Best Microwave Pressure Cooker Reviews-That Win Customers

Are you looking for such cookers that can boost up your cooking speed and enables you to prepare your desired delicious food in less time than usual? Then you have come to the right place. We are presenting you the reviews of the best microwave pressure cookers in the market. As there are various types of cookers in the market. You might get confused about which one would be the best at your service. From these reviews, you will get to know the details of the quality microwave pressure cookers which will help you to choose the suitable one for your purpose.

Top Microwave Pressure Cooker Comparison

What are The Top Microwave Pressure cookers List?

Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker Review

Prep Solutions by...
600 Reviews
Prep Solutions by...
  • PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF RICE: The Prep Solutions Micorwave Rice and Pasta Cooker is designed specifically for cooking and reheating your favorite rice in the microwave
  • LOCKING LID PREVENT SPILLS & MESSES: Featuring an easy locking lid that secures tightly and prevents spills and messes while preparing your food
  • 12-CUP CAPACITY COOKS RICE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: This microwave rice cooker has a 12 cup capacity which is large enough to cook for the whole family and can make up to 8 cups of rice
  • USE AS A VEGETABLE STEAMER AND MORE!: Includes a Pasta Draining insert, Vegetable Steaming insert, Measuring Cups and Spoons and can be used in many different ways such as Steaming Veggies, Cooking Pasta
  • DISHWASHER SAFE AND BPA FREE: The rice cooker is BPA FREE and is Dishwasher safe (Top Rack Recommended)

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker is a great microwave pressure cooker for preparing various foods such as rice, pasta, and vegetables. Its high-quality user-friendly design and remarkable features make you a master chef in the kitchen.

Let’s have a look at the features and the benefits of this awesome cooker which makes it one of the best in the market.

Key Features

  • Specially Designed Lid and Clamps
  • Pasta Draining Basket & Measurer
  • Non-Sticky Bottom
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons

More Precise Details On Progressive Microwaveable Cooker

Progressive microwave rice and Pasta cooker ReviewPrep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker features a specially designed lid that has an easy locking system. Also, this special lid keeps the steam circulation perfect for proper cooking. Besides, the clamps on the base make it stable and keep it tightly in a place.

The bottom part of the cooker is fully made with then on-sticky material. For this reason, when the rice comes out fluffy while cooking, it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pressure cooker.

Alongside the rice, Prep Solutions is a convenient pasta cooker also. For this purpose, the set also includes pasta draining basket and measurer which enable you to process your delicious pasta every time expertly.

Prep solutions are a set of 17 different components for cooking. It includes various measuring cups and spoons to take the perfect amount of food that you need to cook.

The procedure of cleaning this great cooker is very simple and easy. Also, this cooker is safe from the dishwasher on the top rack.


  • Includes 17 different components.
  • Completely dishwasher safe.
  • Includes paddle and locking lid.
  • Specially designed lid for proper cooking
  • Lastly, easy to clean and maintain.


  • Might break if not used perfectly.
  • Not a secure and tight fit to prevent leakage.

Nordic Ware Microwave Rice Cooker Review

Nordic Ware Microwave...
210 Reviews
Nordic Ware Microwave...
  • Cooks and tenderizes in 30 minutes or less
  • Holds 3 lbs of meat
  • 2-1/2 Quart Capacity
  • Made in the USA

Nordic Ware Microwave Rice Cooker is a great companion for cooking a good amount of rice at a time very easily. Not only rice, it also offers you to process vegetables, pasta, and other grains also. Now, have a look on the great features of this excellent cooker

Key Features

  • Fast & Simple Rice Cooking
  • Great for Streaming Vegetables
  • Good for Preparing Pasta and other Grains
  • Easy Cleaning

More Details on Nordic rice cooker

Nordic Ware Microwave cooker reviewNordic Ware Microwave Rice Cooker makes your rice cooking very easy in your home. Pressure cooking with a microwave of this cooker can cook rice within a minute.

Alongside the rice, you can also steam vegetables with this convenient microwave cooker.

Nordic Ware is also great for processing pasta and other grains to make delicious and delicate food for your family very fast and efficiently.

Nordic Ware Microwave Rice Cooker has 8 cup of capacity which is really handy. For this reason, you can prepare a good amount of rice at a time with this awesome cooker.

This excellent microwave rice cooker is safe from the dishwasher. For this reason, it makes the cleaning procedure of this cooker lot easier.


  • The fastest pressure cooker in case of rice cooking.
  • Also, vegetable streaming capability.
  • Completely dishwasher safe.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • A large containing capacity of 8 cups.


  • Not a good fit for long grain rice.
  • May become unhygienic if not cleaned perfectly after using.

