How To Use Rice Cooker- Use The Cooker Perfectly

A Rice cooker is a food cooking electronic device that saves the precious time required for cooking. The device is very simple to use.

Most people who are familiar with this food cooking machine have a basic idea of how to use a rice cooker. But most of us don’t know how to effectively use it.

There are a few techniques to keep in mind when using a rice cooker. Using those tips, you can successfully make a subtle difference between producing merely eatable rice and perfectly excellent rice when using it.

In this article, I am going to share some tips and advice with you about that. Hopefully following tips will help you use a rice cooker effectively.

rice cooker use guide

Rice cooking process and techniques

There are some rice cooking processes and techniques and generally, most people know about that. Still, there is some careful point you should take care of when using a rice cooker.

Add more water for more cooking

A rice cooker usually works by boiling rice. When water begins boiling, the extreme temperature starts rising. That is the indicator for a rice cooker to shut off because the rice is assumed to be done.

Hence, we can easily realize that how long the rice cooking process continues generally depends on how much water you add to the rice cooker.

If you don’t put inadequate water, your rice can come out from the pot suddenly. Normally the measurement is commensurate between rice and water.

That means one cup of rice is for one cup of water. In addition, Different rice cooker has different manual instructions. That’s why to take your time and be familiar with the cooker and your rice.

Rinse your rice thoroughly

Before cooking, you must rinse your rice thoroughly. Put the rice in a large container and fill the pot with adequate water. You must swirl the rice as you fill.

Therefore, pour out the cloudy water repeatedly. Rinse it until the water runs clear. The thing I need to admit is you won’t get the water clear.  The key purpose of rinsing rice is to remove the talc coating.

Nowadays, a starch-based anti-cooking agent is being used that is thoroughly edible. That’s why many people think that rinsing is not so necessary when using a rice cooker. However, it is very necessary for cooking because it helps to cook better.

Never Rinse jasmine or Basmati Rice

There is an exception in rinsing jasmine or basmati rice. As it is fragrant rice, it contains a lot of fine flavors. With the rinsing process, much of the fragrance may be washed right down.

In this case, you must leave the texture benefits of washing.  The key reason for choosing basmati or jasmine rice is to get its fine flavor besides eating. So, don’t rinse the fragrant rice.

Turn The Cooker on

When you finished the rinsing process, put the pot inside the rice cooker and turn it on. This is the lovely side of a rice cooker. You need to switch it on and let it be there until it cools.

When you switch it on, it will start boiling the water by producing high heat. When it makes the water starts boiling, the rice cooker will turn to a lower temperature automatically.  It will remain the same until the rice is done.

Don’t open the lid

Normally, you need to open the cooker to eat the rice. But the thing you need to keep in mind is never open the rice cooker when cooking. Never intend to leave the lid open for a longer period.

When you are closing the lid, make sure you won’t open it mid-way. If you leave your rice open, it will dry out. As a result, you can’t enjoy better cooking.

Let the rice rest for some time

When the rice is prepared completely, let it rest there for 10 to 15 minutes. Never remove the lid because your rice can eventually get sticky or mushy for this reason. If you intend to dump it all out into a bowl, just leave it out to the open air.

The best way is to take your rice cooker straight to the dinner table and serve your family there. For your convenience rice cooker is designed with handles. Easily you can hold the handles and take them anywhere you want.

Keep your rice cooker plugged in

Rice cookers are mostly designed in such a way so that they can maintain the moist and warm environment of the rice inside. You can serve the best rice cooked by you before your family if you maintain the following process.

Whenever there is rice in a cooker, you should keep the cooker plugged in. This technique will keep your rice remarkably fresh and tasty.

Never use any metal utensils

Most rice cooker is designed with a non-stick surface. The important thing you need to remember is non–stick surfaces might get scratched with metal utensils such as metal forks, spoons, etc. You can use plastic materials to dig the rice out of the cooker.

Wash your whole cooker

Clean your rice cooker periodically with a dishwasher. The grimy residue produced from the cooked rice is necessary to clean along with the spot of other surfaces.

However, mold spores or other contaminants can attack your rice cooker surface. You won’t prefer to let your rice cooker remain like this. That’s why clean the whole cooker when you finished cooking.

Watch a short video on how to use a Rice cooker

Wrap Up

A rice cooker is not that difficult task to use. Just follow some techniques I mentioned above in this article. Hopefully, you get whole ideas of how to use a rice cooker.

A rice cooker makes your job very easy and saves your valuable time in the kitchen. How do you feel when the rice comes out perfect and your friends and family love it? So, follow the mentioned instructions and enjoy cooking rice.