How To Use Pressure Cooker-Best way To use your Cooker

Pressure cookers are mostly designed for fast efficient and healthy cooking. They save your valuable time and retain food nutrient values as well. Before all of these things, the first and foremost responsibility stands for using a pressure cooker. The usage of a pressure cooker is not really critical. If you follow the noted instructions of the manufacturer with caring concern, you can learn how to use a pressure cooker.

A lot of users make complaints about their pressure cooker such as the heat is not trapped properly or their foods get damaged by it. But the main reason is they didn’t read the manual for their cooking need. You need to make sure about reading the guide provided by the producer. In this article, I am going to share some tips to use a pressure cooker effectively.

How a pressure cooker works

Before using a pressure cooker, you need to gather ideas about what makes the pressure cooking system faster than other cooking methods. You also should know the systematic way of how it works to provide you a healthy and safe cooking time.

A pressure cooker follows very simple principle to work. It has been produced with a sealed vessel. When pressure is created by boiling a liquid inside the closed pressure cooker, the trapped steam allows cooking within very short time. That’s how a pressure cooker works.

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Some Useful tips to use a pressure cooker

Follow the instructions

In this technology-based digital era of modern science, a large number of modern pressure cooker soffer various unique features.  The heat generated by the steam should be handled properly. That’s why read the guide provided by the producer carefully. Follow the instructions they made for your specific brands.

Check your equipment’s carefully

You should be aware of maintaining the equipment’s provided with your pressure cooker. Keep your pressure cooker clean and maintain it in good working order. When replacing the worn out parts from suppliers, make sure about their quality.

Use enough liquid

You should use sufficient liquid in your pressure cooker to cook. With following instructions, you can know about the minimum amount of water you should use. Pressure cookers are allowed to cook with stream and that’s why sufficient water is necessary to add. How much water you need to add mostly depends on your cooking recipe. If the steam is not able to produce enough heat, add a little more liquid to reach pressure. Don’t fill your pressure cooker with excess food.

Releasing the pressure in a safe way

You can follow three effective e ways to release the steam in a pressure cooker. Here they are…….

  • You may follow taking it off the heat and, make it release in its own time. When you cook for alonger period of time, you can choose this option to release pressure.
  • An oven glove can be used so that hot steam can rush out. For delicate dishes, you can tactfully use this tip.
  • You can run the cooker under a cold tape to release pressure.

Never try to open the lid forcefully. Modern cookers are designed with anew safety feature that prevents you opening the lid. You may get burnt if you try to open the lid with force. Put it under cold tap water till the lids come off easily.

Heat adjustment

Heat adjustment is the necessary part when using a pressure cooker. The whole concept of the pressure cooker is very easy and simple to use. When you start heating water or any liquid, it boils at 212 degrees F.  Trapped hot steam can reach up to 250 degrees F.It can make your cooking process faster. Following suggestions, you can maintain to get the best results.

  • When you start cooking, use high heat to produce enough steam.
  • Once the pressure cooker goes under heat, lower the heat to maintain pressure without exceeding it. You can follow this process when you are using a gas range.
  • If you are cooking with electric, you can use two burners while cooking. One is to produce high heat and other is to maintain pressure.

Timing factor

Timing is a key factor to cook with a pressure cooker. Once you have decreased pressure as per your conventional recipe direction, set up a digital time machine to get alert for the perfect cooking time specified in the recipe. Electric pressure has advantages in pressure cooking because it has its own digital timer. If you want to do pressure cooking with ease and comfort, you can use an electric pressure cooker. Set your desired pressure level using the high or low-pressure button on control panel. Next set your desired time you want to cook under pressure. Then press the start button. It will start making account down and inform you beeping when the level of pressure reaches your desired pressure. You should remember that all cooking times are understated. So, you need to use the approximate time while using a pressure cooker.

Store and clean your pressure cooker

Cleaning your pressure cooker in a right way is another part of its proper usage. Placing the lid of the cooker upside down is another convenient way to store it. Always clean the lid, pot, rubber gasket and other accessories with warm and soapy water. Stand them upright so that air can dry them directly. Make sure that safety valves are clean.  Check out the rubber gasket before inserting it under the lid.

Wrap up

In our fast and busy life, a pressure cooker is like a blessing to us. There are so many advantages in using a pressure cooker in our day to day life. As you don’t have to use a great deal of water, you need not worry about food nutrient value retaining. When you use a pressure cooker, your toughest tasks are easily handled in terms of cooking. That’s why once you learn how to use a pressure cooker, you will love it.

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