Handy Gourmet Microwave Pressure Cooker Review

Handy Gourmet Micromaster...
208 Reviews
Handy Gourmet Micromaster...
  • -SIMPLE COOKING: No need for complication cooking. Save time and cook hearty meals in minutes
  • -COOK A VARIETY: Whether it’s meat, rice, chicken, pasta, beans, or stew, all your favorite food can be -cooked with the pressure cooker
  • -HANDY SIZE: The 2 ½ qt. capacity allows you to fit an abundant of food at once
  • -COOKING AID: The pressure cooker includes a recipe book & a measuring cup

Handy Gourmet Microwave Pressure Cooker gives you an amazing experience of preparing delicious food in less possible time. Also, it this excellent cooker locks in the natural juice of the food and gives you a good amount of nutrition with delicious taste.

Let’s see what features it includes which make it one of the best microwave pressure cookers in the market.

Key Features

  • Fast & Effective Cooking Experience
  • Locks in the Natural Juice
  • Includes Recipe Book & Measuring Cup
  • Easy Fitting & Good Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe

More Details about handy Gourmet

Handy Gourmet Micromaster Pressure CookerHandy Gourmet uses pressure cooking with microwaves to prepare food. For this reason, it makes your cooking time faster than the usual time it takes to cook in the normal stove.

The natural juice and the nutritious value of the meal remain intact that is cooked with this amazing microwave pressure cooker. Also, the cooker doesn’t let the food to dry out and lock in all the natural juice of it. Moreover, you can get the full nutrition from the food that it contains.

It features a recipe book with it which enables you to prepare various types of delicious food. Additionally, it has a measuring cup with it which let you take the optimum amount of food that you need to cook.

You can easily fit Handy Gourmet in all microwave ovens to prepare or heat the food efficiently. Also, it has a good capacity of 10 cups which enables you to prepare a good amount of food at a time.

The cooker is dishwasher safe. For this reason, you can clean this microwave pressure cooker easily after using it.


  • Both pressure cooker and microwave facilities.
  • Besides, a large capacity of 10 cups.
  • It comes up with a measuring cup and a recipe book.
  • Fits good with almost all microwave ovens.
  • Also, dishwasher-safe in the top rack.


  • The handle caps don’t fit so well over the handle knobs.
  • Misses a clip to hold the lid.

NuWave Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Review

NuWave Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker delivers you 3 times faster cooking experience with the full safety concern. Its specially designed lid and pressure controlling feature make it one of the best microwave pressure cookers in the market. Now, have a detailed look on all the features of this versatile cooker.

Key Features

  • Prepare Everything in a Less Possible Time
  • Process Onions and Thinly Cut Vegetables
  • Special Lid
  • Safety Feature
  • Pressure Controlling

More Details on this Product

NuWave Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker let you cook from rice to meat to vegetables or anything that you want in a fraction of the time. Also, it’s fast heating system and speed of pressure cooking enable you to prepare your meal 3 times faster than the normal time that it takes to get cooked. Additionally, you can process onions and other thinly cut vegetables with this excellent pressure cooker. Also, you can braise, caramelize and many other things with the onions and the vegetables.

NuWave Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker has a specially designed lid that can be fitted firmly on the lip of the pan with the ridges. Also, you can lock this lid with the switch on the handle. Besides, the lid has an airtight seal created with the silicon gasket lining inside it.

This great pressure cooker has good safety features with it. There is a safety indicator on the handle which gives you the signal that when the pressure is maximum and you have to release the pressure instantly. For this reason, you can be tension-free in the kitchen while cooking as it lessens the chance of any type of accident. This pressure cooker features 2 pressure settings with it. For this reason, you can cook your food in lower PSI alongside the higher PSI also. The most pressure cooker has only high PSI settings only. But with the lower PSI, you can process many delicious foods like steamed bread, seafood, puddings, and so on.


  • Works both in higher and lower PSI.
  • Made of solid Stainless steel interior.
  • Serves for a long-lasting period.
  • Moreover, prevents accident with its safety features.
  • Also, make you 3 times faster in cooking.


  • Pressure controlling system should be handled
  • Tough to handle for beginners in cooking.

Sistema Microwave Cookware Rice Steamer Review

Sistema Microwave Cookware Rice Steamer will be your trustworthy companion for cooking a handy amount of rice at a time faster than ever. Not only cooking rice, it will enable you to reheat the leftover meals also. Now let’s take a look which remarkable features of this product have made it one of the best microwave pressure cookers in the market.

