What Is Infrared Grilling Technology? Read On For More

It is possible to cook both white and red meat on an infrared grill. Surprisingly, fish and any other type of meat will turn out awesome on a technology-powered grill. Such grills are the best and top quality ones in the market today.


Read on to learn more about these superb appliances.

infrared grilling technology


So what is infrared grilling technology?


Infrared grilling technology is a cooking technology that makes good use of a ceramic element to radiate small infrared waves (they are the ones that produce heat) into the food that is cooking. Previously, the version that was in use was costly to the average homeowners.

However, with this technology, it has proven to be an affordable consumer product, and it is found in numerous grills.


Here are some of the advantages that come with the use of this impressive grilling technology!

  • Process-
    The way the plate directs heat to the food is very gentle compared to cooking with flames.
  • Speed-
    Infrared heat is highly concentrated but less intense making cooking faster.
  • Flavor-
    The absence of convection or air passing through the food means that you cannot have dried out meats the technology leaves the meat juicy, something that cannot be seen with other forms of grilling.
  • Variety-
    Infrared technology can cook a variety of foods including vegetables and any form of meat.
  • The grills come with emitter panels for smooth coking with the outer part of the grill coming with a lifetime warranty.· These grills can be fueled by either propane or natural gas.


How does this infrared technology work?

Just like charcoal is the original infrared grilling product with the glowing briquettes emitting energy to the food, infrared technology works similarly. In every burner, 10,000 ports with each one have a tiny flame, they then cause the ceramic surface to glow red.


The glowing emits equal infrared heat to the food. It offers a consistent heated area that is easier to regulate compared to charcoal. For fast cooking or roasting, one can set the burner to high temperature, and it is also possible to lower it down for slower cooking. The best thing about this technology is that it produces searing heat for tastier steaks, juicer, hamburgers, and other types of meat.


Infrared grilling technology caters for both commercial and residential purposes.


The cooking technology comes in both commercial and residential models. The models come in various configurations as well as styles. There are built-in, free-standing, and pedestal models. They also come in 2, 3, and 4 burners and cooking surfaces of 382, 764, and 763 square inches.


 Is infrared grilling technology here to stay?

Of course, it is here to stay! With numerous companies designing an infrared technology burner to stand for their line of gas grills, it means that people have accepted the new grilling technology.

For those lacking enough space, there are smaller and portable grills that

works equally compared to their bigger brothers. Regardless of what one is looking for, there are grills in the market that fits everyone’s budget.

Also, infrared grilling technology keeps evolving with numerous advancements by several companies. One of the best improvements is the feature that protects against flare-ups. Most people fear to grill for fear of flare-ups especially when fat from the meat drips down the bottom of the burner and bursts of flames rises to the air. With this technology, people have nothing to fear.

Without any doubt, infrared grilling technology is the best that you can have. If you love spending time with friends and family outdoors, you can enjoy some of the tastiest BBQ or any other food that you have ever made with the use of this outstanding technology.

After that, am sure you will consider having it in your home!


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