Best Small Rice Cooker Review-8 Great Picks in 2021

Last Updated on April 30, 2021

Cooking is like art, but if you want to be an artist in the kitchen, then you will need a small cooker. Rice maker makes your work so much easy than before. You just need to add the ingredients with a perfect amount of water, and the cooker will do the rest for you. But it is so much tough to choose the best Small Rice Cooker among the cookers available in the market.

Therefore I am writing these reviews to help you to choose the best small rice cooker available in the market. In my list, The cookers I have added and come with all kinds of quality you need for cooking a delicious meal for your family. From saute to slow cook, you will be able to prepare every possible cooking with those machines.

Best small Rice Cooker Reviews

It’s hard to believe that something as handy as a rice cooker can be so underrated. And although it doesn’t have the iconic status of the microwave and the toaster, it’s still a lot more affordable and useful than other kitchen gadgets like a crockpot or a waffle iron. so don’t wait to check some best rice cooker reviews from here:

1.Maxi-Matic 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker Review

Here ere I am introducing to you a rice cooker which is perfect for providing an amazing cooking experience. From slow cook to saute, this machine can prepare in every format you want. So, let’s know more details.

Features & Benefits

  • Elite Gourmet Cooker features a 1.5-quart inner pot that is removable. As a result, you will be able to clean it quickly.
  • It comes with three settings modes so that you can cook fast. The settings are Low/High/Keep Warm. So, it’s up to you that which kind of settings you need.
  • Cool-touch handle technology makes it easy to hit the handle even when the cooker is running at 120 watts of power. Therefore it prevents your hand from burning.
  • It features different cooking functions. From saute to slow cook, you will be able to do any cooking with it. The power indicator of it indicates red light when the slow cooker is on.


  • So much easy to use with three types of settings.
  • You escape from burning because of a cool-touch handle of it.
  • It comes with a classic and modern stainless finish.
  • Easy to wash because of its removable inner pot.
  • You may experience malfunctions because of providing little power.


  • You may experience malfunctions because of providing little power.
  • Don’t feel the inner pot above its capacity so that you can get a perfect flavor.

Should you buy this one?

It is the very last part of this writing. As you know about this elite rice cooker, I am sure that now you will want one of them for you. Because of its high functionality, it is on the top cooker list.

Get yours one from here.

2.Oster  small Rice Cooker Review- 6 Cup

Oster elite Rice Cooker Review

Cook 6 cup of rice at a time with this amazing rice cooker. This cooker is perfect for those who love to cook different types of meals. If you love to cook, then experience a new dimension of cooking with this rice cooker. So, let’s know more about the features of it.

Features & Benefits

  • This rice cooker comes with different cooking functions. It can cook rice, soup, Meat, etc. all of your favorite dishes.
  • It features a dry rice holder cup. It can hold 3 cups of dry rice while cooking another 6 cups of rice. It also includes a one-liter steaming tray.
  • A removable dishwasher and a non-stick inner pot are available with this machine. As a result, it is very easy to clean.
  • It features an automatic keep-warm function with indicator light. Give a touch, and it will work automatically for you.
  • This machine comes with a stylish design and red color which makes it so much attractive. It also provides a measuring cup and a rice paddle.


  • Lightweight and small enough for easy placing.
  • So much easy to clean it.
  • It cooks faster than others the power.


  • It creates a sound at a regular interval which may annoy you a little.
  • You have to provide the right amount of water for a perfect saute.

is it worth buying?

Now you know all about this machine. Enjoy a delicious meal with a great flavor with this top-rated rice cooker. In the case of quality, you will find no better option than this. So, why so late? Buy it now from here!!

3.Ten Cup Smart Multi-cooker & Steamer Review

Introducing to you this cooker which is perfect for cooking for a huge amount of people. Cook fast and also cook food with a perfect flavor with this machine. It comes with a lot of features it. Let’s know more about this.

en Cup Smart Multi-cooker & Steamer Review

Features & Benefits

  • This elite cooker comes with a huge capacity of 5L. As a result, this machine is suitable enough for a dinner party. You can easily cook for at most ten people with this cooker.
  • It comes with a touch button that works with one touch and offers you 11 kinds of cooking functions. Therefore you can cook what your heart wants.
  • Five kinds of material are used to make the inner pot of it. The materials can absorb a perfect amount of heat and continuously provide temperatures to the water. As a result, you get a meal with a great flavor.
  • The parts of it are removable so that you can clean it quickly. It also includes a set of cooking tools that make it easy to cook.
  • A 24-hour delay timer setting is available with this machine. So, you will be able to eat your hot meal at any time with the delay timer setting.