Key Features

  • Pressure Chamber Tray
  • Steam Releasing Vent
  • Easy Locking Clips
  • Cook & Reheat
  • Safe from Dishwasher, Fridge & Freezer

More Details on this Rice Steamer

There is a pressure chamber tray in this convenient microwave pressure cooker which enables you to prepare the optimum amount of rice every time you cook. So, you don’t have to worry about measuring the quantity of rice you are cooking. Also, it has a handy capacity of 11 cups in this cooker. In addition, with the pressure chamber tray, it has a steam releasing vent on the lid of this cooker. It releases the extra steam during cooking through this vent and ensures splatter-free heating and cooking.

It includes Sistema KLIP IT easy locking clips on the lid of the cooker. It enables you to lock the lid perfectly during cooking very easily. Sistema Microwave Cookware Rice Steamer enables you to cook nutritious food with a microwave. Also, you don’t need to worry about your leftover meals. You can easily reheat the leftovers and make quick and easy meals with this best microwave pressure cooker in the market.

The material of this pressure cooker has full safety from the dishwasher. Also, the fridge and freezer can’t do any type of damage to this microwave pressure cooker.


  • Firstly, cooking and reheating features in a single pack.
  • Made of 100% virgin plastic.
  • Includes a pressure chamber to fasten the cooking.
  • A handy dimension to cooking and reheat in microwaves.
  • Completely dishwasher safe.
  • Safe from the fridge & freezer.
  • Lastly, optimum rice cooking capability.


  • Adjusting the lid may seem difficult.
  • Develops hairline cracks after thorough uses.

BPA-Free Microwavable Pressure Cooker Review

Got tired of the traditional cooker as they are taking much time to cook your meal? It’s time not to worry anymore. Experience the best microwave cooking with our Silver Stone Microwave Cookware that will prepare your food faster than you think with proper safety measures.

Key Features

  • Fast & Easy Cooking
  • Sturdy Construction & Multiple Using Purpose
  • Good Safety Features
  • Standard Size
  • Removable Steamer Plate & Recipe Booklet

More on this BPA-Free Microwavable Pressure

Silver Stone takes the pressure out of the cooking and uses the microwave for cooking. Microwave makes your cooking speed faster and also makes it easy and simple to you. The body of this microwave pressure cooker is made from BPA-free material which makes it very sturdy. You can use this convenient pressure cooker in different purposes for processing foods like steaming, stewing, braising etc.

This fantastic microwave pressure cooker includes dual-level safety features with it. It has a vent in the lid which is very smartly designed. With this vent, the cooker releases the extra heat and steam. Also, it works as a regulator of the pressure of the cooker.

The size of this pressure cooker is an ideal one. It enables you to fit it in any ideal microwave to perform cooking your favorite food conveniently. It features a removable steamer plate and a recipe booklet. It will inspire you to make different types of delicious food for you and your family. Also, it will make your cooking procedure lot easier.


  • Sturdy body with BPA-free construction.
  • Besides, fast and one-pot pressure cooking facility.
  • Moreover, an ideal size for any general microwave.
  • Includes a portable steamer plate.
  • It offers a recipe booklet of easy to prepare dishes.


  • Needs regular wash to prevent unhygienic substances.
  • Takes some more minutes than other cookers.

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler Review

Nordic Ware Microwave best Egg Boiler makes the way of boiling eggs easier by using the microwave. You can easily make hard or soft boiled eggs in the oval shell of this boiler in less than 10 minutes of time.

Here are the details of this convenient microwave egg boiler given below:

Key Features

  • Boil Eggs in Less than 10 Minutes
  • Holds upto Four Eggs
  • BPA & Melamine Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

More Details on this  Top Egg Boiler

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler can make perfect hard or soft eggs using the microwave in only 10 minutes or less which is less than the usual time that it takes for boiling an egg. This fantastic egg boiler can contain up to 4 eggs upright in its white oval-shaped body. It can prepare them safely in less possible time. Additionally, you don’t need to pierce the eggs. You just need to put the eggs in the grooves and keep it for boiling.

The egg boiler is made from BPA & Melamine free plastic which is safe and keeps your boiled eggs healthy. As the plastic of the egg boiler is BPA & Melamine free, it is fully safe for the dishwasher. You can easily clean up the boiler after boiling the eggs.

You will get a warranty for five years with this convenient and efficient egg boiler. You will get repairmen or replacement in case of any problem during this time.


  • Completely melamine and BPA free material.
  • No piercing is required at all.
  • An interior shelf of eggs provided.
  • Takes only 10 minutes to boil eggs.
  • Also, boil 4 eggs at a time.
  • Moreover, five years of warranty.


  • May break if not maintained properly.

Microhearth Grill Pan for Microwave Cooker review

Boost your cooking speed by having Micro hearth Grill Pan which uses the microwave to get your food cooked. Also, you can make grills, sandwiches, vegetables, meat and many other things with this great cooker.

