How To Make Ground Coffee-The Ultimate Ease Solution

Whenever you are on a tour or camping outside, it is not possible to get your coffee maker there. So it is always the best idea to learn how to make ground coffee so that you never need to start a day without it even in the camps!

Today, we will talk about three different methods of making coffee in detail. Check them out and try them at home!

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Methods of Making Ground Coffee

Method 1: Saucepan Coffee

When you do not have a coffee maker and you want to brew the ground coffee you have, this method can be beneficial.

Necessary Equipment

  • Water
  • Coffee Ground
  • Spoon
  • Saucepan
  • Mug
  • Ladle

Step 1: Mix Water and Ground Coffee

The first step when you want to learn how to make ground coffee is to get your pan ready. Get some water inside the saucepan. Never settle for too much or too less. Measure the water with the coffee cup you use for drinking coffee and add a bit of extra water.

While boiling, a little bit of water will be lost. After this, you have to put the coffee ground inside the water. Go for your preference regarding how strong or weak coffee you like!

Step 2: Boil it

Once you have mixed the ground coffee, you have to use the spoon for stirring it. Mix the coffee ground in the water carefully. And now, it is time to bring the mixture to heat. Set the burner and go for a medium flame.

Let the coffee mixed water boil for some time. It will take more or less two to three minutes to boil properly. In the means time, don’t forget to stir the mixture so that the coffee doesn’t burn.

Step 3: Let it settle

After the boiling period is gone, you have to take the coffee pot away from the heat. Switch off the heat, let the coffee saucepan rest for a while. A break of two to three minutes is enough for it. After the coffee grounds have settled on the bottom, you are ready to take it into the mug!

Step 4: Serve or Drink

Take the brewed coffee in the mug. In this process of scooping, a ladle can help you. Do not take the ground with it. Or, you can also hold the saucepan, pour the coffee inside the mug slowly and enjoy drinking it!

Method 2: Strainer Coffee

When there are no coffeemakers and no filters, this method can be the savior for you! Let’s check this out!

Necessary Equipment

  • Water
  • Coffee Ground
  • Mug
  • Saucepan or Kettle
  • Mesh Strainer

Step 1: Right Amount of Water

Your first job is the measure the right amount of water for making coffee. Just like before, you can rely on a bit extra water than your coffee cup. That can do the work. Pour the water into your saucepan or kettle. We recommend using a kettle because it is easier and safer to pour water from a kettle into the cup.

Step 2: Put Coffee

After this, your work is to check the right amount of coffee for your cups. It depends on you how much coffee you want. On the other hand, there is a specific amount written for every coffee cup on the store-bought coffee grounds.

You can go for that or you can settle for your choice. Put the required amount of ground inside the water and start stirring it.

Step 3: Boil it

Now, it is time to boil the water-coffee mixture.  Switch on the stove and bring the mixture to heat. It will take two to three minutes to get boiled. After this period, get your hands on the kettle and remove it from the heat.

Step 4: Use Strainer

After you have taken the kettle away from the stove, you have to prepare the mesh strainer. Hold the mesh strainer on top of the mug. If you are uncomfortable, you can also set the mesh strainer on top of the mug with a paper clip. In this way, it will not move and still do the job.

So, holding the strainer, you have to pour the coffee on the mug through it. There is no requirement for the coffee settling on the ground. All you need to do is get the coffee through the strainer and it will catch the ground! Your coffee is ready!

Methods 3: Handkerchief Coffee

All you need is a hanky here! In the journeys or camping seasons, this can be the best way to get your coffee done!

Necessary Requirement

  • Hot water
  • Coffee grounds
  • Clean handkerchief
  • Paper clips
  • Mug

Step 1: Create the Pouch

Firstly, take the handkerchief on your hands and then place it on top of the mug. If you are using a mug in this process, that’s fine. However, if you have an off day and you want to make the coffee Instagram-ready, you can settle for a mason jar too! It will give your coffee a cool appearance.

Let’s get back to the work again! Yes, after place the hanky on top of the mug or Mason jar, you have to press the middle portion of the hanky a little. With this slight push, there will be a pouch created in the center. The work of this pouch is to hold the ground coffee when you pour it!

Step 2: Securing the Pouch

As you have already created the pouch, now, you have to secure it otherwise the weight of the ground coffee will not let it stay in its place. Take the help of paper clips. The clothespins can work too. Get three or more clips and secure each side of the hanky.

Step 3: Let it sit

Now, add some coffee into the pouch you just made. Get the hot water ready like before. Add a bit of hot water and let the water flow through the grounds. In this situation, you have to wait.

Let the hot water sit on the grounds and make it ready to spread its aroma and flavor. A break of 30-40 seconds is enough. Now that it is done, you have to pour hot water on it.

Step 4: Pour the Water

When you start pouring hot water, keep in mind that the clips must be in the right place. Slowly, you have to pour the rest of the water on the ground and let it go through the grounds to grab the aroma and flavor. You are done with making the coffee! Have fun!

How to Drink Grounded Coffee Without a Filter

Wrap Up

So, now, you have learned how you can make ground coffee even in your worst days without any maker! Let us know what methods you follow to get your coffee done when you are not home!

Share your ideas with the world by commenting below! Also, tell us which method you liked the most for making ground coffee.

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