  • It cooks very fast.
  • This machine provides a huge capacity.
  • So much easy to clean the dirtiest parts.
  • It is convenient and so much easy to use.


  • A power-hungry product.
  • The function button of it may stop working in case of careless use.


If you want to make your cooking easy and exciting at a time, then you have come to the right place. The capacity it provides is huge enough for cooking very easily for a lot of people, and it is also helpful for getting a perfect taste. So, enjoy delicious food with this cooker.


4.Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker Review

Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker Review

Wide variations of dishes are something that every housewife would like to cook with their rice cooker. But as you know, electricity bills also do matter a lot. So, to meet both ends of cost and demand, we have got the Hamilton Beach 37548 rice cooker in here. Let’s explore more of its features-

Features & Benefits

  • This Hamilton rice maker offers you the opportunity to cook a variety of food starting from breakfast to dinner. You just have to select your favorite cook settings, and then the machine will do the rest for you.
  • Six different programmable settings are available on this cooker. White rice, steam cook, quick rice, hot cereals, etc. everything you will be able to cook with this machine.
  • It features a delay timer setting which lets you program your cooking up to eleven hours in advance.
  • This elite rice cooker features a rice rinse with it. Rinsing rice helps to prevent clumping and thus creates a fresh taste. Therefore you get a healthy and delicious meal.


  • It saves a lot of energy.
  • The delay timer helps you to cook according to your schedule.
  • Programmable settings make it so much easy to use this machine.
  • It comes with a two to fourteen-cup capacity.


  • You may face a few difficulties to clean the cooker, but it is entirely negligible.
  • The sound of it may annoy you.


If you want to maintain your work schedule as well as cooking, then this cooker will be the best option for you.

5.Pars Automatic Persian Rice Cooker  Review (15 Cup)

Pars Automatic Persian Rice Cooker (15 Cup) Review

Enjoy your meal with a delicious taste with this Pars rice cooker. The specialty of this machine is that it can cook “Persian rice” with full perfection. It has more features with it. So, let’s know more about it.

Features & Benefits

  • This Pars Automatic rice cooker is well known for cooking “Persian rice.” You can cook 15 cups rice at a time with this quality rice cooker. Each cup is enough for 1.5 servings. So, you can arrange a dinner party with the help of it!
  • It features a customizable timer so that you can get your preferred meal. Therefore you can set the timer with your choice.
  • This rice maker comes with a removable non-stick inner pot. As a result, you will be able to clean it very quickly. The non-stick quality of it makes it easy to use and wash.
  • It has a measuring line so that you can add the right amount of water. Therefore you get a meal full of perfection.
  • The machine works with 110 volts only. So, it is also saving energy.


  • This machine saves enough electrical power.
  • Easily washable machine.
  • It makes “Persian rice” with perfection.
  • So much easy to use.


  • Don’t add water above the measuring line. It will ruin the taste.
  • It will not work smoothly with a power lower than 110 volts.


This pars rice cooker makes food full of perfection. If you want to taste the Persian rice with a full flavor and taste, then this machine will serve you the best.

6.VitaClay Chef Gourmet 8-Cup Rice and Slow Cooker Review

Eat healthy food with this amazing cooker. The pot of it is aluminum-free, as a result, it cooks healthy food. If quality is your concern, then this cooking machine will serve you the best. Let’s know more from the vita clay rice cooker review:

VitaClay Chef Gourmet 8-Cup Rice and Slow Cooker Review

Features & Benefits

  • This cooker features an unglazed clay cooking pot. As a result, you get the perfect flavor and texture of your meal.
  • You can set a cooking time as this cooker is programmable. Thirty minutes to twelve hour time of cooking you can set. You can also increment the time of about 30 minutes.
  • The clay pot it is free of glazes and aluminum. As a result, you get pure and healthy food.
  • It also works with less energy. Therefore it is saving a lot of energy.
  • Different cooking functions are available with this cooker. So, you can cook what you want.


  • Programmable elite cooker.
  • Save up to 50% of energy with it.
  • Glaze-free pot so that you can get healthy food.
  • You will be able to cook various items with it.


  • The automatic resume function is not available with it.
  • Expensive rice cooker.


Finally, we come to the last part. In the case of a tasty and healthy meal, you will never get a better one than this cooker. Hence it makes cooking more enjoyable than before. So, why you are wasting time? Get it now from here!!

7.Tiger JKT-S10U-K Stainless Steel Review

Introducing to you this Tiger rice cooker which comes with a lot of technology so that it can provide you an exciting cooking experience. Cook quickly and comfortably with this rice cooker. Let’s know more in detail.