Look at the awesome features of this best microwave pressure cooker in the market.

Key Features

  • Durable & High-Heat Resistant
  • Nonstick Coating
  • Ceramic Coated Lid
  • Speed Up the Cooking
  • Easy Clean-Up

More Details on this cooker

The body of the Micro health Grill Pan is much durable and high-heat resistant. For this reason, it can perform your cooking in the hottest temperature and become a versatile cooker for using it without any tension.

The metal pan of this awesome cooker has a non-stick coating. For this reason, food does not get stick to the surface of the pan. Additionally, it has raised base which gives the food seared grill marks and keeps them out of drippings. The ceramic coated lid of this cooker ensures that the moisture of the food remains constant. This specially designed ceramic coated lid prevents the dryness of the food caused by the microwaves during cooking.

You can easily speed up your cooking by this excellent cooker as it uses the microwave to process your food. You can easily cook and make grills or sandwiches, vegetables, meat, fruit, and so on in less time than usual enduring the natural flavor and freshness. Finally, the cooker is very easy to clean. You can easily wash this convenient cooker after using it.


  • Firstly, much Durable.
  • Secondly, non-sticky.
  • Thirdly, fresh food with natural flavor.


  • Must be careful to prevent any accident.
  • Lid is tending to come off in between cooking.

Chef Buddy Kitchen Microwave Pressure Cooker Review

We are almost at the bottom of the review and here we have the Chef Buddy Microwave pressure Cooker. Chef Buddy Kitchen Microwave Pressure Cooker gives you the faster cooking experience with perfect taste and nutrition by locking in the natural juice of the food.

Let’s look at the detailed features of this best microwave pressure cooker that are given below.

Key Features

  • Faster Cooking
  • Lock the Natural Juice in
  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe

More Details on this best Microwave Pressure Cooker

Chef Buddy Kitchen Microwave Pressure Cooker is one of the quality microwave pressure cookers delivering you fast pressure cooking experience for processing different dishes like rice, pasta, meats, seafood, vegetables and so on. Prepare tasty food in less time and save the energy also with this awesome microwave pressure cooker. As it takes less time to get your rice or pasta or other foods, it locks in all the natural juice of the food. For this reason, it ensures the full nutrition value from the food with good taste.

Chef Buddy has a handy size of 8 inches in diameter and 4 inches of height which has the capacity of 10 cups. For this reason, you can cook a good amount of food at a time with this microwave pressure cooker.

This cooker is fully dishwasher safe. Also, it is very easy to clean up after using it.


  • Made of 100% plastic.
  • An easy to move sizing and dimension.
  • Fast cooking to save time and energy.
  • Besides, good Capacity.
  • Moreover, Proper nutrition is preserved throughout the content.


  • A bit over-pricey comparing the features.
  • Not a long lasting material.

Microwave Pasta Cooker Review

Are you a pasta lover? Then this specially designed microwave pasta cooker is for you. You can get al dente perfection every time in your pasta as there is no chance of over boiling or sticking to the cooker.

Let’s take a look on the features of your best pasta cooker in details.

Key Features

  • Perfect Pasta Cooker
  • No Over-Boiling
  • Non-Sticky
  • Safe from Dishwasher
  • Time & Energy Saving

More Details on this Top Pasta Cooker

Cook your pasta to al dente perfection every time without waiting for a big pot of water to boil. Also, use this microwave cooker with spaghetti, fettuccini, macaroni, lasagna noodles and so on.

The pasta and other foods will not over boil in this fantastic cooker. For this reason, it will ensure the delicious taste of the food.

Cook al dente pasta with perfection without sticking it to the cooker for its non-sticky inside part.

The FDA approved the Microwavable material of this excellent pasta cooker is fully safe from the dishwasher.

Make your cooking speed faster and save your time using this pasta cooker. Also, it will use less water and energy to make perfect and delicious pasta for you and your family every time.


  • Firstly, no over-boiling of pasta.
  • A time and energy-saving cooker for handy use.
  • Besides, non-Sticky pasta cooker.
  • A total non-sticky cooker.
  • Also, dishwasher safe.


  • Not the best for other cooking except pasta.
  • No free cooking guide provided.

The microwave pasta cooker is not a good fit for all sort of cooking and microwaving job. But you can make your pasta cooking more simple and easy by having this amazing microwave pasta cooker. You can collect this awesome product from here.

Microwave Pressure Cooker Review in a short video


The Final Words
In conclusion, we may say that, from the review of the supper microwave pressure cooker mentioned above, you will get to know the detailed features of every individual product. Now it will be very easier for you to compare them and choose your suitable and the best microwave pressure cooker from the market to make yourself comfortable in the kitchen and save time and energy.
Happy cooking!

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