Best Coffee Creamer for Weight Watchers

Nobody likes black coffee every day; who will start every morning with an unflavored beverage! If you want to start the day fresh with some flavor, coffee creamers can be an exceptional addition to the black coffee. However, if you are on diet, you must find the best coffee creamer for weight watchers!

Finding the right one for weight concerned people are tough! So, here go some amazing one coffee creamer that can save the day for you!

Check them out and pick up the best one for you!

What is coffee creamer?

Before you learn about the best coffee creamer for weight watchers, you must know what a coffee creamer is. So, what is coffee creamer? Why is it used?

This product is available in liquid or powder formula and usually is added to the black coffee or black tea instead of milk. Yes, this is most commonly used as a substitute for milk or cream. The creamers available in the market are usually non-dairy.

Top 5 Coffee Creamers for Healthy and Balanced Diet

Grass-fed Keto Creamer: Top Keto Bomb BPC Coffee Creamer

Highlighted Features

  • Unsweetened formula
  • Available flavors
  • Keeps high energy
  • Provides the least amount of carb
  • Fits with the Keto diet and works together


One of the most favorite coffee creamers for weight watchers in the market is this LevelUp Store Grass-fed one. The creamer includes grass-fed collagen along with butter which is also grass-fed. The best thing is, if you are doing any diet, you are free to use it.

Especially, people doing Keto go through a lot and this one can help them out! In every serving, there will be 1 Net card. Before buying it, keep in mind that this is an unsweetened formula. So, if you are worried about your blood sugar then you don’t need to worry anymore! Take this and there will be no BP issues!

When it comes to a little gear up to the energy, this best coffee creamer for weight watchers can be highly beneficial! All you need to do is make coffee, take this and mix it with the liquid! After drinking it, you will feel more energized and full! Also, you won’t be hungry soon! For the construction, MCT clean oil is used here.

The best part is, this oil is highly Ketogenic and will help you reduce weight more than before! You can get the creamer in several flavors. Along with the original flavor, you can also get your hands on the Chocolate Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, or the Vanilla Sweet Cream one according to your preference.

Whenever you are interested in weight management and yet you want to keep your energy just like before can pick up this one for your everyday life. With this, your body will be fueled by caprylic acid along with other protein sources. As a result, you get natural and sustained energy. Lovers of the Keto diet, if you are missing a cup of incredible coffee, pick up this one and you’ll never be disappointed!

Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein + Superfoods Powder, Vanilla Bean

Highlighted Features

  • Made for both adults and kids
  • Added organic protein
  • Completely gluten and soy-free
  • Helps in anti-oxidant booth
  • Vanilla bean plant to afford energy

At times, you don’t want a bit of milk in your coffee but you don’t like the actual flavor of the liquid. In this case, a creamer like this can be the perfect pick for you. The reason health-conscious people love it so much is the ingredients of the creamer. It is made of superfood vanilla bean plants mixed with organic protein. So, you already know how healthy it is for you!

The organic veggies along with the berries, fruits, and grasses make it a perfect addition to your cup instead of milk. Apart from this, the making also includes ancient grains, sprouts, greens, and herbs to keep you energetic throughout the day. You cannot deny protein gives you energy.

So, it means, you can reduce the milk, keep the weight low, and yet have the flavor and energy from the coffee! You might think that you can only drink this if you are an adult but your kids can also have it! Along with protein, it provides necessary vitamins.

Vitamin B6 and C are included in the powder. Even in your diet schedule, the addition of the creamer will help you keep the blood cells perfect as it has iron, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and thiamin! No other popular coffee creamer will give you a combination of superfood and organic protein. The plant-based protein includes chia seeds, brown rice, and pea. There is 5gm of dietary fiber along with one gram of sugar in every serving. It is free from lactose, soy, gluten, dairy, and also vegan!

Walden Farms Calorie-Best Free Mocha Coffee Creamer

Highlighted Features

  • No calories at all
  • Used sucralose as a sweetener
  • Comes in a packer of three
  • No fat and gluten
  • Non-dairy creamy flavor included

As the name says, the creamer is completely calorie-free. So, if you are planning to lose weight or are a weight watcher, your morning coffees still can be delicious with it! The sweetener that is used in the product is Sucralose. The coffee creamer comes in a 6-pack set. All of them have a mocha flavor. The flavor added is amazing but the fact that will make you buy it is the no-calorie thing.

You cannot start your day without getting a perfect cup of coffee and if you don’t like the regular black coffee, keeping your weight under control is tough. With this, you can easily make coffee with your moderate rich cream and make your day better!

When you are making it, make sure you have shaken it well. However, if you prefer not to add sweetener to the coffee, there are options to get it too! All you have to do is check the Walden Farms creamer for its non-sweetened flavor and in this way; you can keep the weight low and your expectation high! If your diet, gluten, carbs, fat, etc. can make you heavy. So, the creamer is made in a way where there is no fat, carbs, or gluten!

The ingredients used in this product are cocoa powder, sucralose, chocolate flavor, caramel color, and salt. The creamy flavor of the creamer is non-dairy so that it can keep the weight watcher away from milk. You might think that the price of the creaser is too high but your body needs this coffee if you want to stay fit!

