Best Zojirushi Rice Cooker Review-A Reliable Cooker

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With the advancement of technology, every new invention makes our life easier and smarter. Rice Cooker is such a smart kitchen appliance that makes a kitchen smart and allows cooking rice more quickly and comfortably. Specially, those who take rice as staple food, rice cooker is a must have kitchen appliance for them. A rice cooker cooks rice perfectly, keeping the grains individual. There is no chance to remain under cooked or get over cooked as long as you have a rice cooker suitable for your needs.

Most attractive features of this Zojirushi rice cooker
  • Micro computerized advanced neurofuzzy logic technology.
  • Capable of cooking every kind of rice, including sushi and porridge quickly.
  • Programmable audio indicator.
  • Automatic keep warming function.
  • Round shaped inner cooking pan.
  • Programmable delay timer.
  • Fold down handle for easy transportation.
  • Spatula, spatula holder and 2 measuring cups included.
  • cETLus listed.

Here is Overview of this  rice cooker

Rice cooker allows multitasking as it doesn’t require frequent observing. So, you can do other chores while cooking in a rice cooker. But, choosing the right one according to your necessity is not an easy task, as they come with different sizes, shapes and features. That’s why; I am introducing you with ZojirushiNS-Zcc 10 rice cooker, which comes with a lot of functions. It can provide the best service as per your needs. If you go through this Zojirushi rice cooker review, it will help to ensure the appropriate one for your requirements.

This digital rice cooker comes with extraordinary Fuzzy logic technology to make plans on its own. This rice cooker and warmer cooks each and every kind of rice excellently. Zojirushi is a Japanese multinational manufacturer which is famous for providing durable and affordable food equipments. It’s advanced set of features help even the novice cook to prepare perfect rice easily and more conveniently. For this reason, Zojirushi rice cookers are gaining rapid popularity in recent years. With their stainless steel, capsule shaped, durable structure and transparent glass lids, these rice cookers are efficient and smart at the same time.


Now let’s discuss details of this best Zojirushi rice cooker

Microcomputer technology:

Zojirushi rice cooker includes Microcomputer technology that brings revolutionary changes in the rice cooker field. These rice cookers are far more advanced than conventional ones. The fuzzy logic technology helps to adjust cooking temperature and cooking time automatically in proportion to the amount of rice, the type of rice and many other factors. This technology allows the cooker to include numerous functions on its menu, making it a must for those who take rice as their basic food.

This technology ensures best cooking result irrespective of what type of rice is being cooked. No stirring or frequent observation is needed and no lumps are formed in the rice or other meal like porridge or Sushi. As the cooker think of its own, the chance of wrongly cooked food gets lesser. This feature helps save time as it doesn’t require much observation and the person can do other chores while preparing meals in the cooker.

Versatile cooking:

Zojirushi rice cookers are well known for versatile cooking. You can cook white rice, brown rice, wild rice, sushi rice, porridge or even mixed rice flawlessly in this rice cooker. You can even steam meat, fish or vegetables while rice is being cooked. This cooker includes umami settings that soak the rice for longer ensuring robust flavor of the meal.

Programmable audio indicator

The cooker has melodious indicator that is programmable too. You have option to change the sound of starting the cooking, finishing the cooking and reheating the rice. It can be programmed high, low or beeping sound as per your choice. It’s ‘twinkle little star ‘melody is really nice to hear which is for starting the cooking or the timer cooking is set. And the other one is Amaryllis that sounds when the cooking is finished. This one is also pretty cool.

Helpful delay timer

If you have a very busy schedule and can’t cook in time, this feature will help you a lot. If you need to go to work at early morning, all you need to do is put the rice in the cooker at night and set the timer to 6 am or 7 am. You will get readymade meal in the morning without wasting extra time.

Advanced keep warming function

Unlike other rice cookers, this Zojirushi rice cooker includes extended keep warming function and a reheating cycle option. When the rice is done, the cooker automatically switches to the keep warming function. It keeps the rice warm until you are ready to serve. It can keep the rice piping hot up to 12 hours. Moreover, you can be benefited from extended keep warm function, which works at a lower temperature to prevent dryness, dourer discoloration. If you have leftover rice, you can reheat it too.

Replacement available

If the non-stick inner pot starts having scratches, it can be replaced .You won’t have to spend extra to buy a new one. Not only the inner pot, but also spatula, lid and other accessories are available as spare parts. That’s why, this rice cooker is perfectly worthy for your money.


  • Beautiful colour and shape.
  • Can cook a good variety of dishes.
  • Detachable power cord.
  • Programmable audio indicator.
  • Helpful delay timer.


  • Longer cooking time.
  • The menu setting lacks variety.


Final verdict

Present world’s busy lifestyle compels people to look for easy solution to save cooking time and hassle. Best Zojirushi rice cooker can be one of the effective solutions for that.As the final words of Zojirushi rice cooker review (NS Zcc10), I would strongly recommend you to buy one for its advanced technology, easy operating system and availability of replacement. Once you use this rice cooker, you will definitely be a fan of it.

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