How To Clean an Oven Quickly- Keep Oven Healthy

The oven is an important home appliance for every housewife. It’s very natural when you find this device in a grimy state with powerful odor. Apart from other household appliance this one also requires your tender care and much attention. If you refuse to fulfill your duty toward your integral home companion, the only sufferer will be just only you. Do you get worried about cleaning your oven?

No need to take any pressure on your mind. We are here for you to let you know how to clean an oven quickly.There are some fast and easy techniques you need to follow to wash your oven faster. Let’s have a comfortable discussion about this topic.

Step by step tips to get your oven clean faster

Readers are wondering with a thought that what method I am going to share with you. Let’s kick out the confusion and follow what I am going to describe with details.

Use the mixture of vinegar and baking soda

To clean an oven quickly, baking soda and vinegar mixture are widely used in housekeeping industry. Many housekeeping professionals highly recommend these ingredients for you to wash your oven properly. These useful ingredients will help you remove the stubborn stains easily. If there are any unwanted mark or food residue left on your oven, these simple household elements will remove that grimy state from your oven quickly.

At first take a cup of baking soda and vinegar with sufficient amount of water and make a mixture of it. Start applying it inside the oven where you get dirt’s and filth. Let the mixture remain overnight for at least 12 hours. This process will help you scrub off the debris effectively. You can use a clean damp cloth couple of times to wipe your oven so that any leftover scent of vinegar can’t remain there for longer period of time.This useful and simple mixture is ultimately a game changer for your household cleaning strategy.


Use salt to wash your oven

The best way to clean your oven is to use natural remedies like salt. Like other home appliance, electric oven also get dirty easily. Salt is a useful product that you can get your hand in short time. The general purpose for using this material is to let you know the quickest way to wash your oven.

First you need to look for the dirt area inside of this cooking machine. When you finished selecting the grimy surface of it, you must take 2 or 3 spoon salt and spray it inside the area. Then take a damp sponge and rub it lightly so that no scratch is left inside. Wait for some minutes and rinse your oven with water. You will see the magical change inside of this appliance you want to wash quickly.

Clean your oven with lemon

Lemons work great in washing your oven perfectly. As they work on grease naturally well, you must use this natural product. The necessary items you will need to apply this technique are two lemons, soft pad and sufficient amount of water as well as a baking dish.


  • At first, you have to cut the lemons into several pieces
  • Then you can take a baking dish with sufficient water inside and place the lemons in that dish also.
  • The next step is to put the mixture in the oven and get ready to bake it at almost 250 degrees. Then wait for about 30 minutes.
  • When the water and lemon will heat up, the vapors will begin to rise quickly and loosen the grime inside.
  • After 30 minutes, take the device aside from the heat and let it remain cool for some time.
  • When you find it cool enough, you can use a soft pad to scrub it off. You can easily wipe away all grease and filth attached to your oven.


Remove the germs with bleach

Generally, bleach is used to remove bacteria or mold. It’s a better idea to remove grease and hardened food spills. If you are fully determined to use bleach, you must use a little amount of it. Make sure that you rinse your oven thoroughly with water. One thing you need to remember with caution. Bleach can cause irritation to your eyes or skin. So, when you are working on it, be safe enough to protect your eyes and skin.


Use soda bicarbonate to clean your oven

Another ingredient you can apply to remove the stains from this electric cooking device is soda bicarbonate. The following steps you need to follow while using it.

  • Take some a cup of soda bicarbonate.
  • You can warm up the oven to certain heat.
  • Then, you must pour the water and soda bicarbonate and make a paste of it.
  • You can effectively use the homemade paste to coat the inner side of the food cooking machine.
  • Now, you should sprinkle a little amount of vinegar.
  • Let the paste remain like this for an hour.
  • Then with a damp clean cloth, you can wipe the interior of the oven till it is not dry.


Some additional tips to follow with care

To clean an oven is not that easy task to do. I mentioned some useful techniques for you to follow. But there are some additional and useful tips for your caring concern.

  • While you are cleaning, rinse the inner side of it with the sufficient amount of water rightfully. Otherwise smell of the washing product you can discover suddenly.
  • When you are using chemicals like soda bicarbonate or baking soda and vinegar, you must use hand gloves to protect your hand.


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Wrap Up

The useful tips I mentioned above about how to clean an oven quickly will work for you simply the best.Make sure that you are applying your mixture product in the greasy areas of your oven. Clean this useful electric companion and ensure your comfort in the kitchen.


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