you have placed. Wet the grounds a bit and wait for a few seconds more. Now, slowly, pour the required amount of water through the filter to the cup. Make sure the process is at least two minutes long.

Step 4: Drink and Enjoy

Once you are done with adding the water, your coffee is ready! Take out the clips and the handkerchief. Have fun drinking the perfectly brewed coffee now!

How to Drink Grounded Coffee Without a Filter

Wrap Up

So, do you like the coffee making idea without a filter? Read it thoroughly and try it at home! You will be mesmerized by how amazing coffee it is even without a filter or a coffeemaker! Write to us if you like coffee making without filter or not! Share with us in the comment section about how you make coffee without a filter!

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