Original, Liquid Creamer Singles, Non Dairy:Best Nestle Coffee mate Coffee Creamer

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a box of 360 packs
  • Lactose and gluten-free
  • Convenient to use
  • Available flavors and formats
  • Cholesterol-free and completely non-dairy

If you want value for your money, this creamer can be your all-time favorite without any doubt. The ingredients added here will afford you a rich and delicious cup of coffee. People that are fond of velvety smooth coffee will keep this forever in their kitchen! When you plan to customize the coffee cup but you don’t have time, the Nestle Coffee Creamer can be the solution.

It is easy to use and very convenient. You do not need to refrigerate the singles. These will provide you the authentic flavor at your room temperature! You can use them for 9 months if you want! All you have to do is take the packs, shake them, open them, and pour them in your morning coffee! As we are talking about weight watchers today, you must know that it is one of the best ones in the market if you are concerned about your weight.

It is a non-dairy creamer; instead, it is kosher dairy. We see that weight watcher are often worried about gluten and lactose. You will be glad to hear this creamer is free from both of these. Not only free from gluten and lactose but it also free from cholesterol to ensure the perfect health condition even in the worst situation!

Another amazing fact is the flavors of the coffee mate. You can get several flavors along with different formats! No matter who visits you, now you can feed them coffee and that without any worry of additional weight gain! The whole box of this Nestle Coffee-Mate comes with 360 single packs. So, if you buy once, you don’t need to worry about the whole year! Every morning, perfect flavored coffee without the risk of getting fat!

Top Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer For Weight Loss

Highlighted Features

  • Goes with the Keto diet
  • Boosts energy and powers brain
  • MCT oil and coconut oil for faster weight loss
  • Easy to use powder formula
  • Healthy digestion, flavor, and added minerals

We have come with another Ketogenic creamer for Keto lovers. Not only the Keto users but the other weight watchers will enjoy this creamer without hesitation. Why? Let us know! The creamer will make your black coffee perfectly flavored. But along with this, it will keep you energetic more than the regular days. Coffee with this Keto creamer every morning will boost up the energy and make you ready to face everything for the day!

The ingredients used in the creamer are MCT oil or Medium Chain Triglycerides. Along with this, coconut oil is mixed. With this mixture, your body will be able to turn the fatty acids into ketones faster than quicker. Also, these will support your weight management and cognitive function! Pink salt or Himalayan salt is added here to provide you the benefit of more than 80 minerals.

So, you get less sodium and more aid in your metabolism and better circulation. This comes in a powder formula and as a result, it is easy to use. Cut it, mix it and drink it, you will see enhanced body power and brainpower! It helps in burning calories even when affording you the flavor you always wanted!

Add this to your low-carb Ketogenic diet chart and see how it suppresses your appetite by supporting all your physical performance and boosting the energy levels. Also, if you are facing the problem of healthy digestion, this can be the key! Get a cup of this at the start, your stomach will be just fine!

FAQs on Coffee Creamers for Weight Watchers

How much point is coffee with cream and sugar?

If you go for a special coffee including cream, flavored syrups, and sugar, this might be one of the biggest mistakes you will do! Yes, often people are not interested to drink black coffee. So, they swap that with a flavored coffee.

However, if you are a weight watcher, flavored coffee can be your enemy! If you go for such coffees, you must know that it counts 8-10 PointsPlus values. So, it is equal to a dessert of a full healthy meal! Would you do that that if you are on diet? NO!

How much creamer should you put in your coffee?

As creamers designed for weight watchers do not have a lot of things to worry about, you can add it to your coffee every morning. However, some people use it more than required and that’s how they fall into a trap! On average, people often are seen using 3-6 spoons of coffee creamer in their coffee. Does that help? No, it doesn’t! No matter you are using a creamer with weight-conscious construction or not, you are going to ruin your diet if you put too much creamer in your coffee.

It is always the best idea to add one teaspoon creamer to your coffee. If you don’t like the flavor, the best you can do is double the creamer and make it two teaspoons and that’s all! Keep in mind that 3-6 teaspoons will make it a serving of 30-60 calories, nobody wants that!

Can I use coffee creamer instead of heavy cream?

If you want to replace milk, you can settle for coffee creamer. In this case, don’t forget to get the completely unflavored coffee creamer. This will help you as a non-dairy milk substitute. No matter you are making mashes potato or soup, this can be a perfect substitute.

Add coffee creamer in any hot beverage along with the coffee for adding flavor! At times, we add coffee creamers in hot cereals too! No matter you are eating oatmeal, granola, or cream of wheat; coffee creamer can add some extra flavor to make your food better.

What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Coffee Creamer Every Day

Wrap Up

So, you have already learned about the best coffee creamer for weight watchers. Now, keeping an eye on the weight and still making the perfect cut of coffee is not tough anymore! Along with adding some additional flavor, you can boost up your energy and keep it healthy with these!

Comment below if you have ever used any of the coffee creamers we have mentioned above. Let us know if you liked it or not! Also, don’t forget to share which coffee creamer you have selected for your next buy?

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