Tiger JKT-S10U-K Stainless Steel Review

Features & Benefits

  • This Tiger rice cooker comes with a “Tacook” synchronized cooking function. As a result, users will be able to prepare two dishes at a time.
  • The design of the cooking plate it is so much efficient that you will get healthy food with a perfect flavor. The cooking plate does not affect the flavor of your meal.
  • It features 11 computerized cooking menu settings. Therefore you can cook various items with this amazing rice cooker.
  • This elite rice cooker consumes “Micom” technology. As a result, all its functions it are controlled by a microcomputer chip.
  • It also comes with two preset timer functions so that you can set the cooking time.


  • The lid of it is washable.
  • It comes with eight layers of the inner pot.
  • This cooker provides a meal with a perfect taste.
  • You are getting this at a very reasonable price.


  • Inner paint of it gets scratched in the case of rough use.
  • Sometimes stop functioning in case of little power.


After all, this rice cooker can provide you an exciting cooking experience. Cook delicious and healthy food with this rice cooker.

8.Elite Platinum Maxi-Matic 8 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Introducing to you this Elite Platinum rice cooker which comes with 19 different cooking functions. Lots of features are available with this. So, let’s know more about it.

Elite PlatinumElectric Pressure Cooker Review

Features & Benefits

  • This rice cooker comes with 19 multifunction. They are reheat, brown rice, white rice, desserts, chicken, beans, soup, beef, vegetable & fish, etc. everything you want.
  • The cooker is programmable. You can set a time for delayed cooking. The 29-hour delay timer of it allows you to cook later by setting a delay time. You can also set a timer for programmable pressurized cooking.
  • It features an easy clean-up than any other cooker as the inner cooking pot of it is non-stick and removable. As a result, you can clean it very fast.
  • This fantastic cooker can resume cooking after a power failure. As a result, if unfortunately, a power outage happens, then it will be automatic resume cooking after power comes.


  • An automatic resume of cooking saves your meal from ruin in case of a power cut.
  • Cook whatever you want with this elite cooker.
  • So much Easy to clean up.
  • Programmable rice cooker.


  • Sometimes it makes an annoying sound.
  • Takes a little time but makes a delicious one.


Now you know about this rice maker. It is one of the best cookers available in the market. If you are searching for the best one, then you have come to the right place.

Buying Guideline of Best Small Rice Cooker

For getting a healthy meal with a delicious taste, you need a quality rice maker. But sometimes it becomes so much confusing to choose the best one because there are so many cookers are available in the shop. So, for choosing the best one, you need to keep some facts in your mind. Let’s talk about them.

How Many Cooking Functions You Are Getting 

The cooker which comes with a lot of cooking functions can provide you the best service available. Slow cook, saute, steam & warm, pressure cook, cook white rice and brown rice, etc. are the different types of cooking functions. So, you can buy the one which provides you the best features.

The capacity of Your Cooker

Capacity is an important thing while you purchase a rice cooker. A cooker with a capacity of serving a meal at least seven to eight people is enough for a family. So, you can choose a rice cooker with this capability. If sometimes you need to arrange a dinner party then you can pick a cooker with a capacity of ten to twelve cups.

Programmable or Not

The programmable rice cooker makes it easier than before. Programmable means that, the cooking functions of this cooker are controlled by a microprocessor chip. As a result, you can cook with just a touch of the button. So, programmable cookers are preferable to the usual ones. When you go to buy a rice maker for yourself, you can keep this factor in your mind to purchase the best one.

Cleaning Facilities

Cleaning is the thing we don’t want to do after having a meal because we feel tired then. But we have to clean the dirt from the machine. As a result, you need a cooker which is kitchen friendly. Some cooking machines feature an inner pot that is removable. Therefore you can easily clean it. So, you will choose the one which will provide the best cleaning facility.

Energy Saving Ability

Some cookers are power-hungry. As a result, your electric bill goes high, and it is also a waste of energy. Therefore you will choose the cooker which works with less electric power. There are some cookers available, and they show energy-saving quality. So, you will go to the one which will save energy for you.

Best Small Rice Cooker Review in a Quick video

Final Verdict About Small Rice Cookers

We reach the very ending of this review on the top-rated small rice cooker. By this time, you know about the quality they provide. As we use a rice cooker for making our cooking easy, we will need the best one available in the market. Taste is the best concern while we cook. For getting a perfect meal with a delicious taste, we need a top-rated rice cooker. We also need to save our time as we remain very busy most of the time in the day.

Therefore this review will help you to choose the best one for you as I have listed the rice cookers with unmatchable qualities. The features they provide, you will surely not find them in others. If you want a kitchen-friendly cooker that can serve the best food within a very short time, then this list of cookers is more than perfect for you. I hope you have already chosen one for you from the list!! So, cook safely and eat healthily!


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